The Team: Keeper of the Frequency

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomWe are here, offering our encouragement and certainly our acknowledgment for your tenacity and courage. We observe all that is taking place in your reality and will bow to your willingness for being active in that physical experience.

We see you as beings of energy yet you experience yourself as a solid physical being. Dear ones you are quantum beings. You are made up of stardust, light energy and multidimensional consciousness. We know that when you are active in your current life, doing your tasks and handling issues, you do not think of yourself as the quantum being. It might shift things a bit if you considered yourself this energy superhero.

We are wanting to stretch your understanding and invite you to begin to weave the awareness of your quantum self into the various mundane activities that you create. Let us assure you, if you begin to do this even a few times a day it will make a tremendous difference in your outlook and even the results.

We observe that it seems to be easy to get into a pattern of sameness, repeating actions over and over again without bringing consciousness to the task. What occurs with these types of behaviors is a numbness that occurs within; your energy self becomes repressed. Where is your aliveness? Where is your excitement of being here and now?

It is important for you to shake yourself out of the dullness and sameness and to re-energize your moment. Bring yourself to the moment, to the task at hand; fill it with your full attention, your full energy and even some excitement. Remember you are keepers of the frequency.

Being alive is the prize. Being alive in this reality is truly the prize. You are a being of energy. Every part of your body is filled with light. Every one of your cells emits light. Every cell has consciousness. Own the responsibility of interacting with your body, your cells in ways that continue to keep them energized.

Observe a small child; they are bundles of energy, actually expressing themselves in all directions. Begin to notice where you have shut down your energy. We are inviting you to reclaim it, pump it up, activate it.

What does it mean to be an energy being? Find things that enthuse you, find ways that fill you with renewed energy. Those that live a long and productive life have learned how to refill their quota of energy. They are continually excited about the day. They find new ways of doing the same tasks. They energize their mind and thoughts with adventure, real or imagined. They understand that they are keepers of the frequency. This is most important for all humans to understand and to be active in restoring their energy.

One way to restore energy is to release old emotions and old patterns. These old emotional energies can be a burden, weighing you down, without you even realizing it. Think of these old memories of regret, bitterness, anger or shame as caged animals. Let them go. Release them with as much grace as possible. Trust us; when you do this, you allow a new surge of energy to flood into your body and consciousness.

Another way to renew and restore you energy is to pull energy from your natural surroundings. Literally, imagine reaching out your hands and cupping your figures, and pulling energy from the green, growing living things around you. You can call in energy from the stars, from the sky. The energy vibrations of all living things are available. You can invite energy frequencies from music to refill you. Notice that singing or chanting can fill you with alive energy. Laughing is an excellent way to recharge.

As you begin to own that you are a quantum being of energy that does need to be recharged and renewed, you will take a more active part in this process. You will begin to notice what energy you do allow to fill your quota. Is it artificial energy or electronic energy? Is it negative energy?

Remember that self care is a priority not a luxury. Taking a rest will also restore your energy. Do what feels good and right to maintain your well being and aliveness.

Your goal is to continue to raise your vibration, raise the frequency of energy that you are taking in and expressing out. Remember that gratitude, appreciation and joy are the three keys of a successful keeper of the frequency.

We are here to acknowledge you and support your renewed energy of aliveness. You are doing good and great work. We are always available to serve with you. the ‘team’

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21 Replies to “The Team: Keeper of the Frequency”

  1. Ed

    FreeeeeQUEncy SeeeeeQUEncy


    Quantum GRACE
    Quantum FLOW
    Quantum EASE

    Here WE GO9OOOO😘

    1. Cheri

      ThanQ Ed! 😉 I see and feel your beautiful light! Together we contribute to the energetic flow of this site through comments and reinforce the fabric of reality. We are a family with temporary matrix amnesia and reconnecting through the quantum field like node points on the energetic grid. You slipped a 9 into the goooooo flow lol! It’s a trinity wave transmission lol!

      I see beautiful Cindy Lou and her awesome Rose Rambles blog as a major hub on the energetic grid like KejRaj. A connection point of spinning energy as both of these awesome vehicles of communication are fractals of creation. Thank you!

      Love to you all for a moment of sharing! I don’t know where Cindy and Jules are on the grid but Doug you are the only node point I know of in Idaho. An important anchor point in such a beautiful state and your light covers that entire region lol! Ed is in Puerto Rico surrounded by the high frequency flow of the warm Caribbean and I am in Northern California clearing the heck out of this once pristine Lemurian energy portal called the ring of fire. If we could see how far the light from us emenates in all directions we would be amazed! And once we are in joy we become literal lighthouses. It all matters! So much love right back atcha family as we are very close to synchronizing and vibrationally matching the new reality!

      1. Ed

        AaaaaAaahhhhh My love Cheri 😘feeling the call…thank you…do ever get to visit Weed…
        Please kiss Adama… for me….and

        1. Cheri

          Yes Ed! Beautiful area surrounding the Siskiyous. When you were in Shasta did you visit Castle Craggs? Huge Lemurian portal there. Since my pineal opened I can now see these ancient beings guarding these spots through my indigenous multidimensional DNA. We placed light codes back then energetically (as we were not physical then but just pure consciousness) all over the place to recover now. They are within the crystals of the rocks and stones themselves. I had this burning need twice in my life to visit Polynesia and stay on the Island of Moorea only to realize there is a huge Lemurian etheric sun disc there which must have opened in the presence of my vibration. During my awakening I spent a couple months travelling etherically through those funky statues on Easter Island as we retrieved ancient Hawaiian light codes as well. All part of the Atlantian Millenium proposal we planned way back then to retrieve in this now moment. Most of our multidimensional DNA is indigenous and tied to the land. They are energetic non physical consciousness that appears to us as solid matter cause we are stuck in a low vibe matrix. Anyway like you spent years in San Diego as well which is so beautiful. I kept getting pulled back to the cities here by the Bay to do this work unfortunately but we are exactly where we need to be to hold these portals open and clear the energetic grid and restore the frequencies of these sacred lands! I have been stuck here for 8 years doing this work! Although my team has cleared tons of energy for Los Angeles as well I would hate to be the primary there as that place became a huge demonic portal yikes! Anyway I would much rather be in Weed where it is quiet and peaceful hahahaha!

          We just closed the huge demonic portals in Saigon and Kashmir as well! Peace is coming!

          Love you! 😘

          1. Ed

            AaaaaAaahhhhh…1118…how did you know
            Thank You Cheri 😘 LOVE
            Never Stuck
            YES LOVE YES
            AS YOU ARE
            IN ALL WAYS

          2. Ed

            Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face
            Stars fill my dream
            I’m a traveler of both time and space
            To be where I have been
            Sit with elders of the gentle race
            This world has seldom seen
            They talk of days for which they sit and wait
            All will be revealed
            Talk in song in tongues of lilting grace
            Sounds caress my ear
            There are not a word I heard could I relate
            Story was quite clear
            Oh yeah I been flyin’
            Love oh ain’t no denyin’, no
            Oh, ooh yea, I been flyin’
            Mama, mama, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’
            All I see turns to brown
            As the sun burns the ground
            And my eyes fill with sand
            As I scan this wasted land
            Try to find, try to find what I feel
            Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace
            Like thoughts inside a dream
            Heed the path that led me to that place, yellow desert stream
            My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again
            Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin’ through Kashmir
            Oh, father of the four winds, fill my sails, across the sea of years
            With no provision but an open face, along the straits of fear
            When I’m on, when I’m on my way, yeah
            When I see, when I see the way, you stay-yeah
            Tryin’ to find, tryin’ to find where I been yeah, yeah
            Ooh, yeah-yeah, ooh, yeah-yeah, when I’m down
            Ooh, yeah-yeah, ooh, yeah-yeah, well I’m down
            Ooh, let me take you there

            Kashmir and Shamballah
            return again…
            we love

          3. Cheri

            Led Zepplin Ed! Awesome! Oh the mountains just alive with living crystals amplifying the energetic structure! The crystals synchronize with our DNA and resonate to sing the songs of creation. As you know being a music man this entire creation within source is a harmonic universe.

            Our full DNA Library contains the entire creational records. When my inner team was activating the light codes and sequencing the DNA library we reconnected the Hindu sacred texts of the Upanishads and the Popol Vu which is the creational story contained within the Mayan DNA strands. These are energetic harmonic structures these stories of creation not just words on a page but filled with resonance and flow. The whole thing (outside this matrix) is just a beautiful song of endless creation sung by individual soul songs!

            Anyhoo! I am a big hiker (well I was before this process began lol!). The whole western coast is just gorgeous sacred lands. From Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park, Yosemitie and the Grand Canyon. The windswept canyons of Utah look just like the old “Yes” album covers and the unreal turquoise blue waters of Lake Powell. All ancient energetic structures frozen in time so to speak because our DNA was disconnected and couldn’t translate or interact with them anymore. Something about the Library at Alexandria. It wasn’t books it was a DNA library. These were the times of Sumeria and the scrambling of the Sumerian DNA tablets or records.

            Love connecting with you my friend and fellow loveholder! Point Conception wow! The whole drive from the redwoods in Mendocino down to San Diego is just breathtaking beauty! 😘

      2. Ed

        …Puerto Rico…Lake Okeechobee…Bermuda…
        3 FOLD FLAME Trinity Wave Transmission…
        Amazing Astounding Awesome
        Momentous Majestic Mystical Momentum

        YES LOVE YES 😘 Here We GOOOOO 1221💜

        1. Cheri

          Yes Ed you hold the codes as the gatekeeper for the Bimini Atlantian portal which is a huge crystal ridge under the water! It takes a very strong masculine presence to hold that dimensional bridge open!

          I travelled to Southern Florida a decade or so ago and couldn’t get out of there fast enough as memories came flooding in of being on a collapsing bridge. Metaphoric for the loss of our DNA multidimensional bridge from the Atlantian crisis and the fall of the law of one energetic structure.

          Hemmingway was the Illuminiati magician who used the Bimini gateway to write the AI program into those crystals over there that projected this reality into the quantum blueprints on the firmament and was holding together the satanic matrix inverted structure that we are dismantling. You are an energetic key there! I worked on the Iceland crystal beds to move the earth’s northern pole into beautiful Russia which changed the energetic flow of the magnetic poles so it no longer supports the control structure. It’s why we are seeing a cold snap as the pole has moved south. The Illuminati planned to continue to control the grid energetically from the Artic poles which is no longer viable!

          This is why we saw so much matrix phenomena in the Bermuda triangle area and massive hurricanes. Interesting the last one (Dorian?) stalled right over Bermuda and did not hit the US. Signifies the end of the bermuda triangle Atlantian control structure.

          This is why all our timelines were affected energetically and why it is so important like Cindy said to keep collapsing these timelines affecting our biological vibration so we deprogram the DNA. We gridworkers and gatekeepers have almost corrected the grid flow on the earth yay!

          Well so nice to share my part of the mission work and knowing with you as always! You are so important over there on that little island! Keep holding that dimensional bridge open my friend! Love you! 😘

          1. Ed

            Thank You Cheri 😘…I know you can feel and sense me…and your “seeing” of the field…
            The New Earth Matrix Hologram Crystal is placed in the Santa Ynez Mtns Santa Barbara Solvang…interesting for me to have enjoyed many years there…point conception…Western spiritual gate of the Chumash tribe… amazing stuff…in out of timelines…potentials and anchoring…key codes…

            YOU ENABLE US
            TO BE
            AND YET
            WE LOVE
            … BEYOND 😘…
            THANK YOU
            THANK YOU
            THANK YOU
            YES LOVE YES

          2. Ed

            Monday, November 3, 2014
            The New Earth Hologram Sananda thru Elizabeth Trutwin

            ThanQ Cheri!😘 LOVE

  2. Ed

    FreeeeeQUEncy SeeeeeQUEncy


    Quantum GRACE
    Quantum FLOW
    Quantum EASE

    Here We GOOOOO 😘

  3. Cheri

    Every matrix timeline we clear through in the spiritual realm pulls our DNA or cellular structure out of participation in those timelines and they collapse. Us doing this enmass collapses the matrix. That part of us comes back together and into alignment with the source within and starts vibrating in joy and unison with the rest of our cellular structure. We then hold the frequencies others can align too! I kept hearing the term freedom all night from my team! Love is literally in the air and we are almost free from the control structure! Elementals will always raise to the highest frequency and vibration by nature. Our cellular structure is becoming a lean, mean (as in golden mean) loving machine once again lol! 😘🦅🕊🤸‍♀️💞💓🤸‍♀️

    1. Ed






      WE DO BE

      I*magi*nation T*ranscendent…=IT=