Judas Iskariot: God’s Holy Child

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today for you to think about a couple of things with me. The first thing to think about is: You are God’s Holy Child, your self is beyond this world in a bright and safe place. Yet you try to find it in this world through all your illusions. You have to go beyond the illusions to find your true self. It is when you reach the light and peace within yourself that you have seriously started your journey. It is then insight on insight makes its entrance into your consciousness and you get clear guidance that you can follow. Don’t worry if you lose it from time to time, it will come back with new insights and a greater light. Your will will bring you to your true self and you will fulfill your task on Earth. You are part of something bigger but in order for the greatness to bloom, all its smaller parts are needed.

Feel this greatness within you. Feel how it flows in your veins. You are part of it and the wonders that happen, they also happen through you. It’s fantastic, so to speak (smiles), you all walk around like little miracles on Earth and you don’t even know about it. This unknowing should now become knowledge and it happens gradually all the time. You have a great deal of knowledge on Earth but everything is not taken advantage of, much still happens in the cloud, although the curtain has eased a bit. A great understanding is emerging for humanity and its long evolutionary history. You have now approached the end of this long era and have now begun to tie the bag together again. Your experiences are complete and you just need to hurry to the light. It glows, shimmers and sparkles to help you understand which way is the right path. The light has been waiting a long time and now wants to welcome you home.

It is so dear friends that your completion on Earth is beginning to come to an end and it is time to unpack a new backpack where you contribute to the salvation of the Earth and humanity. Salvation from darkness with a new entrance to the light. The puzzle piece is there within you and for every step you take to the light, your function as a light carrier and savior for the world and yourself is fulfilled.

It’s a turbulent time, dear friends, many people are swimming around in the streams to find a safe way out. There is only one safe way out and it goes to God. The light you carry within you, preserved and sanctified by God, is all you need to find. The rest will then settle on its own. It is when you follow the guidance within you that you take the necessary steps, both for your own development and for the world.

Dear friends, shall we make a common effort now, to quiet ourselves for a moment to find the core of light within ourselves. Feel the peace and love flowing out and filling your body. Feel that everything is good and that everything you are looking for is here and now. You don’t need more than that. Everything you’ve searched for is here and now. Peace has been restored in your mind and hope and love with it. Nothing is impossible anymore, everything is possible and a new day begins to rise again on the horizon. A new day of beauty and love for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg