Archangel Michael: This Year Will Present Powerful Transformations

archangel michael 3 eraoflightdotcomGreetings everyone. This is Michael.

Each of you have now entered a new year as defined by your calendars. This year will present powerful transformations–on your planet, between nations, and individually. This is occurring because of the continual energy increase that is now happening. You will find that there will be very little space now between each wave of energy influx. The waves have increased exponentially in their frequency and it will feel more like a continual infusion than an ebbing and flowing of light.

As Metatron has spoken of in the past, much transformation will be occurring on your planet now and in the future. This can and will at times feel very tumultuous and distressing for those of you who live near or in dramatically shifting areas. A current example of this is Australia and the large amount of fire that is now occurring there.

From a personal point of view, large volatile events such as this fire will feel horrific and frightening. It will appeared to wreck devastating havoc in the areas that it touches and can cause much personal and animal kingdom loss. It is important that each of you learn to listen within and follow any guidance that you receive in order to be in the right place at the right time. Although you may lose personal property during tumultuous events, if you can listen to inner guidance, you will be led to safety.

Please remember that any humans who lose their lives at this time are actually leaving because they planned this to happen prior to manifesting as human. Many souls have no interest in living on earth during such powerful transformative times and may wish to continue their education in another way. By all means, reach out and help if you are able, but silently maintain the higher awareness of what is actually happening right now.

Just as each of you are going through a powerful period of inner purification and upliftment, so is your planet itself. As the energy continues to increase, your earth will undergo more and more dramatic purges in the form of fire, storms, earthquakes, dramatic temperature shifts, etc. Each of you who originally agreed to stay during this enormous transformative process, will continually be guided so that you remain safe. This is why it is so important that each of you learn to flow with the light and your inner guidance.

Trust that you are safe. Remember that each of you are being watched over. And also know that if you lose a loved one during this time, it is part of their plan and yours. Always remember that no matter how bereft you may feel at a loss, truly speaking you have never lost anything or anyone. In this very real-feeling dream that you are experiencing, it may appear that you have lost something or someone very dear to you. If that occurs, remember to raise your consciousness so that you can experience that you are still completely with what you have lost.

The turbulence that is currently happening in Australia will move at times throughout your world. Just as your inner purification moves through various parts of your being, transforming whatever it touches, the same is occurring on your planet Earth. The fires, the storms, the earthquakes and mudslides that are and will continue to occur are outer expressions of the powerful purification of your planet.

Of course this knowledge is not enough in a worldly sense if you are one of those who has lost your home, your pets and/or family members. You will still have to grieve but holding onto a higher level of understanding can help you to remember to reconnect with those that you have lost. It is part of human nature to experience grief when there is loss. This can occur simultaneously with having a conscious higher understanding. So if this is your situation, allow yourself to grieve. But as each wave of grief subsides, then reach higher to reestablish your awareness of union and peace.

It is more important than ever, to learn to become established in the inner state of contentment, love, and peace even when the appearance of the world around you is very turbulent. These are the moments when you can most deeply test yourself to see how firmly established you are in this state. Continually practice resting deep within your own heart. Focus on your inner light and allow yourself to become immersed in it.

Always remember that you are deeply loved and are surrounded by many beings who love you and are cheering you on as you continue to grow and evolve. The more open your heart is, the more you will begin to experience how much love they are constantly sending you.

We love you and send our blessings,


» Source » Channel: Sharon Davis