The Child and the Sun: How Special

blue ray eraoflightdotcomThe child: How special are we Father? How important? How unique?

Are we as unique as the leaves? Or the butterflies? The Sun: Every leaf and every butterfly and every person is.

The child: I don’t understand .

The Sun: This is because the very sound of this expression / verb – to be – being – is no longer heard or enough for your senses.

When you associate the ” I am ” with thoughts / words that are not in alignment , in resonance with original intention and sound then the verb, the I am , gets pushed back into the recesses of your consciousness and you cannot discern anymore of what you are transmitting or what you are creating when you are using language. That’s why you need so many words in your conversations because you can’t discern the original sound and meaning from the noise created in the mind . The mind thinks that the more words generates the better the expression. As your senses reactivate and you become more and more responsive to light language the need for so many words will naturally decrease .

The child: How will I have conversations and still feel enriched ?

The Sun: Leaves don’t use words , butterflies neither but if you allow them to express themselves the spectacular shows they create couldn’t be reproduced not even by the highest artists . You would be amazed that you stayed silent and watched them for hours. It wasn’t from an verbal exchange that you feel enriched. It was from being in their presence. Every spoken word is energy going out. Your ” I am ” going out and creating the next piece of reality within your now.

This “I am” takes the shape and energy of anything that follows it. I am is pure neutral creative power. I am different, I am One, I am happy I am ill I am free. You make it as complicated as you want. It’s your play. Or you can just say I am . And feel how that could be enough ..

The child: If I just am won’t I lose my individuality?

The Sun: The individuality is just another role beings play. The secret is in Being. And less in individuality. But it can express through individuality as well as through collective .

The being is the Story. Without being you have no story. Every story ever told started with :” once Upon time it was … a fairy, a kingdom , a rock ..” we’ve never heard of a story ever beginning with : ” blue … and red and dancing “. Everything has to exist before playing the roles they need to play ” . The I am can perfectly exist without the additional roles, without the ” fairy the kingdom the red and the dancing “. But the roles are nothing without the I am. The existence doesn’t need our help to exist, it doesn’t need our approval but in order for a story to make sense to the ear you need the additions.

To Be … to simply exist in this being ness, to own this opportunity that is yours that is both an extraordinary gift and an extraordinary choice , This , in this lies the uniqueness of each leaf each butterfly each you. In the beingness , each can be as individual or as many as they want. This is the case throughout the universe.

And yes each of your little leaves each butterfly each you is important. Is different . Or you wouldn’t say 2 leaves 2 butterflies 2 people . You would say 1. You would see 1 you would count 1 of each .

By counting two you acknowledge organically the others existence as they do yours . And this is enough. Just by seeing 2 and 3 and 10 thousands should be enough for you to know that EACH of these beings behind the numbers are as important and as unique and as special as you and the same divine spark lives inside of them.

And this silent acknowledgment will always create a sacred space between you and every being you will share the space with. A leaf , a butterfly , a Brother . By affirming the others space they will instantly affirm yours even if they won’t know they are doing it ..

» Source » Channel: Mia Pal