2020; The Year of Soul Emergence

waves of light eraoflightdotcomBe ready for 2020, the year of soul emergence and monadic service.

2020 is the year where spirit is demanding of you to un-dress and come out of your spiritual galactic multidimensional angelic closet and be the magnificent interdimensional avatar alchemist co-creator you came to be. 2020 will be the year of playing it for real, a year of no compromises, the year of walking your talk where we are unappogetically begged to become fully conscious 24/7 as to stepping into divine service:

Complete presence in the Now 0-point
Complete transparancy
Complete commitment to living from our heart
Complete responsability for creating our reality (all of it)
Complete sovereignty
Complete self honesty
Complete self acceptance
Complete self respect
Complete self love
Complete ownership of our feelings
Complete discernment (what do you give your energy to)
Complete mindfullness (what thoughts do you give power to)
Complete devotion to divine will (letting go of all egoic agenda)
Complete inner balance between divine masculine/feminine
Complete integration of all soul extensions and higher aspects
Complete naked-ness (lying down all shields/arms)
Complete trust in the divine plan (divine humility)
Complete mastery of our vibration
Complete devotion to the light (removal of all toxicity)*

* Toxic relationships, environments, engagements of any kind.

All these conscious states of being are divine attributes, that are required for spirit to descend into your sacred vessel for you to become an embodiment of pure Source consciousness and merging with your monadic essence.

Nothing but full commitment is required to meet everything with love, to see thru the veil of illusion, as there will be gross attempts to stop the light from revealing the complex and yet simple hologram of 3D, that was set up to keep humankind in mental slavery.

When each of us commit to full transparency and to get out of our spiritual closets and to play for real, others will be empowered to do the same. We are here to make nothing less than an evolution of consciousness, a revolution of love and make an end to the false flag programming, that has spellbound us for thousands and thousands of years. As we commit to seeing and feeling clearly, we become available to truth, we become instruments of divine will and can re-connect to the inner akash and cosmic womb akashic field of consciousness. We will start to regain our spiritual siddhis and become attuned to Source and the cosmic womb of creation and thus can tap into our infinite potential and become the divine co-creator alchemist in our glorious angelic, galactic supremacy. In the vibrational space of 2020 there is no room for playing it small, for diming your light and compromising yourself on any level. It is playing it BIG while being fully authentic in ownership of your divine talents and the truth of who you are.

It takes courage to leave the comfort zone, however the safety zone of your comfort is a place of complacency and only gives you a temporary illusionary feeling of being safe. It is when you leave this restricted fear based vibration, that you get in touch with your full potential and if you dare to leave this space your growth is ensured. Every time you stand to yourself, every time you honor your self, every time you speak up, you empower your self.

Your spiritual closet is already about to becoming dismantled and as the rise in frequency picks up momentum, it will break apart and eventually you will be in the “open”. Better prepare and commit to becoming fully transparent before you are “caught with your nickers down”.

Full disclosure will not happen until each of us get out in the “open” being fully naked and authentic. How can you expect full disclosure of a people that are not willing to even see their own shit (sorry my language). But as more and more step forth and reclaiming their sovereignty, you signalize to the collective here I am, I take no more shit and discern what is real from what is unreal, I am an empowered sovereign being and have resurrected within, self that which was turned upside down. I reclaim ownership of my galactic mastery and angelic inheritance. Doing that from within your spiritual closet will neither empower you, nor empower others, as it will not be fuelled by the power of God, the mighty I Am Presence, merely by your limited duality based egoic mind-set.

So give yourself this immesurable gift of empowerment here by the threshold to 2020…. let´s make it a huge quantum jump into 0-point out of the restricted closet of your 3D incarnational story and I-dentity and breaking free of the karmic wheel of endless suffering.

Time to show your self in your true colours as the multi galactic interstellar being of light that you are. I greet you beloved soul, we are the star seeded ones that came here to pave the way, now let´s get out there and play for real.

I want also to express my deepest gratitude to all those beloved starseeded ones of the ground crew, that have shown ongoing commitment and unstaggering devotion to embracing their galactic potential, that have become part of the ever growing galactic forcefield of the global group activations, that I have been blessed to co-facilitate with our beloved Arcturian family of light and many other galactic and angelics, that support our ascension and the spiritual revolution of Gaia.
I wish all of you a joyfilled, graceful, magical, empowering 2020 of full expansion and transparancy on all levels.

2020 is the new playground for the co-creators of the new heaven-on-earth, where miracles is the new norm. A space to materialize your wildest dreams. Ready for take-off… the count-down has begun. Time to go centerstage and stepping into service.

I send all of you my love and my gratitude for being here and being a part of this grand revolution of consciousness. It cannot happen without you. You play a part, that cannot be replaced. We are in this together. We can make this shift happen. Together we can move mountains.

~ Grace Solaris

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