The Child And The Sun: The Game Of Co-Creation

earth shining eraoflightdotcomThe child: If all and everything ever thought already exists , if all that is being created has always been as nothing is new and nothing is old according to the laws of the Universe , then all that I am creating, let’s say the new earth, or the coming back to Source journey , the eradication of darkness, if all this had already happened, why do I still have to work on it?

The Sun: Are you not curious how it all ends?

You see now , the question asked, ” the why ” comes from not knowing which is inherent in a dense vibrational plane, but the knowing and the content that formulates the question is from Source. The knowing doesn’t need the question . Can you see the paradox here? You are asking something you know because some part of you can’t grasp the whole …

Let’s speak a little about that so your memory is refreshed :

All the infinite possible variants of let’s say your new earth exist in the Source awareness in the now . And the one you and others here and all over the universe experiment with, tune in and have a feel for and go further in co-creating in unity , is going to be visible / is going to be manifest more and more.

All variants of anything ever imagined exist in the Source . It’s a continuum that is constantly passing through infinite layers of becoming in each of your seconds . And anything can happen during this ” becoming “. It is not a finite process.

Imagine a soup being cooked. Not for one second during the cooking process there is stagnation. The end product never stops altering during that phase. But the one who cooks the soup knew all along it was going to be a soup. So it’s like you know it’s a soup before you even start prepare it, you know your end product, how it tastes, how it looks like, how you going to enjoy it and satiate you but you are still going to cook it . Contemplating the idea of soup alone won’t help especially if you are hungry .

Now… anything can happen during the cooking . It also depends who is assisting you in cooking and their input. They can participate with their ingredients who can enrich the soup or completely alter its original intent and create something completely different, something even poisonous . Then to bring it back to its original intent you either dispose of the compromised product and start again or you ask for assistance on how to bring it back to its course if it’s an important project like it’s the case with the earth.

The same principle applies if we extrapolate on bigger scale . Once you “set your heart and your eyes ” on one of the preferred variants, you extract it from the “universal pool it’s floating in ” and you start working on manifesting on the desired dimension or plane. On the plane you manifest, part of it it’s going to be physical ( because you are partly physical and so your Mother Earth ) so you bring it from its initial existent state to matter over the course of a period. And you can put all the ingredients you love in it. Although the end product – the manifested physical outcome- might look different than the exact one you originally intended this is because you never work / manifest alone . This is something you are not aware of. You are always working with ALL dimensions that you exit in and you can’t see and you work in unity with all the entities from the unseen that you are or not aware of. The key word here is not the other “types ” of you existing at the same time with you with all the interesting and spectacular characteristics they have or not even the other entities participating along with you in your co-creating process . The key word here is “unity”. Remember , even if you don’t realise this, you always work in unity with your choices . On all levels. Every intention, thought, desire, act , contributes to your co- creating process and its delivery in time to you. Everything works in synergy at all times and balances itself out at all times. ( to you because of the density of perception it looks like the balancing takes a very long time but it is almost instant . )

You must remember that you always work in unity with yourselves and the whole universe . The other side of the story is you either work in unity or against yourself .

Even if you choose not to co- create you will still encounter the product of your choice/ choices according to the all the other units and elements you worked with at the other levels of conscious or unconscious intentions.

The child: Such a long journey since I left you Father and …

The Sun: It might seem like you travelled a long way to participate in something that had already happened. This can be disorienting when you project it through concept of emotional time and purpose where everything has a beginning and an end and both affect you drastically. This co- creating in something that already exists – and it’s still becoming – is not diminishing your freedom and your sovereignty on the contrary it gives you access to all that you are, all the creative powers which you don’t use because your attention is focused on the question and not on the possibilities you have.

When you are focused , when you are a part of the creative process “you are happening with it ” it doesn’t happen to you . This is a very important distinction.

What you are co-creating now , Yes , it has always existed but now through you, through each of you, it is consciously pulled out of its floating cocoon of possibilities and breathed in life so to say, new life.

The child: So the whole reason of co-creating is purely to experience?

The Sun: The only reason of any experience is love including the experience of co- creating . Like I experience in co- creating with you. You offer me your love and in this love I also expand more.
In universe the questions are answered not with a word but with a sharing of feeling and with instant knowing . You can’t decode that answer with words. You understand that feeling that illuminates you but you can’t put it in intelligent words. That’s part of the game you co-creating with.

The child: I like games! How can I make the best of my game here?

The Sun: Like all games , know your game very well . Know yourself and know the ones you are playing with . But above everything : Enjoy it! You’ve got the best part of this game. You are in it!


» Shared per request » Channel: Mia Pal