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mass meditation eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones, I am eM.

I am overjoyed to be with you this day. We mark your timeline at these points of connection. You have such incredible connections ahead and you’ve made astounding movements in recent months. Now we know that sometimes you can’t see it, because the chaos on planet Earth is rather intense right now. But that’s actually a part of what is taking place, for you’re learning to move through things very quickly despite incredible distractions. You’ve done an incredible job with this and now everything can open to a new level. You’ll have much more to do here than you ever thought possible. In truth, you will be expending energy in a different way and you’ll be receiving some help. Yes, you’ve always had help around you in different ways. However, what’s taking place right now is especially interesting.

The Family of E had a tremendous influence with planet Earth. They’re the ones that actually came up with the idea of having a planet with no rules. Earth was the first planet of free choice, and for a very long time it was the only one. Well, that is now shifting very drastically due to the advancements humans have made. That’s what is taking place and it is magical! You’re experiencing very rapid movement, yet much of what you will see is largely distraction. Because of this movement humans are feeling a lot of confusion and chaos, which causes frustration and anger. Dear ones, this is a time to bring your light work to the forefront. Many of you have been called in specifically because you’re experts at dropping the most important pieces in your path. In truth, you can take this as a call to action.

Trailing Light

When you intentionally set an energy, even if you simply look at a spot the ground and pour your heart into that, it would have had little impact on planet Earth up to this point. However, now if you were to do exactly that, what happens is that every time someone walks over that spot they’ll start to connect to that energy. They’ll start to feel their personal love quotient increase just for that moment and pick up a little of your energy. So, the first thing we ask you to do is be very cautious. Use the purest energy possible as you do that. Know that it’s a wonderful time to start planting your intention and your vision of the new world, along with your ideas of what you love and where your passion is.

These gifts of trailing light are the pieces that you brought from Home, specifically ones that only you could carry although others carry similar ones. You’re trying to describe and create something vast and wide. Often it is even ill defined as what you call heaven or Home. The truth is that it’s very difficult to define, because it doesn’t fit into your reality here. However, the more that you can bring in, the easier and more exciting the next stage of life will be.

When one feels heart energy, the illusion of differences fades, and everyone is in harmony. It’s when humans are stuck in their belief systems, ideas, concepts and goals that it becomes very confusing. At this point, we’re going to ask you to start building with your heart. Confusion can only exist in complication, dear ones, so simplify. Find ways of seeing the larger picture and seek out the spark of spirit within all things that cross your path. Not only simplify your own path but use your passions to guide the way forward.

Planting Trailing Light is another tool you can use now to create a higher reality right now. Using this tool you can unlock the energy and open the door. Quite literally, it will hold this window of opportunity open. And that’s what we’re looking for. You’ve done an incredible job, dear ones, of working with this energy and playing the game of pretending to be a human when in fact you’re just a spirit. Yes, we see you and you’re doing really well. We love what you’re working with and we’re prouder of you than you could possibly imagine. Know that you’re never alone. You’ll start receiving help from a lot of different areas, and we’ll tell you much more about that going forward. Even the areas of technology, where you’re slightly ahead of the human heart for the most part at this moment. You will have the opportunities to catch up with much of it and master many things right in front of you. That’s what we wish you to look at.

Every time you see chaos or difficulties, you feel separation, which has been rampant on your planet. Imagine what it would be like without it. Hold that vision, hold that energy. In doing so, dear ones, you will start to rebuild planet Earth. You’ll start to work in different ways and your entire game will start to change. You’ll have the opportunities to connect with each other in the same ways used in Lemuria. Yes, magical times are now returning! Enjoy the journey, dear ones, re-member that you’re never alone. We are with you all the time and we love you dearly. We ask you to treat each other with respect. As you step into the magic world, create magic together. Know that you’re always working in that harmony. Hold the door open for each other at every opportunity and play well together.



Greetings dear ones, I am Merlia.

When you look back at this unique time, you will see how everything took a huge left turn. Because you’re only taking small steps, this shift is not visible to most. In today’s energy people are focused on what is directly in front of them every moment. That distraction keeps you from seeing the larger picture, which is huge!What we see already planted on the planet is profound. It’s an awakening of the feminine energy, a balance from planet Earth.

We are watching every moment of what’s taking place on planet Earth. We know these are difficult times for you with chaos and confusion everywhere, and everyone reaching to grasp power at any cost. Even though all that is occurring, we must tell you that from our view of the larger picture you are moving incredibly well. You’re moving at the speed of love, which is slightly faster than the speed of light. Doesn’t Einstein wish he would have known that? Yes, it certainly would have changed a few things. Step forward into the energy, dear ones, and anchor it.

Find your feminine power, even as a male. Find the way to start using this new power and anchor it on Earth. Dare to try things you haven’t, dare to touch another heart.

And that’s a piece that we wish to leave you with at this incredibly special, unique time. What we’re sharing with you is simply this: take that joy and passion that you have earned and dare to touch someone else’s heart with it. Your passions are your fondest memories from Home that you are attempting to recreate on Earth. Finding ways to touch others with your passion becomes your ministry.

Touch a Heart

Find one person to make a difference in their life. It can be through words, or a gift, money, or simply opportunities. It can be any of those things, but find one person this month to touch with a gift to. Try to touch their life in one way or another, then watch what takes place in your life. Pay it forward whenever possible and you will ground this new feminine energy to where it can become permanent and a part of your everyday lives. It’s much more than feminine empowerment, it’s a wide opening. This energetic opening right now is a perfect time to start grounding the feminine energy and empowerment all over again. Enjoy this journey, dear ones, and know that we are with you all the time and we’re cheering you on. So in those moments where you hit a brick wall or you fall into despair, just listen for a voice. We will touch you on the back of the heart chakra when you’re not looking, so when you feel that take a deep breath and anchor it in. That is our gift to you. Enjoy the journey. Know that we love you dearly, and we’re very excited about the new openings that you have created on planet Earth. Dear ones, take this time and walk with pride. You have made a huge difference on this planet already and there’s more to do. We are always at your side and right behind you, just out of sight, but we watch every step you take. And we love you dearly. Take this time and travel well. It is with the greatest of honor, that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am Merlia,

Come up and see me sometime.


The group.

» Source » Channel: Steve Rother