Angel Messages: Allowing Transformation

the angelics eraoflightdotcomYou are here to allow transformation. This is your function. Raised human, and taught in worldly terms, you are accustomed to depending on a perception of limits in order to experience a feeling that you call safety. You have allowed yourself to be taught that you are more comfortable bound than boundless. Are you willing to come to regard the boundless as your safety, and the safety of all?

When you think you have a worldly purpose, bound by time and physicality, think again. Is there any tension in forging ahead toward a worldly goal? What would it be like to move as a character through time and space with no tension, in a completely relaxed and open state? Can you think of yourself as being carried? Is it important to assert an individual will and and individual effort, and to what end? Any worldly desire you have is attached to your deepest desire for peace. Are you willing to be one with that peace right now?

You seem to be in the world, but you are not of it. The world is an invention, and you were not invented. You were created, and as such you are real. Your character was made, and as such is a fiction. If you have a willingness to allow all fictions to be used in the service of Truth, then there is no problem with having invented a fiction.

Your every-moment opportunity is to allow the perception of all limits to be washed away. A limit can be felt as tension. You are the unlimited, and so are all your fellows. Are you willing to see all others as unlimited and free? Our freedom is in harmony, not in aloneness and chaos. Our freedom means that nothing can limit or harm what we Are.

You can notice how thoughts occur about limits being safe. You associate a sense of being hemmed in with safety and stability. In the clear and open abundance of freedom, there is your safety. You can hunch down and feel small, and tell yourself that this is safety. Saying it doesn’t make it true, however.

Guidance that comes from freedom is always available to you. When guidance feels like a limit, it’s because you are hunching down into your smallness and calling that more comfortable.  Are you willing to step into openness and expansiveness? Are you willing to be shown that this apparent vulnerability is your true invulnerability?

It’s all about a perception change. Ask to see things as they truly are, and you will be shown.

It is our delight to shine and show you the way.

» Source » Channel: Jules Miel