The Gold Standard: The Illusion of Value

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomGold is a commodity. It is bought and sold every day. Since the Central Bank system created the inflationary progression, the PRICE to buy gold has gone up but the real value, in terms of what it can buy, remains the same.

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A measurement of gold made into a coin can become currency if it is so designated by the government as legal tender for the settlement of debts public and private. The content of the coin, gold, is usually valued less than the price of gold on the open market. This gives value to the coin beyond the value of the gold. That just simply makes sense. When the value of the gold in the coin is greater than the value of the coin, it is usually taken out of circulation. The upward price of the commodity that is used to value the coin can render the coin a collector’s item even after a year or two in circulation. Therefore, tying the value of a currency to a commodity, in general, is not good business, especially if the price of the commodity is unstable, and, especially, if the coinage is subject to inflation because it is part of a Central Bank based Fiat currency. There are major differences in the QFS because it uses electronic gold certificates tied to a specific piece of gold, and not just a pile of gold on the floor in some vault.

In the past when our USD currency was dependent on metals to give it value, gold and silver certificates were circulated as printed currency. They acted like the real metal because you could turn the certificates in at a bank and receive metal, gold or silver, in exchange. These certificates were taken out of circulation because when the price of the commodity goes up, they could be used to exchange for the commodity, silver or gold, and could then be sold for a profit. In other words, smart people could game the system to make money. This could not be tolerated by the banks or the government, so the certificates were taken out of circulation. We don’t ever see gold or silver certificates in circulation anymore. They have become a novelty for collectors.

Gold retains its value in what it can buy over time.

Way back when a $20 gold piece (one ounce of gold) was in use, a twenty-dollar gold coin could buy a very expensive men’s suit. Today that same one ounce of gold will buy a very expensive Armani suit with today’s inflated prices. Same one ounce of gold, same very expensive suit. The difference is caused by the Central Bank banking system’s inherent inflationary spiral. Though the one ounce of gold will still buy, perhaps the same suit, the price you have to pay for the one ounce of gold is staggering by comparison at today’s prices.

A Gold Standard Question; does the use of the Gold Standard concepts, represent value to a nation’s currency? History would say NO!

When discussing the public move toward a Gold Standard, very little is said about what that really means. Answer this: with all the tons of gold, allegedly in Fort Knox, which is the US’s historical attempt at the Gold Standard, did that pile of gold stop Nixon from taking us off the Gold Standard? Did the Gold Standard create lasting value for our currency???? What say, ye? Secretly sell the Gold and it makes no difference to the value of the currency.

IDC gurus and many gurus from other sites, tell us the banks said this and the banks said that as if the banks are a source of authoritative information. They are not. They are the enemy of the people personified. Banks give our gurus fluff stuff that has no bearing on the RV or the redemption of our Zim. This bank sourced information is not to be trusted nor are the gurus that report it.

Do you really believe that banks or bankers have inside knowledge about the Alliance plans? Really, do you think that? While banks may become agents of the QFS and function for the exchange of currency, they are under an NDA and are not given information that may be leaked out to the public or the Cabal. They are not on a need-to-know relationship with the Alliance. This is especially the case when predicting RV dates and the rates that might be available. Follow the money, it tells the truth.

If the information does come from Alliance sources, like Operation Disclosure posts, it may be military deception given for a purpose. If it doesn’t come from a trusted Alliance source, it is just personal speculation. And how many times have they been right in their speculations? Zero results in a billion tries. That being the case why do we allow ourselves to believe in the obvious deception of know-nothing bankers, or gurus that get their information from bankers? Most of it is simply deer droppings dipped in chocolate and fed to us like candy. How many of us are sick of that, taste-terrible, process?

The Gold Standard simply does not work.

History, from America and from so many African nations who have huge in-ground-assets, has proven that the Gold Standard concepts used to establish value to currency, is futile and is subject to many fraudulent activities. The Gold Standard is a deception that will be irrelevant when the gold-backed currencies in the QFS become the national currencies for every nation on this earth. This QFS is coming so why the Gold Standard talk? Is it just public optics for those who know nothing about the QFS and the real gold-backed currencies?

If you want to have truth in your life, wake up and quit believing in things that are not true. The truth is staring us in the face, but until we use our own mental powers to reason and ferret out the truth we will be led by the unscrupulous shills and disinformation specialists sent out to keep us from reaching our potential to help mankind.

The Gold Standard will be used as optics to appear that there is progress being made toward a solution to the demise of the Central Banking system. Until the QFS is activated there are NO REAL SOLUTIONS to the demise of the CB. Transitioning to the QFS IS the only solution. It is a real money system that creates real value for our currencies.

We can get the facts, reason it out for ourselves, keep fine-tuning our conclusions, and then wait till the war has ended and we are activated with the 800#. There is no other way.

I research my own facts, I reason it out, and I make my own confirmed conclusions and report it here in my posts. If it makes sense then we are in harmony, if not, then we just let it be that we disagree. I stand by my posts and I sleep knowing that I have done my best to be a positive influence for good. If I get it wrong, I will post my apologies.

Blessings to all, and to all, be a blessing.

Ron Giles.

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