Greetings Human Avatars,
The new year is here as a bridge for awakening.
It’s time to align with all the magnificence of your being.
To rekindle the lights in your hearts and remember who you all are.
Enough of the old modalities and beliefs to connect in the heart is the way to go.
The heart carries no judgement but unconditional love. It carries wisdom and a freedom many have not experienced.

Aho to the new year that holds magic and incredible opportunities.
The dream of a world free of dualities now is at an end so all can live in peace.
And God says “let humanity awaken and shine with the gifts they process. With new abilities as they live on earth and rise in frequency
for it is a new age of expansion where one and all know who they be
in order to live as a universal human to move forward for heaven on earth to commence.
In time you will look back at these old times and be humbled that you were able to survive.
To prosper even through the darkest times. To understand things happen for a reason for growth.
To go where humanity has not gone before.
Welcome humanity to your taking your place as galactic humans inside love compassion and harmony.
Happy 2020
We raise a glass inside your mind as you rekindle your inner wisdom,
to move in Bliss, Dreams and abundance.
We celebrate the new energies that have traveled far
and is integrating on earth every day.
And we thank you sending blessings to one and all.

Merry Awakening and a Happy New Year!

By Star Blossom Goddess