Palestinian Authority: CIA Using Hospitals to Harvest Organs for Trafficking

truth must be told eraoflightdotcom.jpegIs there a new Nazi Holocaust-type human experimentation operation forming in the Middle East? The Palestinian Authority (PA) claims so, having recently come out publicly to warn that human organ traffickers from the United States are now invading the West Bank under the guise of providing “humanitarian aid.”

According to the PA Ministry of Health, at least one private American organization has already set up shop in the Gaza Strip with the construction of a new “hospital” that supposedly exists help sick Palestinian people. But in reality, this “hospital” exists solely to “traffick” in human organs and conduct “experiments” on Palestinian patients, the government claims.

A column recently published in the official PA news source Al-Hayat Al-Jadida explains that this so-called “hospital” is actually being run by the Central Intelligence Agency  (CIA), a well-known deep state entity that’s been experimenting on humans for decades. The PA says that this CIA hospital exists “to carry out experiments on the sick Palestinians” and “to be a partner in trafficking in human organs.”

“The American administration and the CIA, which are actually supervising the hospital and its staff, transferred it to [the Gaza Strip] to serve the U.S. as an early warning, monitoring, and espionage station where it was established,” writes columnist Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul about this sinister development taking place in so-called “occupied” land that Zionists have claimed as their own.

Al-Ghoul goes on to contend that Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem isn’t telling the truth in claiming that this “hospital” is being supervised by the PA Ministry of Health. The facility’s logistics and medical equipment, he claims, comes from a medical operation “in areas subjected to the rule of the Takfiri organizations (i.e., Muslim organizations that accuse other Muslims of being infidels) in Syria.”

Al-Ghoul says Trump’s “ominous deal of the century” is behind this covert operation to “destroy the health of the Palestinian people”

At its root is the American war machine, which under President Trump has decided to impose an “ominous deal of the century,” according to Al-Ghoul, that “has no connection to concern … for the health of the Palestinian people.

“[T]his is a tool to destroy the health of the Palestinian people,” Al-Ghoul contends, pointing to the Trump administration and the CIA as complicit culprits in this Josef Mengele-esque development in one of the most hotbed areas of political, social, and religious strife in our world today.

The situation, Al-Ghoul further contends, is “tantamount to a guillotine that will reap the souls of the fighters who are liable to reach it in emergencies or not in emergencies.”

Al-Ghoul also pegs the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, also known as Mossad, as another complicit aggressor in this human experimentation scheme. He warns that this so-called “hospital” is “an advance intelligence center that is targeting the Palestinians’ interests and their rights, ” as well as an “advance base” for Mossad to expand its influence throughout the region.

“In light of everything noted above, we oppose the establishment of the hospital,” Al-Ghoul concludes – you can read all of the “above” information he’s referring to at Palestinian Media Watch.

“We do not want it in Palestine, as it is in opposition to the Palestinian project in the health field, and because [it is in opposition] to the national project in general. Therefore, the hospital must not be built, and it can be expected of the Palestinian masses in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular to come out in mass participant popular demonstrations in order to bury the intelligence project, which will turn the Palestinian people into lab samples for experiments as part of American studies.”

» Source » By Ethan Huff