Judas Iskariot: Brighter Era

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I want you to understand that a brighter era has made its entrance on Earth. I know it can look dark in many parts of the world, but after all, the light has gained a foothold in people’s minds. Everywhere, there are people who help when they see and understand that it is their hands that are needed right here and now. There is a lot of compassion in people today. They have been given a completely different perspective on life and what it is they need to do to change the world in which they live. They have begun to understand that one only needs to reach out for a change to take place. It can happen to one brother or to several. Still, it is a great blessing, the same blessing that your Father bestows upon you at every moment of your life. It is when you receive this blessing that it is doubly blessed and the strength of that blessing is greater than you think. The giving and the taking belong together and they cross between you. Therefore, you must give thanks every time you give, because every time you give, you also receive. Gratitude goes both ways, so to speak. You are not in debt to anyone, you have all given and you have all received.

The universe is wise and its wisdom can never be impaired. Its spirit meaning comes from a Higher Source whose wisdom cannot be questioned for it is all that is .. You are born of this Source and have its wisdom and love within you. When you again seek inspiration from your inner source, your vision and perspective on life are transformed. You see life from a higher dimensional point of view and that life looks much brighter and it also gets a different color over it. The gray is replaced by a bit happier and lighter colors. The hope of change has once again gained a strong foothold in your life. You understand that you can make a difference, that it is of great importance what you think and what you do in your life. Somewhere you understand that in the little you do, something also happens in the larger perspective. Everything affects dear Earthlings, all thoughts you send out, all actions you do, they are sent out and come back. Be afraid of you, dear people on Earth. Be careful about what you broadcast. It is your compassion and your good deeds that you want back and these are also the ones you want to spread among your brothers and sisters.

Be careful with yourself and let your heart and love decide the path that you are now walking. Let love judge your thoughts and actions and correct what may not be love. It is in your own corrections of yourself that you grow and allow the spirit in you to grow strong. It is a time for reflection, it is a time for quiet contemplation. It is a time to learn about the very essence of love. The steps you need to take to become one with yourself again, your origin of love and joy. The step is not as far as you think, you only have to follow the still voice of God and you soon find yourself in the bright kingdom that you have so long sought and longed for. It’s already here, it’s already within you.

Be gentle with yourself, be permissive and loving. A new world of love and beauty will open up to you. It already lives within you.

Let the new year be a year where you sincerely want to see everything from a loving perspective.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg