Aligning Your Magnetics

lightworker eraoflightdotcomYesterday I mentioned the importance of aligning your magnetics, setting the frequency of your day and drinking in the rays of the morning sun, these practices become the new healthFULL ways that our Soul installs, the new programs that begin the process of full alignment and by acting upon these “urges” we signal that we are ready to become the initiate, we are prepared to listen and then act to make the changes necessary to support the shifts we go through internally in order to create the realities we desire externally.

Something else important that ties in here is the unseen, the cells, the hormones, the little messengers that rush around our body whilst we are busy moving around our human race tracks, until we stabilise in holding the awareness and checking in with the silent systems of our vessel the hormonal or endocrine system is never given any thought.

When we choose to ascend every system is attempting to communicate as it’s a full merger process, and this may sound complex at first but it really isn’t, I will be sharing these keys and gems in detail withinThe Alignment Program which is coming soon.

Anyway I recently posted and mentioned that you may be noticing the hormonal shifts, night sweats are common, acne, mood changes (more powerful than normal) sleep changes, vivid dreams, generally internal dialogue heightens when there is conflict within, also heightened intuition which can be hard to discern from the mind, stomach issues, digestion and perhaps diarrhea are just a few symbols trying to tell you what is happening and why, so the mind can focus on the energetic meaning allowing the process to flush through much more easily.

You see when we don’t know, when the mind begins to think “sickness and symptoms” and then look for “remedies” we are resisting some of what’s available for our expansion, we are not open because one of our filters is shut down to why this is happening in terms of the light progression we are working on.

The mind must be fully onboard, so it is essential to awaken the mind to this process for there to be least resistance, ultimately this allows the clearing of a huge amount of old data so the cells can begin vibrating at the frequency you are being pulled “up” into.

We are talking here about communication, the hormones are like an incredibly efficient Personal Assistant, they are running around all over the vessel, 24/7, never getting a break, they literally look after everything, our bones, muscles, but also how we feel AND so much MORE, and yet we don’t give them a thought or a care until they start shouting about an imbalance, in which time the unconscious thoughts of sickness then decide they are a nuisance because the effects of the imbalance isn’t enjoyed.

These incredible loyal carers of ours deserve some attention, part of awakening our hearts and merging with our light is that we pay attention, we reconnect and that means we learn about these systems and we learn to support them, maintenance is key and most certainly for a system that looks after so many important things.

You see it’s a pattern, again, as above so below, as within so without, communication and learning to receive and translate frequency will fractal out everywhere, there are many layers and areas in which the line has become disconnected, the disconnection to Source is of course the mirror to the disconnection to the physical body, as it is to Earth itself, and taking the path of ascension means we see how the pattern moves into everything and we begin reconnecting everything back as One, which is The Alignment.

So as we become more aware and choose to create a conscious field everything changes, how we operate and how we communicate physically shifts, which means the hormones will respond to the conscious efforts we put in and create releases, most often whilst sleeping as this is the space we have much less going on and therefore little resistance, and again, if you are waking in the night streaming with heat I urge you not to get irritated as this creates a shutdown or a slowing effect as the mind resists the “truth” of what is actually happening.

This release is the most special in my opinion, it is the physical transformation, the hormones begin to instruct the crystalline body to come alive and begin to take over the pending light increases on our journey, which ultimately means our physical is showing us that it is reaching higher vibrations and therefore the field is becoming more light and more expanded.

Aligning your magnetics is one incredibly healthFULL practice to put in place that support this.

So as you stand with the East and the rising Sun welcome in the New, the transformations and know that the first rays are hitting the pineal gland and stand with the West and the setting sun to hold gratitude for the experience, the codes merging within and aiding you to get the perfect rest required for the night time “shift”

There of course is more to share and this will soon be housed on the website for those who wish to join and receive the keys and gems I have discovered on the path of light.

Sharing so much love with you All

Andrea 💙💙💙

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