Goddess of Creation: Awakening Through Gratitude

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThis channel takes place a week before our Thanksgiving in the US which prompted the Goddess to speak about being grateful or thankful in your life. She also spoke at length about how so often people will speak about awakening. This can mean different things depending on one’s perspective. Awakening as a general rule is about one’s consciousness waking up or becoming aware of why you made the choices that you did, understanding your potentials or even opening to compassion for the world. There have been waves upon waves or people experiencing this for themselves. Awakening is also an ongoing experience. No matter where are in your life, you can still grow into new, expanded awareness, which is another awakening.

During this journey there were a couple of very significant experiences. While in the All That Is, the Goddess first of all had us align with our inner knowledge. From there, she asked us to consider thankfulness or something for which we are thankful. It was interesting to see the contrast; some easily had a list of things while others had trouble considering that within their lives. She then removed the vibration of gratitude from within our energy. This turned out to be quite challenging for some people. For some, when gratitude was taken from their energy bodies, they felt bereft and torn because gratitude is associated with love, compassion and other supportive emotions. This allowed people to truly see themselves without a filter.

Once any old energies were cleared, this portion was then infused with golden, white energy. As people opened to gratitude, they began to transform their problem. This is a huge and powerful transformation. I invite you to find your own transformation through this change.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this moment. There are a lot of people that have joined us this evening. There is a lot that is transitioning upon the earth at this time which is causing people to awaken. For some it is awakening in an unconscious manner, for others it is awakening to that deeper level within them.

Let me speak for a moment about what that means to awaken. The majority of people living upon the earth live their lives just kind of moving through their lives. Sometimes you’re following as if you’ve being battered moving from one thing to the next, other times you’re experiencing your energy and light with a very conscious awareness.

So as someone awakens as if you are coming out of that deep sleep which may’ve been centuries or multiple lifetimes, you awaken to the awareness that first of all you are more than just this life you are living. You as your soul is massive huge expanded energy that flows through many, many dimensions and levels of consciousness.

Awakening can also reference the fact that you become aware of just how important the choices you make are within your life. You accept responsibility for anything that you may do, you recognize that the choices that you’ve made have all led to where you are in this now moment. So awakening is about you and your relationship within yourself and your soul but is also about how you look at the world. When you are open and in the flow of love, light and energy; when you are in the flow of conscious awareness you begin to look at the world perhaps in a different way. You may notice the truth that people live within and their authenticity, you may notice when they are not in that space of their truth.

This has become a large focus for many, many, many people; you see about it in the media, you see about it in reference to your political people. So you can look at this in a big broad spectrum and when you look outward with those eyes of awakening you also can look with compassion because as you recognize the pathway that other people are upon you can take away that judgment that you may have felt in the past.

You are you. You are fully capable of making choices in your life that support you and then as they all support you, you are also supporting those that are around you and the people with whom you come into contact.

An awakened individual may be someone that lives very simply; it may be someone with many, many, many riches and physical things around them. These are not what makes the awakening they are but the expression that those individuals choose to have in this lifetime.

Be open. Be your awakened and authentic self.

Take a deep breath in and then let all of that flow through you. Allow your energies to adjust within your physical body because as I spoke those words I could see how in every single individual little particles of both your conscious and your unconscious grew and expanded. Not because I was sharing anything that you hadn’t heard before but because I am reflecting back to you and showing you that you are already so far along this path.

I hear you. There are does people that say, “No, I’m not, I just started out. I’m just beginning to learn about this”. There is a part of you that is already far along this path and you are only awakening in your consciousness to what your unconscious has been doing all along. I feel such joy as I speak of this.

Take a deep breath in, as if you breathe down into your heart center and take a moment as if to connect.

There is that part of your heart center that focuses inward and the part of your heart center that expresses outward. As you take this moment to breathe down within you, feel that alignment.

Send that energy through your energy bodies, the lower part of your body, your physical body and send that energy all the way down into the earth. As you connect with Gaia it is as if your energy spreads out in every direction.

Feel the pulsation of Gaia. Feel the energy of Gaia as it moves through.

Let all of that come back up within you, again coming back up through your energy bodies, it connects within your heart center and you send it out through your upper energy bodies, it sends out, it goes out through the top of your head and it moves into the space in which your higher self resides.

As you align with your higher self take a moment and feel that relationship between you the human and you with your higher self.

There may be old energies that you can clear out ~whew~ let it go.

You then allow that energy to stream even further. That thread of energy that comes directly from your soul into your human existence expands when it gets to the space of your higher self and then it goes back up into that thread so all you need to do is follow that thread and then it will take you within the soul plane.

As you arrive your energy merges with your divinity.

Feel that sense of love, that sense of welcoming home that you feel whenever you come back within this space.

When we speak of integrating more of your soul into your human existence it is from this place that your soul streams down into you the human.

Feel as if; for some of you it may be as if you see multiple people within this space, for others it may be a feeling, for others it may be a perception of energy. All of these are aspects of you that have either lived other lifetimes or are currently living other lifetimes. Be aware that this is one of the ways in which you can work with this.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all of you that are here. As I connect with you I reach out to embrace you. I embrace you in this now moment and in every time space reality in which your consciousness resides.

As our energies merge together we shift into the space of the All That Is. As we are within the All That Is look around, look around to feel, see, sense what this is for you.

There is a sense of celebration or a sense of joy that is taking place here within this space. Allow that to move through you permeating every part of who you are.

Whenever we come within this space, I feel as if we can open up the door and there are multitudes of things with which we can have a conversation because I feel our time together are conversations in which I help you to see not only ways in which you can transform your life, but also ways in which you are doing so much already.

At this time of Thanksgiving consider what that word means to you. Ok. You will see in the literature moving throughout your Internet the phrases like “An attitude of gratitude”, “A giving heart reaps more love” or something like that. There are many different phrases that speak about being thankful in your life or being grateful within your life.

For many of you, you take it for granted and you think, “Oh yes I am grateful that I’ve been successful. I’m grateful I have a family. I’m grateful for my health”. You know you have your long list of things and you kind of bring it up periodically and look at it and say, “Yeah, thank you. I am grateful for that” and if this is you completely fine, no problem but let us speak about the vibration of gratitude and I wish for you to experience what that is.

Take stock of where you are in your life right now. Sometimes it’s as if you take a snapshot and then you see that in front of you.

When we got together the last time I spoke about the interrelationship for healing between your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, all of which was reflected in your physical body. As you take this snapshot consider all of that again.

It’s amazing! I can see for some of you the difference from the last time we got together and this is profound. This shows how quickly this type of conscious transformation is within your life. So, take this moment, take this snapshot, consider your life.

I wish to, not sure if this is going to work or not, but I wish to try and if we took the vibration of gratitude completely out of your energy, I wish for you to take stock of everything around you. Okay, okay, there are a few of you that can’t really tell a difference. There are some of you that feel as if you’ve taken love from your life and then the majority of you are somewhere in between feeling as if “This is kind of awkward, don’t really know what I’m looking at, don’t really know what I’m feeling”.

Gratitude, thankfulness love, compassion all of those words and emotions and thoughts are very entwined with one another, therefore, by pulling the threads of one of them out of your energy it creates an imbalance with the rest. If you do not have thankfulness or gratitude within your life for many of you it is as if there was a filter that came down over your awareness where things seemed more indistinct or as if it wasn’t as bright or light.

As we look at this perspective that’s going outward at your snapshot allow your focus or your awareness to go inside of you for a moment and if there’s anything that is vibrating in alignment with this lack of gratitude which may lead you to feel frustrated and angry, alone as if there is a space inside of you that is an empty hole so to speak. There we go.

Let’s take this one step further and as you look at the vibration and the energy and everything that’s associated with that, ask to know if there is a message for you about this. Is there a message about why this is happening within your life? Perhaps for some of you it’s been going on for years and years and you never even identified with it; for others of you it may be just a small little portion; and for others there is zero energy associated with it. So in other words I see a very wide spectrum of the effect of this lack of gratitude.

When you have that understanding within yourself I invite you to be open to receive thankfulness or gratitude back within your vibration. For many of you I saw your heart center is getting larger. I could see smiles coming onto people’s faces and as you are looking at your life, whether it’s still that snapshot or other aspects of your life; pay attention to the transformation.

You, you integrate the vibration and the essence of gratitude and thankfulness. As you allow for that vibration to move into these different places within you, you are also bringing with it more love, more compassion, okay, okay, I heard that.

While a great deal was transformed with what we just did I can still feel a segment of people that are getting angry and frustrated by this because it just doesn’t resonate. So I invite you to tap into the emotions that it generates when you have that feeling of discord, feeling anger, rage in some cases and feeling a deep sadness in others. Somewhat consistent with all this energy I am also feeling, “I’ve had such horrific loss in my life, I’ve lost everyone that means anything to me. I’ve lost my job, I’ve lost my home, I’ve lost my family, my pets, my…” I could go on and on with that sense of loss.

Therefore in the reflection of gratitude when it feels abrasive to you and as if it’s just not in alignment, bring up that sense of loss, bring up that sense of desperation or whatever it may be within your life. Just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go. And as you let it go in that moment open to feel the wash and the love of your divinity and I the Goddess as we flow that energy within you. Feel or see or sense that space through which you removed that massive sense of loss or loneliness; see it as if it’s filling up with this golden sparkling infused with white light and just sit calmly with it for a moment.

For all these people that have lost so much, feel the compassion that is here for you, however, scoop it out, pull it out ~whew~ let it go and then again that golden sparkling white light, let that fuse, infuse your heart, your mind, any part of you that has been feeling that distinct loss.

For those that we were feeling the rage and the anger underneath that they’re angry because they feel they’ve not gotten what they wanted to have in life, they’re angry because of the things that their life has become, so removing that anger, bringing it up ~whew~ and then that golden light, sparkling light flowing down into that space once more, you take a deep breath in and you breathe out.

The vibration of thankfulness that is so intrinsically entwined with love and compassion, just moves through you and when you turn around and look once more at what caused the lack of thankfulness in your life see how it’s like the energy reeves itself together, see how it transforms; there we go. Allow for all of that energy to move through you.

Consider your belief systems; is there a belief system that keeps you outside of being thankful or compassionate and loving within your life?

We create a new one in this now moment that states, “I am filled with gratitude in my life because no matter what is happening I know that gratitude comes with love, compassion and that unlimited alignment to source”, and if that’s not quite what you can believe in, another belief system can be or yeah, belief system, “I am willing to let go the pain, the sorrow and the hurt so that I may be open to love within me and it can be reflected through gratitude”. With that one I felt a lot more people aligning.

Consider your emotions. Such a vast array of emotions, invite the vibration of love and gratitude to just perforate all of the emotions within and around you.

There we go… We take the time to look at this in this manner, we open up the doorway to somewhat analyze and to somewhat go deeply into whatever it is we discuss however, in your everyday life allow for these energies to just be a part of you and if you are changing take the time to tap into it as consistently as you can knowing that you are simply reprogramming your vibration and as you reprogram your vibration your life reflects everything that is transforming, circling back around you awaken to this next level of transformation within you.

People don’t awaken once and that’s it. Awakening is a process that happens again and again and again and again; awakening to gratitude, awakening with thankfulness and let everything just perforate through every level of your being, every cell within your body and through your entire experience.

Take a deep breath in and come back together as a group. As you see everyone circling around open to acknowledge that as you have integrated this level of gratitude perceive how other people and other energies look to you in this now moment. Is this a transformation for you? And in all of that the hologram of the earth comes up within this group. As you infuse all of this transformation, the new belief systems, the shift in vibration into the hologram have that clear intention that thankfulness, gratitude, love and compassion flow within every part of the hologram and it integrates sending out sparkles and vibration.

You let go the hologram, that piece goes out into the rest of your universe. The remainder goes down into the earth. As this ball of light, the ball of that hologram moves into the earth itself it anchors within the core and then expands outward. As it comes up through the earth it is clearing out the collective consciousness. It is clearing out the cellular memories that may have been entrained within Gaia itself, it is clearing out and shifting so that the awakening may become easier and easier for every person upon the earth; so that thankfulness and gratitude moves into every individual upon the earth.

It shifts through the vibration that affect everyone living upon the earth and as that integrates bring back the remainder of your consciousness; it’s as if you go backwards from the All That Is back through your soul in the soul plane. You come down through your higher self once more integrating everything within your higher self. You then bring all of those energies down into you the human. As you take a deep breath in you breathe in everything that is here from your divinity.

Breathe in gratitude, breathe in love, breathe in compassion and that golden silver sparkly light or white light, let that move into every cell within you so that it circulates throughout. ~ whew~ Feel it, accept it and experience what that is within your life.

As you continue through the next days and weeks within your life take with you the vibration of this evening, take with you the ways in which you can clear out your energy field by removing gratitude or thankfulness and then clear out everything underneath and then integrate back into your life, into your thoughts, into your emotion, everything that there is associated with love. Gratitude is a reflection of love. Compassion is a reflection of love.

I remind you that at the end of the day there is only love.

Beloved I am ever with you and within you.


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