Captain Xia of Sirius: Brighter

captain xia of sirius eraoflightdotcom.jpgIt is with great pleasure that we see that people have begun to understand that a new reality has become anchored. Most people have been aware of the changes that have taken place on Earth in the form of time going much faster and that is due to all the love energies that are happening right now.

It has become brighter even though it is felt as though it has never been as dark as now on Earth. All these revelations that the world experiences are a necessity for everyone to hear about. All these horrors that afflict the people of revelation must come to the surface and then be transformed into the light of forgiveness and understanding. Even the people behind these events that have caused many people’s suffering for their own gain need forgiveness and understanding. Many of these people have returned to the light and it is of great importance to be able to forgive and see it as a completed chapter for the world.

Light has come to Earth and much work is being done behind the scenes to make everything go according to the Divine Plan for Earth. Many galaxies that come from other star systems and which are in the atmosphere of their innumerable ships work feverishly to send light and love energies to Earth and humans. There are very strong energies coming and many people may feel these energies in the form of various symptoms but be sure it is for everyone’s best.

The galaxies that send these light and love energies are beings from the higher frequency levels in the Universe. They are here to help Mother Earth and humans raise their frequency from the three-dimensional frequency to the fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies.

A major change will very soon occur when a ray that is building up from the great central sun will hit Earth. When the ray hits Earth, all living things change on Earth and humans go into a different reality. It can be very confusing and scary for those people who have had no idea what the Earth has evolved into and do not want the Earth to change at a higher frequency, that is, awareness for all people. These people respond to the frequency they have in consciousness and need guidance and advice from the light workers who work on Earth in order to move on in life.

It is very important to be prepared for this event and to be firmly rooted in the Earth. Accept and receive this great energy wave that affects everything living. Many may experience confusion and fear. Others may become euphoric of happiness, depending on the awareness they are in when the event occurs.

We are very excited about this channel which gives us the opportunity to inform the people in which ascension the Earth and the people are.

Live in being, love yourself and each other.

Captain XIA with crew

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM.

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» Source » Channel: Inger Norén