The 9D Arcturian Council: How You are Freeing Humanity from Enslavement

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been calculating the estimated arrival time for the evolution of your consciousness to get you to the point where you don’t have to take so many actions just in order to survive, and we have determined that you are only about five years away from being free of all of the tedious chores that you have to do in order to maintain your physicality. When you no longer need to work and do all of the little things that you need to do in order to maintain your bodies, your vehicles, and your homes, you will be freed up for more lofty pursuits.

Those of you who have always wanted to paint will have the freedom to paint. Those of you who have always wanted to sing will have the freedom to sing. Those of you who have always wanted to write will have the freedom to write. You will have more free time for spiritual pursuits. You will be able to take the time to connect to beings in other dimensions.

The lack of free time that some people experience makes it challenging for them to even take fifteen minutes out of their day to meditate. And so, the hamster wheel that you have all been on has kept you from really exploring who you are and being able to express that. Now, not everyone who has an enormous amount of free time has been using it for spiritual and artistic pursuits, but there is also a level of consciousness that needs to be reached by humanity before you are freed from the enslavement that you have been taking part in for so long.

When you reach that level of consciousness, then of course more individuals are going to awaken to the truth that there is more to life than going to parties and accumulating stuff. That level of consciousness is something that those of you who are awake are adding to every day, as you make time for your spirituality and for your artistic pursuits. You express yourselves. You talk about your feelings. You connect with Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the animal kingdom.

You are helping all of humanity to evolve and to get to that place, and you’re doing it not through political action, not through creating a new economic system, and not through defeating those who are seeking to keep things as they are. You are shifting the consciousness of humanity by listening to that little voice inside of you, honoring your intuition. You are taking humanity to the next level of its evolution by being yourselves fully and expressing who and what you are to as many people who will pay attention. And that is not egoic. That is you letting your higher self through to reach as many people as possible. And of course, your higher self is your fifth dimensional self. We just love to see you progressing so nicely.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton

11 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: How You are Freeing Humanity from Enslavement”

  1. cindyloucbp

    Finding balance within (between heart and mind) allows the eternal flame of consciousness to flare which raises vibrations, brings peace, opens doors.

    Much Love…

  2. Roger

    We of the 5D to 12D+ and 12to 96 RNA/DNA are going to get this mission now! 30,000 sites worldwide, The Healings/Balance, The Up Event, The full cleanout, Gold Distribution/replicators, The 20 bundles of your trained skills/your purpose, The Celebration Event. 12 planets, 4 life surface planets are underway.

  3. Cheri

    Great conversation! I agree with Bodhimoss that the freedom and empowerment has to come from within each person. This is the journey that the energy now supports. It can’t be given or taught, it has to be embodied through self discovery and awakening like we all did on this site. We are so used to a control system we look for things coming to us from the governments or the top down control structure such as money solving all problems. Money makes things easier in this low vibe fixed creation but doesn’t change ones inner state of being. We are moving to grass roots organic structures that support what we the people wish to create and consume rather than what governments and control structures feed us. I don’t see global anything as a solution. Each nation has a rich diversity of things to bring into a free market based on their people. God please bring back beautiful architecture!

    Soon we will be free to manifest from full conscious awareness and free to access our DNA memory fields which manipulates antimatter and animates it through the light of our consciousness. Any global financial reset means someone is controlling what should be an organic value of currency or exchange for goods and services within each nation. We need markets free of control. I see the world resetting to free trade driven by people who are free to create unique and wonderful creations not just driven by massive consumption of needless crapola to keep us entertained because we are so darn bored in this reality or giant amounts of food we consume for energy.

    I have seen the plastic crap and bizzare stuff such as astro turf (plastic grass) these fractured creators in these inorganic timelines which are frozen unfractilized dead end timelines within the fallen quantum structure. It’s no wonder this is what the control structure keeps creating for us to consume because they lost their ability to create. They lost their light because they fractured their consciousness so severely.

    Consciousness is the only freedom and that comes from within. I see the reset as energetic not financial but that’s because I work on the grid. The new energy will support our organic creations on all levels.

    I have given up on timetables too as Tee said and am integrating what’s here now with what’s coming. Any time predictions is reading timelines and probabilities still within this matrix. So I just let it flow.

    I do feel that christed consciousness which we have almost anchored will awaken joy within each person cellularly. This is the true currency of creation! What each person does with it remains to be seen. Thanks for sharing! Love to us all, either way it is gonna be amazing to see what unfolds.

    I am incredibly optimistic just like bodhi says because it’s in my Arcturian DNA lol!!! 😘🤩😍

    1. Michael

      We still need to balance the system. Who\What is going to take charge when the present system that is controlled by the dark goes to crap? Currently the system is not fair for all and until everyone can manifest what they need something has to be put in place to fix the old to make it fair and balanced.

      1. Cheri

        You know Michael, I see it as morphing naturally along with the systems and government as the money is no longer cursed as it was in this reality matrix. My team in the clearing work we do calls it taxpayer gluten lol! 3 years at least hearing that clearing phrase over and over in these matrix timelines and in dismantling the black magic grids that bound the monetary systems to favor power over others.

        The money is now positively blessed and free to flow energetically which is why so many of us can sense the changes as resets or gifts of abundance or however we percieve this. It is morphing into a fully organic structure in favor of service to others and the energy will once again flow back naturally in favor to the energetic givers of their resources. It no longer rewards greed and power for control but loving intentions for both givers and receivers.

        This means governments, banks and corporate entities will flow with the will of the people participating in the system if they want to thrive.

        Anything in resistance or working against the new energy structure we have all just anchored will no longer be rewarded as we have reversed the flow back to an organic fractal not a dead end closed loop. I see it all morphing from the ground up not collapsing current systems or causing chaos but current systems morphing into good outcomes for us all who participate.

        Restores honor and personal dignity. No more have and have not, winners and losers but balance, peace and prosperity.

        We will see how it transpires here in this matrix reality as hearts awaken. I just know that the law of one service to others is back in town and we have made the astral great again hahahaha! (MAGA!)

        This is almost a fully harmonic energetic system once again. What’s happening now is we are synchronizing to the 5d timelines. It’s going much faster than the linear timelines of rinse and repeat. I feel we have already made these decisions and anchored them in the higher timelines. Until the mind control is clear we can only speculate and feel through it. This is kind of a quantum concept but once the mind control clears we will project out the new reality we have planned in these higher organic timelines and be immersed within it. Love you! 😘

        1. Michael

          Love You and your outlook! Especially the peace,prosperity,balance part. It will be wonderful when people have more time to spend with each other doing fun loving stuff instead of chasing the dollar thinking that is whats needed to get ahead. $ doesn’t put love in your heart, we both know that for sure.

  4. Daedalus

    I dont think it is good to put anything into time periods – even estimations . Too much of this is depending on mentality of people , but also other factors , too – not just internal ones . “Internal” and “external” factors are catalysts to each other .

    One of the most important things is to defocus the majority of populations from their “survival mode” of work . As long as majority is within this routine , certain information wont reach them properly , because there will always be excuses from their side .

    In other words , some kind of global financial reset is needed – to nudge the majority out of staleness and get their attention . And it is needed as soon as possible …

    There are some folks who expect some kind of first contact … but this is not possible on large scale level before the certain level of mentality .

    So … it is obvious what needs to be done . I dont expect immediate absolution of all work immediately – but I expect there will be given an opportunity for many who are ready on surface to learn about advanced technologies and hidden knowledge – even before the mainstream is reached fully – that way , they would be the “pioneers” leading the way to the mainstream …

    I think we have reached the informational peak currently – what is left is to snap out the majority with financial reset – which then leads towards temporary saturation with assets to rebuild the societies with new advanced technologies . At same time , the mentality must be built properly to utilize the new technologies in benevolent empowering way …

    1. Tee

      Thank you for this addition, the whole “time” thing continues to disrupt my energy everytime I come across it.
      None will know, until none can deny.
      I am so thankful I realised that in my reality there is no difference, nor separation, between my life in a world that does not ascend, or the one that does. Either way this journey is a deeply personal one, the effects on greater Consciousness are still secondary. Heal self, help others heal self, collective light grows.
      As for financial reset, I agree the logic and math calls for rough times, I’m deciding to pray for the highest good and let The Creator’s team stay on it.
      Turn your mundane over to me, says Yeshua, aka Jesus
      So much love to you!

    2. bodhimoss

      IMHO, it’s doubtful there will be a global financial reset and waiting for it is no different then waiting for any time parameter. Financial reset must be realized by the individual first, just like every other aspect of ascension. One must unlearn survival mindset and replace it with abundance mindset on their own, in their own time and their own way, and a financial reset, while fair and warranted for sure, would impair humanity’s spiritual/awakening process.

      The five year timeline is highly optimistic but in my personal experience with the Arcturians they always offer optimism in their channelings because they recognize we must create our own realities first, collective reality follows, and optimism is the fuel for this process. The daily chores they refer to will no longer be necessary because we will learn to manifest everything we need just as they do, including enough time to meditate or paint or whatever, so in actuality a reset would put a giant kibosh on the ascension of humanity. Weird, illogical and unfair as that sounds, it makes sense from a higher perspective.

      1. Daedalus


        Its mainly the “external” and “internal” happenings as catalysts to each others , that are the good point out to the need of financial reset before everything .

        The greed mentality is still present with many – but greed mentality is enabled by the same current financial system that supports misery . Without that removed , people loop over and over and over …

        The financial reset would serve exactly to unlearn such mindset of misery .

        I , personally , dont expect all tasks to be resolved immediately – but I do expect to give me a chance , personally , to spread that mentality of abundance forward .