Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Zionist Move To Start WWIII Backfires

independent media network eraoflightdotcomThe U.S. murder of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was either a “brilliant chess move” or a very stupid mistake, but either way, it has severely harmed the Zionists. “The martyrdom of Soleimani may have been a brilliant chess move by U.S. President Donald Trump to unleash global anti-Semitism and terminate Israel, Saudi Arabia, Zionism, Exxon, and the deep state using Iran, Russia, China, Turkey, the EU, and its allies,” was how one Pentagon source summed up the situation.

However, British Intelligence got a very different story from their U.S. counterparts, who told them Soleimani was killed because “he was going to set off nuclear weapons in an attempt to start WWIII and bring on the Mahdi or Messiah.” The British don’t believe this excuse and note that “It was highly unusual the Pentagon did not forewarn Great Britain,” according to MI6 sources.

Regardless, despite the incredible Zionist beating of war drums, the Pentagon, Russian, and Chinese sources agree that this incident will not be allowed to escalate into WWIII.

“As Einstein said, ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’ We need to make sure the Iran situation does not threaten modern civilization,” was how an Asian Secret Society source described China’s view of this engineered crisis.

“…Eliminating officials of another UN member state…blatantly violates the principles of international law and should be condemned,” was Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s response to the incident. The world community will support Iranian war crime charges against Trump and he will eventually end up in jail for this crime, Russian FSB sources promise.

Veteran’s Today is reporting that the U.S. government committed a war crime by officially inviting Soleimani, under the promise of diplomatic immunity and the lifting of sanctions on Iran, only to ambush and kill him.

Pentagon sources say that because Trump was “tricked into ordering the hit [on Soleimani] with false Israeli Intelligence,” he now has cause and may fire Zionist agents [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo, [Defense Secretary Mark] Esper, [CIA head Gina] Haspel, and even javanka [Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump].

“The red flag of jihad has been declared on Israel and Saudi Arabia, as Iran has been given casus belli and global approval, while Trump has political cover to pull U.S. troops and U.S. citizens out of harm’s way,” the sources say.

Also, “U.S. Special Forces may even hunt Israelis in Kurdish Iraq, Syria, or elsewhere before leaving, and may execute International Criminal Court arrest warrants on Israeli war criminals,” the sources predict.

“As sealed indictments approach the biblical number of 144,000, kinetic warfare may be combined with lawfare through the ICC and military tribunals to wage total war against the Zionists,” they continue. “The ICC may also prosecute Israel and Saudi Arabia for war crimes in Yemen, crimes against humanity in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and any Zionists or deep state agents aiding or abetting ISIS [Daesh],” they say.

The Zionists may have made this desperate attempt to start war against Iran because of the dragnet that’s closing in on them. For example, evidence is appearing in the mainstream press that chemical weapons attacks on Syria were faked by the Zionist-controlled Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This means their information control grid is collapsing.

In any case, the attempt to start WWIII with Iran is definitely connected to the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the U.S. Corporation, agree various secret society sources. So far, the U.S. Corporation has not found funding to continue its operations past January 31st, and that may be the real reason why they played their war card yet again, one Asian secret society source noted.

Certainly the media hysteria over Iran has distracted people from the fact that the U.S. economy is in a free-fall worse than the Lehman crisis of 2008. Here are a few recent signs of this.

The Baltic Dry Index has plunged 64% in the past three months as the world stops trading with the U.S.

U.S. used truck prices fell 50% year on year in December, while rail freight dropped 11.5%.

U.S. factory output has fallen to its lowest level since 2009 immediately after Lehman.

Another indication that the US corporation is desperately seeking funds is the fact that NASA (Not A Space Agency) is demanding survival money from Japan.

The US corporation was able to deceive China and raise funds to maintain its operations after the Lehman crisis by promising Barack Obama, a black communist president, to maintain its operations after the Lehman crisis.

This time it may be different, since so far only the Federal Reserve Board has been buying US stocks and US government bonds.

However, no funny money will be accepted from FRB for the US corporation’s foreign payments due on 31 January.

The fact is that US debt is rising, while population bombs and denial of reality with funny money will not solve the problem.

What Americans need to understand is that the world is trying to free them from the Babylonian debt slavery of the US Corporation and restore the Republic of the United States of America.

This will lead to a huge increase in the standard of living in the US, similar to the doubling of the Russian standard of living after Vladimir Putin expelled the Khazarian mafia from his country.

Even if the US corporation is funded after January 31, the world is set for extreme turbulence and a major purge while the Zionist beast is put down, Pentagon sources say.

The situation in Iran has distracted from many radical events in other parts of the world.

For example, the Zionist press is ignoring the news that its Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed President Juan Guaidó has been removed from his post as head of the National Assembly, as several Venezuelan media have reported.

This means that they cannot use Venezuelan oil to pay their bills.

Meanwhile, the massive forest fires threatening Australia have been classified by Australian police and military sources as deliberate attacks on that country.

This arson is accompanied by a major media campaign to force the Australian government to pay a CO2 tax to cabalists, according to Australian intelligence sources.

Police say most fires were caused by arsonists and not by global warming.


Also like in California, some of the Australian fires look unnatural.

Why are only the vehicles burning, as shown in the picture below the link below? bushfires-defence-forces-sent-to-help-battle-huge-blazes

France is facing a revolution as the Zionists try to keep themselves alive by stealing French pension money, just as they have already stolen Japan’s pension funds.

The massive strikes and year of demonstrations are only intensifying as French living standards continue to fall under the regime of Rothschild slave president Emmanuel Macron. paris-143216438.html

According to P3 Masonic sources, France will experience a regime change in 2020. It is a good time to invest in guillotine futures, one source joked pathologically.

The P3 also revealed a little more about themselves. They say the P1 was built two centuries ago and replaced by the P2 sixty years ago.

The P2 was replaced by the P3 in 2020. The biggest difference between P3 and P2 is that P3 has no mafiosi in its membership, they say.

The P3 say that the Germans under Angela Merkel are now the main obstacle to world peace and the creation of a future planning agency.

This means that Merkel will be under great pressure to resign in 2020, according to one source. This is seen in the form of an increasingly destabilised EU, it says.

The other event not reported to be drastic is the secret warfare between Chinese and Khazarian Satanists.

China’s food supply has been ravaged by swine Ebola and army worms and now the Chinese are suffering from a SARS-like disease. environment/article/3044723/six-more-hong-kong-patients-hospitalised- over struck-by-pneumonia/a-51843861

Taiwan’s best military general was killed in a helicopter crash, which was almost certainly a homicide.

According to reports from British intelligence, the Chinese are responding to these attacks with scalar weapons technology to hit certain Americans.

The Zionists are now also rattling their nuclear sabre when Satanist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliberately says that Israel is a nuclear power. nuclear/netanyahu-in -apparent-stumper-call-Israel-nuclear-power- idUSKBN1Z40CS? utm_source =

They have also made several threats against Japan recently, claiming Japanese rights and other sources.

The latest is a renewed threat to the use of targeted energy weapons to cause the mountain. Fuji erupt. majestic-mount-fuji-standby-next-eruption/

The Gnostic Illuminati and others threaten to retaliate against any new attack on Japan by blowing up Washington, DC, Rome and Jerusalem with 500-megaton nuclear bombs.

The Khazarian mob was also reminded that hundreds of earthquakes were reported on the island of La Palma immediately after the attack on Fukushima on March 11, 2011.

When La Palma’s precarious rock formation falls into the sea, the east coast of the USA and southern Europe will be hit by a 100-metre tsunami.

Despite all these threats and counter-threats, we must not forget the reality that world peace is far more likely to happen than world war.

The people of the world overwhelmingly reject the attempt by the Zionists and their colleagues in Iran to provoke the Third World War.

The US military and European allies reject calls for war against Iran. The Chinese and Russians are also telling the Iranian hardliners that they will not be involved in the Third World War.

The Iranian government has held peace talks with Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Therefore, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently visited Japan. After the attack on Soleimani, the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, demanded peace. deputy-defense minister-to-visit-washington-london-paper

Surely there are more provocations by the Zionists when their satanic project collapses around them.

But they have lost the ability to deceive and manipulate the world’s forces into a world war.

This means that the writing on the wall stands for the Zionists and reads: Peace on earth, goodwill to men.


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