Judas Iskariot: A Reminder

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and now a great feast is approaching on Earth. A reminder of a light that still shines brightly on Earth today. Whether you believe or not believe in the story of Jesus, he has lit a star in heaven. A star with a golden light shining on the Earth.

The light affects you in different ways, it transforms your vision, so that in many ways you change your life, your thoughts and your emotions. You go through a whole series of changes and the stronger the light glows the faster the changes on Earth happen. You have now reached your anti-climax of darkness and the light has now come to bridge the darkness and show a new age for humanity and for the Earth. A time when everything is cleansed from the phases of the past and where love is invited instead. It is a time when you brothers and sisters should take each other’s hand and together choose peace and love instead of envy and hatred. The violence has had its time, now it’s time to bring love and peace into your hearts. It is time to integrate your bodies for the purpose of peace and peace. It’s time to invite love into your life.

It is the kingdom of love that stands at the door and it is only love that can knock on the gate. Everything but love must be left behind. It is in love that you should look at your brother and thus at yourself. That is when the purpose of peace has been reached and a new kingdom has come into your life. A kingdom so beautiful, beautiful and loving and where only the truth exists. The truth about yourself, your world and the cosmos in which you exist. It will not happen in a day, but forgiveness has eased, and you can now take bigger steps on your way into the realm of love.

This transformation is now taking place on many levels around the world. It happens within you and it happens within the Earth. It takes place in the air, in the water and in the earth. It cannot be escaped but it happens at different rates depending on your own awareness and willingness to allow the changes. It happens in the meeting with yourself and it is your own will that determines at what rate these changes will take place.

Do your will .. or God’s. In which hand do you make the decision. If you surrender your will to the will of God and follow the flow of light and love ,, or are you still hesitating, afraid to let go of control, so used to the fear that you have become. The fear that has become so ingrained and ingrained that it can sometimes be difficult to recognize. It sits in the spinal cord, so to speak. In true love, fear cannot exist because then that love is not true. It’s that simple to understand. Where true love is there, there is no fear. However, there is much fear left on Earth. Fear to be transformed and transformed into love. Where do we begin with this transformational journey for Earth. Yes, within ourselves, of course. There it starts and there it spreads. It spreads like wildfire on Earth today, but you all need to be involved in finding love within yourself. The power of true love is strong. The power of true love is secure. The power of true love is peaceful, it is full of joy and harmony.

It is a beautiful and loving time awaiting you, dear Earthlings and we are waiting for you. We wait for you to fully open yourself to the miraculous power of love, so that a new kingdom can arise within yourselves.

The time has come for the Earth to receive the light of love. A star was lit in Bethlehem that is still shining on Earth today. The power of that light cannot diminish; it can only increase in strength and love. It is against the light you are walking and it is to the light that you are to give your hearts. This is when you spread the kingdom of love on Earth. You have completed your task. A new kingdom emerges in your minds and it is only love that exists. You are at home where you belong.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg