Yeshua: Light on Earth

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved. I’m Sananda. We meet again in this time, in this time of upheaval.

It is dark now, in the northern regions of the Earth. The days are short and dark, there are few glimpses of the sun that you have seen lately. But you carry the Sun / Love / Christ energies in your hearts. You light candles in the dark, you go deep into your interior where you find the power of pure Love and my Beloved Friends – you spread the Light on Earth across. You all do a fantastic job, transforming darkness into Light.

In your hearts you know that it is time now, time for the Light to take over because the Light and the Love are all there is. Since you never give up but constantly continue your path of development, you predecessors, you Light Scatterers and Light Warriors. You continue and complete what I started and what is now predicted to be completed – at this very moment. You have God Father’s, God Mother’s and the entire Universe’s Luminous Powers / Love Powers with you in this happening, in this great Event.

Beloved Friends, it is wonderful to meet you. It is wonderful what you do in your love for your Mother Gaia and all her living beings, on and below the earth’s surface. Beloved Friends, you can relax now, the flow is in full swing and cannot be stopped. Enjoy the Feast of Love and Light you celebrate Christmas. You others, also enjoy the Love and Light that always wins. I am with you all on the journey, as well as so many other people here, on the other hand the fast lightening fog veil.

I love you all more than you understand. Take good care of you. Is Yeshua / Sananda.

» Source  » Channel: Daniel Scranton