Change Happens As You Respond To The New, Not From Fighting The Old

blue ray eraoflightdotcomChange is on our hearts and brains right now as we head into the New Year of 2020 and a New Decade as well. This is change for ourselves personally and for the collective too as the Ascension process moves into another year and up a higher gear. The ‘marker’ of a New Year invites us to assess and locate ourselves related to the year that has passed and the one that is coming UP.

INtentions are becoming clearer. INtentions are less coming from a sense of self improvement or fixing (as declaring ‘resolutions’ can be) and more about what you really WANT TO BE and already ARE authentically as connected to your soul purpose expression here. INtentions are the focus of the sense you’ve been receiving of your highest timeline and what it looks and feels like through the upgrading and integration process of ongoing Ascension energies.

INtentions vibe into the energy of YOUR personal Ascension process. They are the claim of more New energies in your life, from inside of you, and in relationship with others. INtentions reflect the understanding that external changes only come from internal shifts. This is a powerful year-end passageway to feel into and explore and set INtentions for 2020, to connect to your higher timeline around that and feel what that is.

Fighting the old is probably running out of ground for you. There is sometimes a necessary phase of it as your 3D Self awakens and your 4D transitional Self is being infused with soul energies. The fight ultimately comes from inside, from one part of you to another, from polarization and mixed feelings that stem from your emotional body. These parts form as often divergent energies as you receive this template from 3D consciousness.

The pushing away, the advocating, the contending, the boundary setting, the claiming of who you REALLY are and what you need with others may have been and still is a very necessary phase for parts of you. The degree of ‘fight’ in these relationships relates to the degree of fear there is still inside.

Fear from inside of you and your soul leads to the fighting energy….often from unhealed unworthiness, rage, shame, distrust, and disconnection. Fighting stems from wounded masculine frequencies too that condition us to fight, which we have all baked in and been bred in during this 3D experiment, such as those that can live in your Inner Protector and Gatekeeper.

Responding to the New invites a Divine Feminine energy to relate with change, from both inside of you and with others. The Divine Mother offers a template of compassion response to change that holds desire and patience in equal measure.

Responding to the New with Divine and self love transforms the unworthiness into sense of goodness; rage into truth telling with compassion; shame into innocence; distrust into trust; and disconnection into connection.

Responding to the New is offering love to the Old so that it can transmute. Infinite Possibilities open UP from responding to the New versus fighting the Old. This starts from within, as you hold space with lots of love and curiosity for all the ‘old’ energies from within and respond to the New in all areas of your life too. Your transmutation this way, in such a personal way, DOES impact the collective….and it invites the old (WITH love) to BEcome the New.


Jelelle Awen

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