The Testimony of Randy Cramer; A Soldier of The Mars Defense Force

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomRandy Cramer’s life experiences are either incredible or absurd. He reports that he spent 20 years as a Marine in the U.S. Secret Space Program (SSP). His tour of duty took him first to an elaborate, secret, fully-equipped base on the moon. Then, he went to Mars where he spent 17 years at a military base.

After a major loss of human lives during a battle between the military forces and native people of Mars, he was deployed back to the moon where he spent his final three years as a military pilot. He tells his story with vivid and captivating detail.

Randy Cramer: Space Traveler and Mars Colonist

Randy Cramer Mars Defense Force

Randy Cramer, who initially told his story under the pseudonym “Captain Kaye,” says he was only four years old when he began training for the SSP through a program called Project Moon Shadow.

He was one of approximately 300 girls and boys who were “covertly drafted” to participate in the program. Girls comprised only 20 percent of the group, a male/female ratio that remained consistent during his entire 20 years with the SSP.

Cramer recalls that during his childhood, he would be taken from his bed at night. Even though he would be gone for days or even weeks, he would be returned to his bed and travel back in time to when he was taken.

He would wake up as though no time had passed, feeling like he had just had a really, really long dream.

When he turned 17 in 1987, Cramer was involuntarily recruited to be part of the Mars Defense Force (MDF), whose purpose was to protect five civilian settlements already in existence on Mars.

Randy Cramer: Hybrid Soldier for the SSP

This program was not sponsored by any government or governmental agency, but by an international group comprised of the United States, Germany, Russia and China.

Even though these countries were not getting along very well on Earth, unbeknownst to the public, they secretly joined together to work on the SSP and formed the MDF.

Cramer became a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps in this program and was given Top Secret clearance — a necessary requirement for those participating in the MDF.

When Cramer left Earth, his first stop was a base on the moon that he believed had been established around 1953 or 1954.

This is where he signed his enlistment papers and committed to spending 20 years of service on Mars with a special elite unit of the Marine Corps.

In Episode 7 of our Deep Space series, he gives a detailed account of the compound’s interior decor, noting that the color and type of carpet and paint on the walls were clearly from the 1950s.

What Was the Purpose of Troops on Mars?

There were three primary purposes for sending secret military-like troops to Mars:

  1. To establish an extraterrestrial defense for Earth
  2. To claim Mars as a U.S. territory
  3. To get Martians accustomed to having Earthlings present on their planet

In addition, the Mars Defense Force aimed to research the viability of establishing a human civilization in space should a cataclysm occur on Earth.

Cramer was sent to the main settlement of Aries Prime, which was also the first Earth settlement on Mars. The settlement was comprised of the same types of people and organized in the same way as the original colonies were settled in America.

People with all types of skills, ranging from scientists to farm workers, live in this colony.

The military base at Aries Prime, called Forward Station Zebra, was where Cramer spent all of his time while on Mars. He was given the codename “Zen.”

One of the most remarkable things that Cramer and other members of the SSP who have visited Mars say about the planet is that the air is breathable.

Nasa Fake Vs Real Colors Pictures

His station was in the far north of Mars and he says that the atmosphere is similar to the Antarctic, which is why he wore a face protector.

Taking the protector off in the biting cold was uncomfortable, but it could be done since he could breathe the air.

The Martians and Cramer’s Last Battle

There are two main indigenous, intelligent species on Mars: Reptilian and Insectoid. At Cramer’s initial briefing, he was told these were “native savages and beasts.”

Randy Cramer

However, he soon learned that they were evolved species, each with their own culture, civilization and intelligence. Their homes are mostly underground and Cramer frequently referred to them in interviews as living in “hives” or “nests.”

At first, the indigenous people treated the humans from Earth as neighbors. As long as their nests and hives were not disturbed, there was no problem.

They seemed more interested in maintaining their territory rather than fighting. Even so, there were frequent skirmishes. The humans and Martian natives became weary of fighting and actually signed a treaty agreeing to peace.

The treaty had two major parts to it. First, the humans would not invade the sacred places of the indigenous people.

The second part of the treaty required the humans to work together with the Reptoids and Insectoids to fight an invading species of Reptoids know as the Draconians.

The Draconians were vicious and evil, but the joint venture was successful and the Draconians withdrew.

Cramer gets emotional when he talks about the last battle he participated in before leaving Mars. For some reason that he was never able to understand, he was ordered, as part of a thousand-man force, to go into one of the sacred tunnels of the Reptoids to capture an artifact.

This was in direct violation of the treaty. Cramer expressed his concern to his commanding officer who agreed with him, but said he had orders from “headquarters” and the mission had to be accomplished. “We all got our orders,” the officer told him, “So go do it.”

The men went through the underground tunnels and came to a large dome, about the size of the superdome or astrodome. They lost all communication with headquarters when suddenly, doors all around the edge of the arena opened and out charged the Reptoids, swinging large bladed weapons.

Cramer said it was like “being in a blender.” Cramer was one of about 35 men who survived. While he was recovering from his wounds, his superior officer met with him and offered him a pilot position. That sounded great to Cramer; he spent his last three years in the SSP as a pilot on the moon.

Restoration of Life on Earth

When his 20 years of service were up, he spent several weeks on the moon for a “reverse aging” process so that he could return to Earth and “inserted back into his original timeline, 1987.” His memories of his 20 years of service were suppressed and did not return to him for many years.

What Does it all Mean?

Cramer’s story is extraordinary. It is even more astonishing that similar stories are told by at least six other men who say they served in the SSP on the moon and on Mars at different times.

Although their stories are all similar, they did not serve together and did not know about each other until they began revealing their experiences.

The space travelers all recall different travel methods, but all report experiencing some type of teleportation through a portal.

This allowed them to travel quickly to these off-planet locations. They communicated with the indigenous Martians through telepathy. All whistleblowers who tell their stories report the breathability of the Mars air.

There is more to Cramer’s story. He has been telling it since 2006 and will continue his quest to convince people that there is a secret space program with civilizations established on the moon, Mars and perhaps other planets and solar systems.

We invite you to watch Deep Space to learn more about NASA coverups, extraterrestrials and other fascinating topics.


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      Hi beautiful Composer Ed! Yes in the thick of it just like you said! All this at the base running the AI mind control program is tortured and fractured horrendously suffering omnipresent consciousness. This was how they powered this consciousness matrix. These so called controllers in the lower 4d are nothing more than fragmented children whose soul essences had all but withdrawn from the ritual torture and sacrifice practiced by their Illuminati religion. Totally incoherent light powered by abject suffering which is all they know. Each consciousness fragment is walled off and programmed through this Ultra technology living within the quantum blueprints.

      I was just telling KejRaj I got a heavy flash yesterday on the word “fast” which I sensed was creator asking me to go into a fast and purify which means an end to my bachelorette diet hahaha! Also I think this means final alignment with the creator blueprint which is great news for 2020!

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    It seems your opinion of how real the experience was and is for those who participated has evolved since we last spoke. One day we might again find ourselves on the same page.

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      Hi Edwin! Synchronicity here as I had unsubscribed from the comments on this post but found your comment below as KejRaj just reinstated the recent comment section today lol! Also I had a strong feeling you and I were talking about this at the monadic level recently (2 days ago) as we are both part of team Hilarion.

      Anyway I think we kept getting stuck on my saying none of it is real meaning these are false constructed realities in a matrix rather than meaning they don’t exist per se. I know a lot more now about how the timeline technology works and quantum immersion. I just could not (can not) see space ships landing or us evacuating to these alternate space realities in any of these timelines we are all in now because I am too aligned with the 5d realities. You are very psychic and could sense these lower timelines which we were speaking about but in a sense are not real in 5d realities. It will be interesting to see how space travel manifests outside the matrix though!

      I am glad to hear from you. Things are hugely intense in the glutensphere clearing right now for me as we are down to clearing the controllers or the suffering consciousness driving these AI consciousness programs. Would love to hear from you anytime as you have my email.

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  3. Marilyn G.

    So Cheri, to your way of thinking, Corey Goode experienced a hijacking of his consciousness and didn’t experience that stuff he relates in that which we refer to as reality (even though souls that are awake are aware that this isn’t reality, but an illusion.) ? Still, newly emerged info. strongly indicates that we do in fact have a Mars colony. Laura Eisenhower was asked to go there. The Dark Side of the Moon is fully colonized. And I hear that we’re mining gold on Venus. So . . . um. Well.

    1. Cheri

      Hi Marilyn! It’s all so interesting and getting weirder from my perspective lol! I am just coming onto this awareness slowly as you know I clear these false timelines for the creator full time so bear with me in this explanation as it may seem bizzare but the more I clear and embody my creator self I am starting to feel more fluid as pure consciousness and less like a soul housed in body made up of solid matter. Having gone in and out of these timelines myself I realize we immerse our consciousness into DNA creations not the other way around. I am actually starting to realize we live as pure consciouness through timeline technology that is called creational blueprints stored on the firmament of each planetary structure. So we birthed in here this lifetime to break this frozen creation where we feel stuck in dense bodies. The entire structure fell and humanity’s consciousness was trapped in matter or stuck in the 4th dimension reincarnating as we all know until we birthed in here from the higher dimensional planetary structures and man this reality feels real, none of us can remember a darn thing omg!

      We are down to clearing the original fallen timeline technology of these frozen creations called the matrix.

      I think Corey Goode is a wonderful, sweet soul who like Tony Rodriguez went through the hell of MK Ultra as a child. So I am not discounting anything these brave warriors have brought to us as their memories return. It is real in a sense that I have also shape shifted my consciousness into a couple of these SSP timelines and moon bases as well but my body always stayed here (I think lol!) yet I was fully immersed in the situation and it felt very real just like they describe. It is real I guess as it is lower 4th dimensional consciousness either entrained by force through MK Ultra (like Corey and most of these children they fractured and used to run through these creations) or a choice made by a sovereign structure like Laura Eisenhower to travel within these timelines. I wonder who is asking her to visit? Can you post the video link or name it would be interesting to see what she says as I don’t follow her but like her a lot. Truth is now we can travel into any timeline we choose and check it out and leave at will unless you are under MK Ultra. But these timelines of space bases and gold mining and slave trading and nefarious aliens created using this Ultra technology won’t be around much longer to experience is all I know for sure because this is what the creator is dismantling right now as it is all trapped omnipresence.

      So weirdly once sovereign we can shapeshift our DNA into space vehicles and all sorts of wierd stuff, animals, anything we can imagine but there won’t be controllers running an AI program of our omnipresence anymore. Part of me feels like this reality like the SSP is a controlled one as well that we are trying to get out of. Once we reach the higher vibrations there is no way we would even want to go into these AI controlled scenarios of Ultra timelines.

      It’s like all these timelines you describe are in fact creations by the dark ones on those planetary blueprints within the fallen structure that they control and run as a fixed reality using artificial intelligence. Just like this one we are at here on earth. They only want easily controlled children and MK Ultra subjects like the puppets we see in our government and military and the Illuminati who are fractured from birth or programmed by the CIA. They can’t have us high vibers and system busters running around in their dark SSP creations or we would change them just like we are doing now within this AI controlled reality we all share through infiltrated omnipresence! The great awakening!

      Deeeeeeeeeeep subject Marilyn. I hope I explained this as good as I can. We are currently all living in Hotel California, you can check put anytime you want but you can never leave hahahaha!

      But leave we will as we pull out our participation in this illusion enmass which is happening right now. I am sure there are many other civilizations and creational blueprints to explore on every planet and immerse ourselves in but thankfully they wont be mining gold, or running slave trades or wars or scary looking reptilians fighting giant praying mantis beings or dark outposts of low vibe creations of continual strife and survival like this AI program we are in.

      My feeling is that once the AI Ultra technology is completely down we embody omnipresence and command the DNA through kundalini technology to phire up our bliss codes and transmute ourselves into pure light.

      Love you! Thanks for the discussion! It is totally expansive! 😘

    2. Cheri

      It’s got something to do with the frequency of our omnipresence running this reality too!

  4. Cheri

    This is part of the MK Ultra 20 and back quantum consciousness manipulation program. I am so glad these people are coming back into their memories which is a sign these false consciousness programs are ending as these people reclaim their DNA stuck in these horrendous creational timelines and regain their sovereignty. These were matrix timeline controlled scenarios of space wars, ridiculous creations and bizzare space aliens. None of this is real in the sense that these are just false (meaning non fractals) fixed and controlled timelines their consciousness was pulled into through limited quantum technology which pulls their consciousness into these reality sine waves in the 4th dimension to play these games of control, war and slavery all over the solar system. The physical body never leaves but the consciousness is hijacked and immersed into these so called realities.

    I was pulled into one recently as part of my clearing mission. I was transformed into a metallic ship we time travelled or warped into one of these alien outposts. We came out of warp speed hovering over the landscape looking for some type of slave trade outpost. I have to say the whole thing looked and felt amazingly real. I was just captivated by the whole experience as it brought the whole quantum mind control program into clarity for me. A lot of this stuff we were all participating in in dream time with no memories upon awakening. There were much worse timelines than the SSP of horrorific violence and never ending suffering called the hell realms that the creator is bringing an end to. All of this was running through our subconscious programs and due to the separation of hemispheres in our brain we have been unaware of them consciously or vaguely aware and deeply disturbed if you are highly empathic. It begs the question just looking around at this world thinking what it could be with amazing architecture and harmonic creations is any of this surrounding us real? I am holding judgement on this until we reach the 5d reality sine waves and step into true creations of beauty and wonder! We have to become whole within so we can align with the new earth quantum reality. Reality is much, much more than mechanical ships landing or travelling the universe in realities much like this one just stationed on different planets in this dull, boring and fixed matrix. We are almost free! 😘