Game Over for the Satanic Elite

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomDear People of The World,

If we can believe the signals the RV has started, which is immediately followed by the Global Money Reset for a Gold covered new Money System.

Apart from the elections in England about whether or not to Brexit, this will implode the stronghold of the Globalists by lack of money to push through their crime agenda against the world’s population.

Bilderberg’s corrupt politicians and Fake royal houses are going down together with the Central Banks.

Regardless of how much Gold they want to use for an alternative to the QFS, it will never be enough to stop the takeover by the QFS.

The Gold that countries own is from the oppressed population, and will belong to the population, not to sick corrupt Politicians or Bankers Mafia.

The unelected Elite will lose their total control over the world’s population, as they will be excluded from participation in the new QFS system.

We see that people want to further plunder the population at any cost, but they don’t realize that the game is over for their oppressive Satanic Fascist reign of terror against the world population.

The choice is ours, when we no longer follow the false promises of the current Satanists Bilderberg Elite by choosing for ourselves.

Christmas is not a celebration patented by the Vatican, because the Satanist Salafist Pope has abolished Roman Catholicism as a false Antichrist Satan’s prophet.

This Pope wants to persecute Christians around the world by introducing Islam as Crislam, as a barbaric world religion.

Spiritually this is more like high treason to all people who have believed and followed the church throughout their lives, whereby the Creator of the Universe is seen as the true GOD from our perception.

Christmas is a time of reflection on tolerance for all mankind, December 25 is the 3rd day to the solstice, and is not the birth date of Jesus Christ.

December 25 is the day of the new beginning, where the days are getting longer again, the fable that the baby Jesus was born in a manger next to an inn is a myth, because then 2019 years ago there were no inns or Trump Hotels as we imagine them now.

I myself had myself written out of the church register years ago, because I want nothing to do with such Satanists and false prophets / pedophiles, and may never speak in my name.

The registration from the RC church register can be done in your own church community, this is a first step for your spiritual liberation from the Satanic evil of the Antichrist.

The present Pope is a big phrase and popular temptation to let people sell their souls for Satanic practices and money gain to keep his power in the Vatican.

The Satanic Elite here in Europe, under false pretenses with the New Green Deal and Fake Climate Change, want to expropriate the population in order to save the Banks in order to continue the oppression against humanity.

With the activation of the RV – GCR, the QFS (Quantum Financial System) will take over the whole system, so that the fascist plans of the Pope and his blood-line marionettes by the collapse of the Vatican bank, can no longer be implemented. This is the Vatican – Deutsche Bank relationship.

There is therefore an imminent mega transition that will lead mankind to a higher consciousness and standard of living.

GMO Free Food, Free Energy, Healthcare, will soon be available, but technique 5G and others that the Elite uses against world population will be banned and completely eliminated.

This will restore the jet stream around the Earth and stop manipulation when HAARP and Cern together with Chemtrails have disappeared.

The unworldly accomplices in the Political and Unelected EU, UN Elite, will come to account for their actions and will be rendered harmless, just as the WTO has now been eliminated.

Since a Basic Income will apply to the whole world, there is no longer any reason to accept Migrants in Europe, to send those who are there back to their own country and cultural environment, without the chance of a Religious War with the West, which has been betrayed by its own Politicians.

The whole legal system shaped by the RC Church will have to be reformed in order to protect the population from false politicians in the future.

The whole political structure of (Selected 13 Bloodline Offenders maintained by the Vatican) will have to be changed to rule out abuse in the future.

New MSM media will replace the Old Left-wing propaganda Media, as the old Media structure no longer receives taxpayers’ money to spread their propaganda lies about the population even longer.

I wish everyone a beautiful Christmas, and I hope that everyone will think about how we were lied to and suffered false indoctrination.

Let common sense be your guide, have compassion for those who still believe the madness of the False Elite and Antichrist Pope, for they, like us, are the victims of this deceit.

The die hard Satanists will fall and we, through our faith and respect for each other, will experience this spiritual liberation, to which we are now subject through the global awakening and redemption of the Cabal Money System by the QFS.

We have the opportunity to learn how we want to deal with each other in the future through reflection and the sharing of insights and experience we have gained from our lives. To maintain world peace, as the war financed by Bankers will no longer have a chance to commit Genocide; this is partly due to the introduction of the QFS.

The QFS is a gift to humanity, to recover from all the oppression imposed in the past. At the same time, it has given us insights into what we are doing now.

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