Divine Mother: Big Changes Are Coming

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I have news for you. Since the Divine has started Gaia’s restoration phase a little while ago, the planet has been going through extreme releasings. Gaia’s physical body cannot wait to be healed. She has such a high desire to let go of anything and everything that no longer serves her. At this point, all of Gaia’s attention is on the healing of the planet. She has been in the low vibration for so long. Now with a taste of the Divine’s love energy, Gaia no longer wants to be in a less than vibrational state. All she desires now is to go higher and higher.

What that means dear heart is that the children on the planet need to climb with Gaia. It doesn’t matter what it takes. Ascension to the higher realm is needed for all souls on earth. Gaia has no more patience for waiting. She has run out of patience dear heart. Your Mother Earth has had enough. Now all she wants is to be in the high realm and she no longer tolerates any delays.

Being the Mother of Gaia and her children, I have repeatedly asked the planet and humanity to respect Gaia and Mother Earth, live with Gaia and stop abusing Mother Earth. Now Gaia has had enough. She has reached a point where there is no one that can persuade her to slow down. All she wants now is to move forward without any delays.

Now you may ask what that means to the planet and to you. Dear ones, I know Gaia loves each and every one of you. Deep down, she knows that she is the Mother and you are her children. Even though things are intense, she still knows that the ascension process takes time. She wants the planet to be safe, and that is why she is in such a high alert and anxious for the next phase. She feels that once the planet starts the restoration process, once the planet has reached a certain level of the repair, then the planet can relax and the planet can be safe. For Gaia, what she sees is the planet which is in jeopardy and she wants to save the planet right now.

We agree with Gaia. The planet is indeed in jeopardy. The human race is indeed in such a complicated situation and that is all true. The Divine has been trying to improve the situation on the planet, and the outcome has not been totally satisfactory to Gaia. That is why your Father and I have lifted the planet up ahead of the schedule to make sure the safety of Gaia and human race.
Now, even though the planet is now anchored in the higher realm, the old energies that are deeply buried in the core of the planet are still moving, and that kind of movement scares the planet and that is why Gaia wants to get the process going. One thing Gaia and the Divine can do is to get the energies out of the core of Mother Earth. And that requires Mother Earth to have release. Once the energies are released, things can settle down a bit and Gaia may feel a little settled. That is the immediate care Gaia feels that she needs. And that is something that your Father and I have been debating about it. We want the planet to be safe. And we also want our children to be safe. And that proves to be a challenge. Gaia has decided not to wait any longer. All she wants is to let the release happen. I know that once the release is done, The danger Gaia feels would be reduced and the planet will be in a much safer position.

So, after consulting with Gaia and your Father God, the Divine has decided to go with Gaia’s decision. The release of deeply buried old energies is going to start in the next few days. It means that your life is going to be impacted. Once the release happens, the whole planet will be impacted. Some areas will be impacted more than others. But the bottom line is that all areas are going to see changes, one way or the other, and changes are coming.

I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. I know that the planet is in a delicate spot. Human lives are going to be impacted. And that is the consequences of an ascending planet. It has happened many times before, on this exact planet. Now it is time again. The ascension of the planet has arrived. The changes of Gaia are upon this beautiful blue planet. This planet is specially made for the human race. She has to have so many different atmospheric elements and designs. In order to have the human lives thriving on the planet, your Father and I have designed the planet in a way that she can satisfy human needs in only a certain period of time. Once the period of time reaches its limit, the planet will have to go through reset to make sure that the atmosphere is suitable for humanity and all lives on earth. That is the design from the time when the Divine decided to bring you, dear angels to this planet. That is why this planet goes through an ascension process from time to time. It is all for the purpose of letting my angels coming here to experience human life. For that, your Father has been working on this planet since day one. He has made sure all elements are available here on earth for the health of you, dear children on earth. And that is how much your Father and I have to do to make this planet suitable for your soul growth.

Now, it is time again for the planet to go through yet another round of the reset and remapping. The reason that this time the reset is severe is because, first, the planet has carried billions of souls now. We have to make sure that souls are sound and safe. Second, the planet has been through a lot of the abuse and depletion. Some balancing factors no longer are there. Some fundamental elements are missing too. Humanity has depleted this planet to such a dangerous degree that every step the planet takes, she needs so much of the uplifting. She is almost a planet without self strength and power. All the power and strength have to be provided to her. That is how damaged the planet is right now. That is why your Father and I have totally devoted our effort and attention to the planet. We know the planet is desperately needing our support and uplifting. And that is why we, the Divine totally agree with Gaia and her decision. All she wants is the safety of the planet and her children.

So in the next few days, and in some regions maybe weeks, you are going to see the big changes. It is necessary for Gaia and Mother Earth. Humanity has to cooperate with the Divine. Gaia has no choice but to give the thumbs up. Gaia loves her children. But she also knows the danger the planet is in. So, after serious consideration, Gaia has decided to move onto the next release. Only difference is that this time, the release is a big one, planet wide. So that after the release, the planet will be in a much better position. Energies can be milder and the planet can be safer. That is the decision we have made dear ones. Embrace the changes and be safe and sound. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. So it is.

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» Source » Channel: Linda Li

10 Replies to “Divine Mother: Big Changes Are Coming”

  1. White Lamp

    We have been slow to Rise; such, this is one situation where I endeavour to place every ounce of thy highest awareness into the position of Great Spirit, and I can only see wherefore, an overarching Divine pineapple therefore be utterly justifiable! —-I too am not happy with our Humanity, for it is due us that finds our time nigh short, erstwhile it were to sodden worth, the majority ignorant objectors! —-you perpetually limited your potential because it is exceptionally easier each time in silent shame than it is to actually BE and so change; the moral core collective has by the Human hearth been raped! —-I am surrounded by chaos, while seeing the Prophecy of prophecies unfolding before me, yet with all the Divine continuity that has been rather, ‘our greatest ever real-time undignified causality!’, you still expect the order of all Divine co~creators to present as ‘fluff and pillows and shortcuts’ !?!?! Err no guys…no; we started with pillows a long long time ago; and Now is the time we have been waiting for; and yet for roughly 5000 years how many would you say have listened? —-I pray now that all are saved —-including those upon the ancestral backlog of five ages prior; those Souls below us Damned and Dead; ——Godspeed! please and free us All 🙏🌟

  2. Vladimiro Di Vito

    NamasteAmen. The times is coming, we still devote warriors at your service Mother and Father with unchanged LOVE.We are here serene and confidents that the prosperity will come again as the state of flawless will be achieved at all cost. Let it be. Bless us all. Vladimiro

  3. Alan Bradley

    I don’t believe this article. The writer is creating fear. Mother God would have a far more gentle loving way to pass on such details

    1. Debbie Tucker

      I don’t believe it either. I have always read to just ignore the ones who try to create fear. Also, Yeshua (says he’s Jesus) put out an article right after this one and was implying that the people just aren’t going to wake up and that we were going and they can next time and also, don’t look back! Both of these articles are meant to create fear which means they are bullshit! (excuse my French)

      1. charpea

        Have you connected with Jesus (Yeshua) or Mother God? Have you spent any tick..tock..time seeking the comfort you desire by feeling into the moment to find realization?

        Reach-out with your feeling open your Heart..words on a page will not find this for you. You are already saved regardless of your state of being in or out of body no One is left out! To the highest good of All Life is Key..

    2. Brian

      I’m in agreement with Alan and Debbie. Appears to be another hijack like Yeshua post “The Days Go By”. Trust your discernment as you continue to be love.

  4. Doug James

    Let’s get going we have had 100s of earthquakes all over.. fires so we will see more major events?

  5. Cheri

    One thing I know for sure is this planet is not in jeopardy. She is an energetic structure that is moving into a 5d expression. The matrix is in jeopardy for sure. Because mother earth is a living creational structure supporting our reality experience, we project our fears onto her thereby creating these movie scenarios into the quantum field glued together with collective beliefs thereby creating a shared projection of reality. The matrix has been projecting all this mayhem but no more. We are in a creational spiral of ascension. It’s our job to clear ourselves out of the past and not contribute to the collective belief systems of cataclysm, planetary crisis, war and financial collapses.

    Move into a new reality projection of truth, transparency, justice and a rebuilding our societies. It is an empowering and positive vision. We are not victims of unseen forces unless we believe in them. There is a new reality projection we have created just around the corner once we reclaim and heal all matrix fears and cellular resonance we are able to vibrationally match and synchronize into the new reality. The choice is ours. Noone is lost, we are eternal as living consciousness experiencing self through DNA creations. it is a process of individual creation and immersion into the reality we choose.

    Onward we go it is a process of re-membering ourselves and pulling our consciousness out of supporting these manufactured scenarios. It is unreal how much we have expanded our awareness over the last couple years and this year especially! 😘

  6. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    Divine Mother: “Now, it is time again for the planet to go through yet another round of the reset and remapping. So in the next few days, and in some regions maybe weeks, you are going to see the big changes.”

    This article is predicting large worldwide earthchanges in a few days or a few weeks. This article says that this has happened many times before on this Earth. In 1812 there was a mud flood that changes the history of the world. Then the reset which is history destroyed and rewritten.

    Those who have studied the books by Tuella, Tuieta, and Eric Klein, have prepared themselves. I have an article about this called, “Spaceship Rescue”. The plan is earthchanges, spaceship rescue, and ascension on the mothership for those who qualify.

    “Please, fill the atmosphere with the sublime vibration of the Holy Names:
    Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare – Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.”