Saint Germain: Harmony and Balance

saint germain eraoflightdotcomThe shift you are facing is a feat for each of you.

The previous roles that you have played now fall as card games and dominoes. The 3rd density warrior within you is finished. In life after life, you have fought and defended yourselves, your race or your family, your honor, your culture or your class or your family. This has been included in the rules of the game. To now change these defenses is indeed a great achievement.

It’s like you have to change school class. You are now being examined and playing with completely different rules of the game. In fact, no rules of play other than harmony and balance. These characteristics are the code of ethics. Taste the words, harmony and balance.

It’s been a long time since my friends. The basic code of humanity has long been defense, commitment and attack. I or you, we and them, white or black, high or low, rich and poor.

This dualistic code has been going on for so long and you have lived under its conditions for so many lives. It is about to be played out but of course it does not go overnight, it goes back and forth, you slip in and out. We can see a confusion among you who are often in the fourth density nowadays because you have lost something that was so essential to you. We tell you that you are in that emptiness. It is a gift and a place where your soul can rest. That emptiness was previously a place that you could only experience on the spiritual plane when your soul had freed you from its body.

Now, as you go through the powerful process of becoming crystalline from carbon-based, you can find yourself in this sphere of emptiness on the earthly plane in your body. This is such a big, dear friends. Only afterwards will you fully understand the scope of what you are going through.

Allow yourself to be in the sphere of emptiness, and just be. know that in it your new self is born and they need to be integrated.

There comes a time, a world where harmony and balance are guiding principles. Just as you now look back at your history and with horror and horror can not understand how to do so, crucify, burn on bonfires and throw to the lion, etc. So you come to a point in the future when you look back at everything that is NOW with wonder and wonder, and think how could we do that, then.

It is at that time when harmony and balance have taken hold. Harmony and balance my friends.

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» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen