The Pleiadians: Unprecedented Energetic Light

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved ones we greet you, We, the Pleiadians bring news of a greater flow of this unprecedented energetic light that is flowing from the heavenly bodies down to Earth supporting you on your individual pathway within your Heart.

This energy flows from the higher realms and will accelerate as the New Year time approaches. You are being supported and held as you choose to reopen and utilize this essence from the higher realms within your Heart. Those of you who are choosing to realign within your Heart are being reconnected to a series of higher frequencies.

A sacred webbing has been birthed, and is electrical in nature. This webbing surrounds the Earth, and is here to support your transformational next step in preparation for New Year. This webbing is designed to interact through your Heart cells. As you actively engage within your Heart this webbing interacts within the Heart cells, expanding your natural multidimensional reconnections.

You can become tethered to this webbing, like an umbilical cord, to hold and anchor you to the vast frequencies of the Sun. These tendrils from the webbing are interacting within your Heart cells reactivating essential imprints of consciousness within your brain cells. These imprints allow you to fully utilize the higher frequencies of light transmitted by the Sun, and the webbing aligns you to a deepening flow of light within your Heart cells. As you work within your Heart consciously these frequencies shift the vibrational energy of your Heart preparing you for the new wave of light consciousness anchoring in 2020.

This flow of pure, light energy from the Webbing is harnessed because of your conscious choice to realign within your Heart. This is your time to actively work, to prepare your Heart cells for reconnection. You can harness this pure flow of energy to prepare, receiving the many blessings, which are being returned to you now.

We witness you as you birth yourself!


The Pleiadians.

» Source » Channel: Christine Day