Rinus Verhagen: Q and the Great Awakening

justnews eraoflightdotcomThe QFS is our tool to free us from the Matrix we are trapped in.

Like many, we have learning moments in our lives. We all feel that the mirrored story does not match the reality in our existence.

People without a soul or conscience have made our existence on Earth a Hell.

All from a Mind Control Program to imprison us in their power matrix to serve the Aconites and Satanists.

From our souls, however, we have a moral compass which indicates that the direction we are moving in is wrong and destructive for us.

For many, contact with the creator of the universe has been severed by all the negative experience we have had to go through.

The Vatican we have been deceived by is the dark Power of Satan along with the corrupt and soulless Bankers – Politicians have held us hostage for hundreds to thousands of years.

We often hear that the Alliance is working with President Trump and Patriots in the background to tear down the false reality of the Matrix, with the QFS being the key to a new debt-free future

in prosperity and spiritual awareness and growth.

The wealth we are going to manage will take humanity out of poverty, because we have been taught a money system for over 5000 years.

However, this is also the case with the Satanists, who now have control and power over money.

The QFS will break this power, and give the world’s population back its right to exist as a human being.

The result will be a collective growth in awareness and tolerance, so that world conflicts can no longer take place in wars because of the greed and lust for power of the Cabal.

As the whole world population, we are going to learn that we no longer need money at all as the years go by, because we are going to see a common goal in this to live together in happiness and prosperity.

Sharing will bring joy to us all from a sincere intention and respect for each other.

Christmas Eve will be the time of reflection and the Miracle we all long for will come.

It is our responsibility to help shape the Wonder Miracle.

Those who do not want or follow Satan no longer have a right to exist in the Miracle of the liberation of Mankind.

Let the wounds of the injustice that has been done to us heal.

Healthy QFS money is The tool never the goal.

A Miraculous Christmas Wishes Rinus.

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