Initiation Time

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomWhat we think, what we feel, what we say, what we do counts.

How we show up to this portal will determine the next overlay of codes received. By choosing the most harmonic tones creates a balance within and without, in the field. By choosing to smooth out the discord within we move ever closer to an alignment in which our thoughts and feelings are always in unison with our actions, and we receive rapid transitions through such portals.

The energy must match the new “upgraded version” if you like, this means that we must understand the programming, releasing the egos box of tricks, the judgement the blame, the defense and so on to give way to the truth in which it all manifested, and from here we find ourselves in a space that we can shift, into an entirely new way of operating, viewing, responding, moving within the reality.

In this past week I have personally met with what I can only describe as the finals, so many beautiful reboots, which I once would have called endings, they aren’t endings simply access points to new dimensions.
They also would have once been called “tests” but that sounds way to structured for this non linear space trip we take.

But what I have found is the confirmation of the portal entry, holding focus, watching the direction and passing through has been with ease. This wouldn’t have been the case at the beginning of the decade and I watch the bazillion reactions pass by that I once would have given.

No longer blind and no longer acting like a blind woman, no more “I know” and always I am, and if we catch ourselves in the I’m not then we relax it all down, reboot and begin again until the install of the new way runs smoothly by itself.

You have such a powerful choice now, Chiron stations direct, who are you, are you the Divine spark of the Soul, are you taking the steps for the unification, well then practice, practice and prepare for what it would be like when the unification happens, what choices would be made, where would you go, how would you hold your vessel, in love? Of course! Imagine how your soul would cherish that space suit that gives it the opportunity to touch, to smell and to taste, to experience how slow things move and how the combination of light and dense creates miracles in the world.

Are you choosing war or peace?

The drama, the discussions, the stating, the opinions, the politics, forget the details and talk DIVINE ORDER and NEW PARADIGM, what does it all matter anyway, we are an evolutionary generation that’s who we are, we are learning that we manifest our reality and we are learning how to shift this.

We are learning that we are here at the tipping point of time and we have only just begun to discover that everything matters in the NOW, oh but you have heard these words before, I know, you know, that regardless of the “knowing” the “know bank” no one acted upon it, no one ever does, whilst asleep, dormant, blind in a rat run until time appears to be running out, then we show value, then we show focus, a mirror of how we truly do not appreciate abundance as a race, as with everything, we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone.

Well we do, we are waking up, and we are putting the I knows into the I am and we are showing up and surfing the perfection in it all, the Divine Order.

We have a new paradigm entering, of course we surf Divine Order.

The more we agree or disagree with the shifts shows the resistance, defense and judgement to something that is simply a reflection of each of us within, where the wise sits is in the space of neutrality, knowing everything will move in perfection for what has been requested, albeit by the majority of our fear based fellow earthlings, but hey it’s all got to be seen and those who have worked out how this works knows that the individual clearing took us through the depths of trauma and again that pattern shows us how it moves on the world stage too, everything follows the rules, everything abides by the law and therefore every core pattern is the same.

The observer space is the cockpit for travelling through the portal, no communication until that is fully understood as one of the powerful field generators, flippant comments, bring form rapidly in these energies.

Being aware of the subconscious driver and it’s messages, and relaxing it all down until the truth of the heart can lead through.

All muscles must stay relaxed, regular body scans are beneficial until the language of the muscular system is learnt.

All fuel for the journey needs to be the purest available and taking regular pit stops to charge the field through breath work, meditation and nature will give space for reboots.

Choose peace 💙💙💙

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