Thot: Pride is the Last Obstacle

blue ray eraoflightdotcomI am TOTH!

Be truthful in all your endeavors and never act superior to others. Stand side by side with those who tend to look up to you, be wise companions to those who follow you, and never inflate your ego by letting others honor and praise you for your healing abilities and your knowledge.

Pride is the last obstacle that needs to be mastered, it is the last trap you can fall into on your way back to God, the source of all being.

Shine your light without trying to impress others, burn like a flame without wanting to burn others, and pass on your knowledge without needing to boast about it.

Deep inner love should be the standard for your entire course of action – a standard that is formed by the mind, strengthened by emotion and visible to others through action.

Never get blinded by praise or deceived by recognition, and never let popularity lead you astray from the inner path.

The inner path

You embark on the inner path from the core of your heart, right where you are at peace with yourself and lovingly connected to God. That is where the inner path lies and where any bright deed in service to others originates.

All of life is invisibly interconnected – and anyone who acts superior to another part is disrupting this unity and stepping out into the world of form. Those who have fallen out of this unity, either by conscious choice or by mistake, live in a world of illusion.

The ultimate mistake occurs when soon-to-be masters indulge in pride and expect to get from others what they can only get from God.

So carefully introspect, pay close attention to your motives, and stay true to the path of light that doesn’t dazzle. You are a part of creation and a part of the creator, just like all of life is an everlasting part of God.

Gaining this awareness and maintaining it until the end of your journey, that is the goal of your journey.

Don’t get impressed by the temptations of your ego. Make sure that others can see you without having to look up to you.

I am TOTH.

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl