The Most Powerful Week is Swirling Around Us

blue ray eraoflightdotcomThe most powerful week is swirling around us, can you feel it? Can you hear it?

Every year it’s the same, the week between Christmas and New Year is always filled with SO MUCH data, promises are being made, realisations are had, dreams cut out and pinned on boards.

It reminds me of the Bruce Almighty film where he takes on the role of God.

The collective grid gets loud, only now it’s particularly loud as we all, no matter our awareness can feel something quite “different” entering.

We have all known, that this year end was going to be a last, one to remember, because from here on in everything becomes “different”, how this manifests I’m unsure anyone can predict exactly, simply because we have no reference points, or perhaps it’s just that my human mind cannot yet comprehend what I feel is such a vast shift and yet saying this I have been blessed to see exactly how miracles work with the rising of my own Sun and his ability to now walk, and I most definitely couldn’t see that happening, not this year anyway, but just the same, I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it, I could feel what I would once have thought was the impossible and it materialised.

We exist in patterns and so regardless of whether I See, I know and I feel and have already experienced the momentous shift we are about to make.

There is of course reason as to why we have been moving through Divine Detachment, there is purpose to healing the separation and the answer to this is our life line, or our line of life, for it to continue, for the new ways to be birthed and a new race to be grounded, an evolved race who care more, united, with a common goal of living in harmony with our Earth.

This next decade will be experienced as the coin flip, and we are all choosing heads or tails now. We are making our subconscious Christmas Lists and this year will deliver, so as the request is heard, the quantum field begins lining up the acts in which we must partake to get each light enough to experience the requested dream, the portal entry, as we individually and of course collectively receive more opportunities to evolve….and it gets faster.

The more light entering, the more people opening up and becoming conduits, emanating out these Divine codes the more everything speeds up, which is why this decade will show up so magical.

Magical being a spectrum, lowest octave is chaos, imagine magic happening so very slowly, and under a microscope, with a camera that managed to capture the transformation from formless to form, it’s the same pattern as unconscious to conscious, the fizzing, the popping the merging, the conflict and confusion eventually getting so rapid and uncontrollable that everything releases and unfolds on itself, asleep to awake…and the less light available the slower the process, the more light available the quicker the evolution, which also links into the Divine Detachment because during these octaves the viewing of the magic has become so very different, no longer attached to expectations, knowing all is simply a pattern and each pattern can be chosen.

Ground shaker are the words I have been using for the incoming experiences, this is mirrored in our star map, which again, echoes how we all feel. It is of course no coincidence that as a race we find ourselves so disconnected from everything other than our wants but now our coordinates according to our navigation reports show a plethora of planets just so happening in Capricorn, the foundation of our zodiac, the beginning, the first step from the Galactic Centre which has felt more intense this year with Jupiter resetting us, whilst “we” have been surfing more aware and more aligned, meaning we have become more attuned.

All Change

We are here, in the NOW and this moment counts MORE than even I realise and these are my words, i spent much of last year realising how much I had underestimated magic, how many times I said “I know I said this but I didn’t realise just how big”, again, my reference points must be quite limited, but one thing is for sure I am so grateful as I do love the constant surprises, especially now as the expansion proves to be more and more miraculous.

So as the mind may start to get busy with thoughts of change, listen, validate, discern and council with your heart, feel into contradictions and dissolve what doesn’t resonate at the frequency you wish to hold from this moment as you pass through the New Year portal, this means trust has an opportunity to expand and raise in frequency too as each learns the process of Divine Detachment through letting go of what no longer serves and a promise to prioritise Self, healing self, taking full responsibility until that separation has been learned in which it all changes again, the rules of each field we pass though shifts and changes depending on the light skills required to learn, each experience unique and yet the pattern remains the same, the theme is identical.

Remember this is all a process, and it is the process we give full trust too, hand picked by you, for you, to free you….as this next decade is coded to deliver

Set your tone and sing it out.

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6 Replies to “The Most Powerful Week is Swirling Around Us”

  1. Eugene F Carney

    Not to be too fussy, but there is a difference between magic and miracles. Magic is rooted in a trick to our perceptions, yet nothing of true significance has really happened. The magician hides the rabbit. He does not create it when he pulls it out of the hat…but it looks as if he did create it or somehow has a way of creating it. A miracle is connected to God. The illusion of form is changed on the quantum level so there really is a concrete change; not just a perceptual change. Magic is not necessarily bad but it can be used for nefarious intentions. Miracles can never appear as bad for God is not bad. Magic takes craftsmanship but miracles take faith.

    1. Cheri

      I thought this was really well stated by you Eugene! Especially in this programmed reality which is all an illusion of mass consciousness trickery. Miracles are beautiful fractals of never ending expansion. Once things are quantumly pure from coherent creators aligned to the divinity of God within then things can go back to magical as in filled with wonder and surprise!

      Happy New Year family of light! 😘

      1. Michael

        Happy New Year to you too! Butternut was madder than hell the other day because I took her bottle away. Didn’t like drinking her milk from the bucket, funny how hunger can change ones attitude. Shes happy to see me coming with the bucket now…life is good again. She got to go romp with the other cows and kick up her heals. Her half sister Hope has taken a liking to her. What a difference a year makes. Butternut is barely 100 lbs, Hope is 5-6 hundred. One year apart, almost to the day.
        Peace to All

        1. Cheri

          Hahahaha! Thanks for the butternut update and visual! Just laughed out loud! I wouldn’t want to give up my bottle time one on one with creator Michael either hahahaha!

          So great to hear from you Michael! Hope all is well with your brother almost a month out now!

          Great alignments coming this year! Kicking up heels! Together we are coming into vibrational alignment with 2020 5d omnipresent timelines woohoo! 😘