The Collective: Compensation

the collective eraoflightdotcomThis week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we answer a question from a Light Bringer who asks:

“As one of many Warriors of the Light who volunteered to bring 5th dimensional energies to Mother Earth this lifetime, I know that we volunteered and were chosen because we are the cream of the crop, the strongest of the strong, to take on this enormous challenge.

“In planning this lifetime, I can’t help but think that we didn’t plan for some type of reward or compensation for the incredible and difficult work we are taking on.

“I would guess that would be in the form of a monetary payment, so we won’t have to struggle in that area.

“What say you, Collective?”

We wish to state first that you were not chosen, but decided as individuals and as soul groups to come to the Earth at this time, volunteering to come forward and to assist in Ascension while taking yourselves through the rigors of the Ascension path for your own soul growth.

This dear one asks a highly relevant question, given so many people’s questions regarding some form of monetary compensation for their work, as a form of blessing and support for their life path.

We would say, that NESARA (the National Economic Security and Reformation Act) is being established first and foremost not only as a form of support for Light Bringers’ Earth missions, so much as a way to free the planet and humanity of many thousands of years’ of oppressive lies, exploitation, and misdirection.

Once fully enacted, NESARA will bring even greater things: world Peace, for one. 

It will also bring a release from all debt, and the oppressive presence of the old banking structures, an end to corrupt governments, wage taxes, exploitation and destruction of the Earth, and many other much-needed rebirths, as it ushers in free energy, clean food and water, and free medical care and housing for all.

Thousands of higher forms of technology currently suppressed and hidden from public view will be released, to introduce new levels of healing, as well as purification and healing of the Earth, among other reforms.

Regarding compensation, it is not that Light Bearers would be receiving payment for their work, per se, but a form of supportive thanks for their presence on the Earth at this time, so that that work can branch out into even greater forms.

NESARA was signed into law in October of 2000, but has not yet been fully enacted, so that its many provisions have not yet been fulfilled.

Yet it is unfolding, and will continue to do so till fully in view of all on the Earth.

If you are speaking of a form of compensation outside the Abundant provisions of NESARA law, we would say that that can be created on an individual basis, before NESARA’s full enactment, and before full Disclosure of the Galactic presence.

Once NESARA has been enacted, “compensation” will not be a thought that most people are concentrating on, unless they are having great difficulty releasing old forms.

The energy work you do now as a Light Bearer to heal the Earth and to raise the vibration of the planet does not generally pay in monetary terms, unless it is connected to work that also assists individuals who are paying for energy work.

It is quietly a part of all Light Bearers’ paths to assist in the remaking of economic systems on the Earth, via their own understanding of both manifestation principles and how the energy of Abundance operates on your planet.

Understanding how money or any kind of Abundance works energetically is a different sort of path than the old “I’ve done this work — shouldn’t I be compensated for it?” kind of journey.

That is a third dimensional path and expectation, whereas the newer path lies in understanding that money can manifest to support your life or life work, whether or not you are earning that money.

You may receive it in myriad other ways if you are open to doing so.

In truth, you need not earn money in order to receive it, as you are aware—you have many times manifested sums you did not work for, whether you were aware of such or not.

Money can come to you in such ways far more often, as you allow and expect such, or simply as a result of doing work for others that you love to do.

But all obstacles to receiving financial Abundance in ways other than payment for services or products must be dissolved first, before that can occur on a regular basis.

And most people neglect to erase that which stands subconsciously between them and what they desire.

They have also been carefully trained to consider that what they dream of is just that—a dream—and that no one really achieves dreams, as they are ephemeral and unreal.

We would say, that if you want the Universe to support you on your path, ask what it is you need to invest in energetically—what understanding, ongoing vibration, or outer action is required, in order for a particular amount of financial support to flow to you easily and joyfully each month.

Again—many people’s subconscious is even now saying to them, “You’ve already asked, and the guidance didn’t come, and neither did the money, so just don’t bother.”

That is not You speaking.

That is a lower entity, energy form, or program, endeavoring to run your thoughts and therefore, steal your energy while you unwittingly release a much higher set of possibilities.

Decide how much you wish to receive each month, and focus on that daily, giving thanks for it and knowing you are being led to create it in perfect ways for you, while releasing the idea that it is compensation for your presence as a Light Bearer.

You did not think in such terms before incarnating.

You were in the higher realms, where compensation is unnecessary, and co-Creation is the method for fulfilling desires and visions.

Recapture that outlook now, as you learn those methods. And understand that as the third dimension fades away (and it is doing so), so will the expectation of “payment for work.”

Far more now, you are understanding that money and work are not always connected, and that the wage-slave system you were born into can be safely released now, and not simply re-formed into slightly higher ways.

You are seeing nothing less than a complete Transformation of the old into the new.

Namaste, dear ones!

In this, as in all things, you are never alone.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan