Ron Giles: The RV Flood And The Alliance Dilemma

justnews eraoflightdotcom“When it rains it pours.” Does that portend a flood?

Many RV posters talk about flooding the earth with money (me included) to help the poor find food and shelter. But is the word, ‘flood’ the right word to use? People get killed in floods. Property and homes are damaged and families are displaced with extreme anxiety and frustration. Their lives are upended and a clear path to normalcy becomes obscure and the ensuing depression can be devastating and all this, if they survive.

We, currency holders, are poised to help right the wrongs that have been done but we may also be poised to do great damage when it comes to human dignity. Giving stuff away destroys the human spirit of self-sufficiency and can leave people dependent on handouts to continue to have a life. Is this what we want? Is this how people go from “lack” to being able to sustain themselves?

“For the many people hacking at the leaves of a diseased tree, there are only a few who look to the roots to cure the disease.”

Let’s take a look at the potential damage we can do with even the most benevolent of intension.

Giving a “leg up” to help someone get on a horse is a good idea, but if the leg up propels the person over the horse by using too much strength, what good have we done? It needs to be measured strength to accomplish our intentions.

If we can give life-saving rain in sufficient amounts to end the drought, we will succeed in our endeavors to help out on a personal basis. Yet, how do we monitor the gentle rain for a larger number of people without losing sight of the individual needs?

It falls upon us as humanitarians to get the life-saving gentle rain to the greatest number of people. How do we do that?

It’s hard to estimate the number of Zim Holders that will all be scrambling around trying to put their rain on people without flooding the overall landscape with way more than sufficient water (funds) to end the drought in people’s lives.

Could it be, that the Alliance is trying to deal with this dilemma without restricting the amount of money that is available for those who will carry the burden of helping society, while in effect, restricting some who have not prepared their humanitarian work to do things the right way?

What is the only safeguard in place available to the Alliance? Is it that they require individuals to show their humanitarian plans at the redemption appointment to avoid the negative effects of a flood of too much water being released at the same time?

How would you address this dilemma if you were in the Alliance’s shoes? Is it hard to see why the Alliance is so concerned with humanitarian plans of individuals as they go into the redemption appointment? If we Zim Holders have not thought this through and have not come up with a feasible plan that avoids the negative aspects of flooding the earth with money, then it’snot hard to see that the time may not be ready yet for the RV to happen? If the war effort proceeds to where it is safe to release the RV funds and we are not ready, how can they justify the release of funds with the potential to destroy all that they have been trying to accomplish? How many starving people are waiting on us to get it right before they get fed?

For the thousands of people hacking away at the leaves on the diseased tree, how many of us are focusing on the roots that have supported the diseased growth of a tree, that represents our society? Who started and cultivated the disease?

If we give away free food, clothing, and shelter, and don’t put our efforts into programs that teach people how to change from the Cabal-conditioned, dysfunctional thought processes, how is society going to change? We must employ correct principles as the answer to the dysfunctional economic structure before the changes can accomplish what is needed. Self-sufficiency and Self-determination should be the hallmark of our humanitarian projects. Making our money available for those who want to help in the heavy lifting will give incentives for those who are capable to get personally involved. Finding good people with heart will be our challenge.

Millions of dollars will be poured into; feeding the hungry with nutritional food, helping the homeless to find places to live, helping the elderly to find dignity in the sunset years of their lives, and helping the veterans to find the help they need to heal; these segments of society will be well taken care of because their needs are obvious, but there are deeper needs that need to be addressed beyond the immediate help we can give. Needs that really get into the core or the root of the problems in society that have festered ever since the Cabal has conditioned us to be slaves to their economic system and their form of government. Going into debt just to have a life is a downward spiral that is now destroying the very fabric of society, the Family, because they are being attacked with very real unsolvable problems, and much of it is causing financial devastation.

The economy needs to be restructured. The pyramid economic structure that supports the upper 10% of mankind has to be disassembled to where every person is welcomed to participate in the bounties of life without outside restrictions. The changes may be chaotic in the beginning but it must happen; people will adjust.

We have the challenge to not only level the playing field to where every person can create a life worth living, but to learn to support each other, to where the greatest amount of good can be delivered to each person according to their wants and needs. The help needs to be given to not only survive but to thrive, with the freedoms to seek the highest good for the greatest number of people.

To this end we can work toward the successful use of our money and can find joy in our service, knowing we have been wise in the use of our funds and found the balance of “gentle rain,” that feeds our needs and provides for the greatest good for each participant in the economy.

Let’s show up at the redemption appointment with well thought out plans for the benefit of every family unit. It will start at the grassroots level in communities where families can flourish and grow. Building a society that supports families will not only help us survive as a species but will help us thrive. Getting the highest redemption rates available (a full tank of gas) will give us the chance to support and sustain our endeavors to reach our destination.

Blessing to all, and to all, be a blessing

Ron Giles
Overseer, Love Won Society International

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