January Vibrations Forecast

we are one love eraoflightWhether you celebrate the Gregorian Calendar or celebrate your new beginnings on the Spring Equinox the jump (or many jumps) was made in 2019. For me personally, August felt like the jump that my Soul needed into this New Year! We are no longer living and abiding by the Matrix time system; your New Year is whenever YOU feel like your Soul has made its evolution around its innate time system and with that said, I wish you a blessed new beginning on your Soul’s Higher Journey. We’ve made it!!!

As I was getting ready to write this forecast the past few weeks or so, I’ve felt this very heavy feeling of nostalgia starting to sweep over my energy field. To me, this is not the end of a Decade but the end of a 13-year cycle. If you remember I started to feel this in August! As the Divine Mother started this cycle it only feels right to end it with her profound energy coming back online permanently. 2006-2007 is where everything started to amplify for most of us. We’ve been through some of the most EPIC lessons and experiences. Death, Rebirth, Losing ourselves to recreate ourselves; the collapse of old programmings, sickness, diseases, mourning, grief, working intensely with our past lives imprints and shadows. It has been the hardest semester of our lives and writing this I feel it all again as it leaves my cells and consciousness for good. I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling myself… Mourn; take January to mourn and allow the Heart to grieve this MASSIVE ending. Process this grief of losing your past selves, mourn the disconnection of everyone and everything you’ve had to release. There’s no going back and we must take the time to be STILL for a moment before we start this epic journey into 2020 and beyond.

I got a little taste of 2019 at the end of 2018 and I knew it was going to be a fast year of DEEP Soul Emergence and emotional turbulence as we got introduced to our Higher Selves and learned valuable lessons we needed for our Ascension Journey. 2019 showed us what we could no longer stand for while showing us Empaths how to instil boundaries as a means of showing ourselves self-love and self-acceptance. 2019 connected us to our Ancestors, our Soul Groups, our POWER; showed us glimpses of why we were truly here. It was a year of FINALLY dealing with the crap we’ve been sweeping under the rug for too long and as Mama Gaia emerged so too did we. You are not and cannot be the same person you came into 2019 as; 2019 didn’t allow for that, it worked on you so you could switch your paradigm and start living and moving into a completely new World. The World as you once knew it, no longer exists.

We are living MANY different holograms of reality and 2020 teaches us how to WALK in our new realities like the Starseeds we are. You’ve lived  THOUSANDS of lifetimes as a Soul having a Human experience; now is the time to live as Star Beings interchanging in all the dimensions that create our ideal paradigm.

This next phase is for the ANCIENTS.

There’s been this soft, quiet humming with the energies lately; it feels like something HUGE is about to drop and in Higher Reality 2020 is the beginning of the end. This decade will be like no other but for the next couple of months we have to entrain our consciousness how to think completely out of the box or it will hold us back. I’ve been testing this for the past few months as I manifested and collapsed certain things in my life; whatever has been hard to grasp I knew instinctively that I’ve had many lifetimes with this emotion and/or experience. I was then shown how to go back to that memory or lifetime in the Halls of the Akashic and dismantle it. Yes, we now have access to our Akashic in ways that we’ve never had before. We are the FULL co-creators here now and there are many dimensions at play here on Planet Earth. I’ll get into that more with an Energy update.

January is asking us to REST. To not fall trap to the old systems or programmings of what your “New Year” should look like with mindless goals and attainment that are not for your highest good. Go inwards to get guidance for your next steps. I always find January a time of deep stillness and introspection, almost like an overview of what we have just been through. There is no rushing to GET to a destination; the destination is your alignment to what is already yours. These next few months are going to be fast as we start to interact with different energies and beings from many different dimensions of space and time; you are multidimensional and 2020 will be the anchoring needed to start to live within these new templates. All the work that you have done now calls on your trust of self as you attune to higher ways of thinking and FEELING. This is no longer a linear thinking Planet but one that is about your alignment with your Heart; your true Soul Self or God Self.

The energies since the 12.12 portal has been INTENSE on the Nervous System, Brain, Adrenals and ALL the Chakras as we align with our new Cosmic Chakra’s. Symptoms are off the chart with their intensity as our body is now functioning with more light potency. Take time for self-care and making your Intentions clear for what you want to create in your life; you are the main character of your movie, what characters do you want in your movie? What new experiences do you want to experience? Everything that the last 13 years have taught you what wisdom did you takeaway? What and who do you still need to mourn and forgive so you can move on completely this year? Beyond your fear, beyond your worry, beyond your skepticism what do you want? Like, TRULY want? Do you believe you are worthy? If you can’t see it or sense it, what can you do to make it attainable? Maybe go to an open house, a travel agent and get information on the countries you’d like to travel to. January teaches us that EVERYTHING is and has always been here in a myriad of different dimensions waiting on us to TAP into it.

I mentioned this before in one of my energy reports but I’ll say it again because it’s important. This Planet contains MANY simulations, meaning “reality” is transparent and not what it seems. Mother/Father God as made everything right here for us to have, be and do that is aligned with our Mastery. Now that the veil of illusions is off we can see what we could not have because we were incarnating within the energies of karmic disillusion. As we wipe the sleep from our eyes we are realizing we are MUCH more than what we were made to believe and as this sets in your outer reality will start to mimic the truth of your  Soul. Do not be scared of what’s to come because some stuff will blow your socks off and make you feel as if you are living in a fictional movie; your life is what movies are based on Dear Ones. Instead of other “energies” writing and guiding the narrative now the narrative is guided by YOU.

The past 13 years you have been putting your armour on, fitting your new costume, prepping and getting the information needed, doing the work to heal yourself so you stand grounded in your power. Now Ancients you are being called to the front LINES as you will be the new leaders and warriors assisting the newly awakened masses that are coming online in 2020. YOU are rewriting the new guidelines with Mama Gaia’s assistance to how this world should be run when there is balance, love and oneness. Yes, our bodies are hurting, Yes, it is intense, Yes, everything is going to shit, and Yes,we are coming out of a messed up holographic Universe that has been the greatest illusion of all time but hasn’t it all been worth it?! YOU get to be the FIRST Lightworkers that sees your hard work played out on this Earth Plane! What an HONOUR!!

So, Light Shields UP…. on your mark… get set…


» Source » By Notoya Hall