Mother God: The Impact of “The Event”

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. Your Father and I have a message for you this morning. After consultation with Gaia and Mother Earth, your Father and I have decided to move onto the next step which is being called the “Event” by our light workers.

The “Event” is going to be very impactful dear heart. The planet has not been in such a position in all of human history. We definitely are aware of the consequences of it. And that is why your Father and I are both here. We are here to make sure the process is a successful one. We have faith that the process will be fine.

Now, even though Gaia has been literally nonstop concerning about where the planet is and how the planet is behaving, We want to assure you that the planet, at the moment, is functioning well. Yes, the entire atmosphere is in total disarray. The planet herself is badly depleted, and Gaia’s core has been depleted by the digging of the diamonds and the precious gems and elements. The consequences are real, and that is one reason why the planet is not functioning by her own power. The planet has lost her field and the support systems due to the human digging and depletion. The consequences are permanent and the result has been devastating.

However, the planet is now being held up by us, the Divine and the light workers. The planet is totally being supported, and the safety of the planet and humanity is totally sound.

Your Father has decided to move forward with the Divine plan. We are ready for the next step. The next step is critical. We know that we only have one chance. The planet and humanity are depending on us. Gaia is literally hanging on a tight rope. The entire planet and human race are at stake. That is why your Father has been strategizing on the whole thing. However, now we are confident that the process is going to be a successful one. Your Father and I are ready.

What will the next step look like, you may ask? Dear children on earth, what will happen in the next few days is releasing on a planet-wide scale. In other words, Gaia’s pent up energies are coming up in a managed and yet powerful manner. Gaia needs it. The Divine has to do it. In the process, you may see or experience the natural changes, or natural disasters as you call them. They are necessary steps in this ascension process. Gaia has reached a point that either the release has to happen, or she has a great risk of losing control. After serious consideration and debate, and under Gaia’s persistence, your Father and I have decided to take action and follow Gaia’s guidance, moving onto the releasing process. Once and for all, we release the old energies in a much broader scale and let the planet, finally, live and breathe.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Your Father and I have decided to come forward to give you this message. We want to remind you of the upcoming changes so that you can be prepared. Your Father has a word for you.

Dear children, I am Christ. The one you call God. I know that you all have been waiting for the “Event”. I know that some of you believe that the “Event” means prosperity and liberation. It is true to a certain degree. However, by starting this historical event, you may realize that there are much more than just prosperities and liberation. You are going to see the changes that you have not participate, and changes that will impact your life in general. So pace yourself dear ones. Know that you are in a historic moment of the human existence and Gaia’s ascension. The planet has reached a point where there are no more options. She is at a crossroad. One end is the ascension. And the other end is that your Mother Earth has to give up, and that is the bottom line.

In the next few days and weeks, try to be still dear children. My heart is always there with you all.

Be still, Thy Kingdom come, and know that I am god – remember? I am the Christ. You call me God, the Father. I am always with you. So it is.

Linda Li

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6 Replies to “Mother God: The Impact of “The Event””

  1. mary magdalene

    I have just read only a few days ago that no one knows when the Event will happen but Higher Self predicts it may occur in the spring of 2020. David Wilcocks predicts it will happen between 2020 and 2030. So where does this channel er get these things but her higher self.

  2. Archangel Metatron

    I’m intrigued with this channeler Linda Li as well. When there is lack of proper communication, anyone or anything can deliver news to manipulate. This includes everyone, myself is not excluded. I always say message over messenger. All the things I follow tells me that without a major intervention world’s problems are going to continue. The trick is to guess what that intervention will be. None of the channeled messages suggest the public to do something actively. Isn’t that interesting? There are many questions and not enough answers. Don’t be afraid but also be ready and don’t be surprised either.

    How much longer can we expect for external intervention? That is the real tough question that needs to be answered. And that is the truth not fear mongering.

  3. Debbie Tucker

    This is the only person posting this warning to us. Why isn’t anyone else telling us this? I trust quite a few that post here, for years. I think they would warn us of huge disasters coming with this event. I still am not agreeing with this. It creates fear and no one else is posting it either.

  4. Sarah Shiddian

    “You are going to see the changes that you have not participate”.
    As I see it, and since it does not make sense, I think it should have read:
    “You are going to see (the) changes that you have not ANTICIPATED”.
    Love to all. – Sarah

  5. Michael

    Seems like the same article that was presented 2 days ago but toned down a little. We shall see what is to be. Live peacefully in the NOW.