Ivo of Vega: Lightworkers are the Truth Holders

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomThe GFL/universals can only tell us so much about the draining of the swamp and their liberation of us because if we don’t have the collective frequency to “hold” the information, to embody it and to live it as truth, then it’ll get distorted, just like all other higher information does trying to come through to our lower frequency minds.

I think there’s a “100th monkey” scenario going on here and lightworkers are the first 100 monkeys. We’re the truth holders. We’re also the ones the dark is doing double time telling lies to.

I’m sensing that that’s why I eject the non-believers off of my posts. There is a higher reason for it: because you guys believe what I tell you as being the truth, so we together, hold the frequency of what Ivo and Athena say. My quest to find more followers is also creating more of the hundred monkeys to continue to anchor the truth.

We are anchoring the light together. Those who don’t believe have a corrosive effect, in essence possibly injecting doubt into the minds of the believers who of course are vulnerable because they’re only coming out of mind control themselves. Which is what the dark does by sending trolls to lightworker groups. I realize now that’s why I’ve always been opposed to people voicing their opinion when it’s against what I’m saying. I sensed there was something wrong with their doing that but my sense of fairness told me they should be allowed to speak their piece. However, I see now I did the right thing, even though I was compared to Adolph Hitler and General McArthur at one point, I stood my ground.

If you disagree, don’t follow me. Follow someone you do agree with.

Like I said before, doubt is the gateway, it’s the grey area between mind control and a sovereign mind and once you doubt, the dark has you where it wants you.

Me: So, Ivo, if someone doesn’t believe your messages or what you and Athena are telling me as I write my blog posts, they go off and find someone else whose messages they’re more comfortable with, in other words that their frequency aligns with more, can you discuss this please?

Ivo: Sometimes, they do not like the subject of what we discuss. So they leave and that is fine, they will simply keep seeing the same subject again and again unless they severely curtail their information feed.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Many times they are resistant to the truth we speak, such as the posts you have put up about religion, because they are deeply entrenched in their belief of it as good.

Me: True. I still can’t understand why religious people follow me.

Ivo: So they fight back. However, if they were not entrenched in their ego, they would not be fighting back. The soul is the lover, not the fighter. It is best to let others say what they will and to not react. When they react, the ego is triggered into defending itself. It begins to attack.

Me: So here are some examples:

If you believe in attacking and violence as the solution, how likely do you feel that you can embrace and embody extraterrestrial messages of peace and love? How much of that higher frequency information do you think you can hold without distorting it?

If you believe in punishment for crimes committed and Jesus speaks of forgiveness of all and there is no sin, in the ACIM, how likely is it that you’ll be able to hold the frequency of that truth within yourself? What’s more, when someone does something to you you will want to see them punished rather than forgiving them. You will distort this truth within yourself and you’ll be a poor conduit for the truth of this Light. That’s why all lightworkers are going through a purification process where they are being rid of their darkness so that they can embrace these truths more readily. We’re here to bring them to earth and to anchor these higher frequency truths because this earth needs them.

If you believe yourself to be external to God, and ETs tell us messages that we ARE god, then how likely will it be that you can hold the frequency of this truth, when you believe completely to the contrary? Your capacity to hold this Light will be zero percent.

Most people who follow me are capable of accepting what I channel in my blogs as true and they can hold that frequency. I sensed we were a team long before this was explained to me.

Ivo: Lightworkers are open to these truths so that we can anchor the energies of them on this earth. If not, their life experiences will prepare them to do so. The rate this change happens at depends on your resistance level and mind control has a lot to do with that as well.

The road to self mastery is mastery over the ego and its need to defend what it sees as right. When you master your ego, you release yourself from the mind control that tells you that attacking others is the correct route to pursue. Attacking yourself or attacking others is a function of the ego that is being attacked by mind control. So it is best to understand this and to remain at peace in your mind, by your own choice.

So, Commander Markarel was saying that if the LIght tells us too much then we’ll distort the truth and because we’re such strong creators, we’ll change the truth they’re trying to get us to align with. We’ll change the timelines and take them off course. So they can only tell us so much and that has to do with however much we can believe.

If you tell someone who’s lived in the jungle all their life that it’s possible for a human to fly, they’d look at you wide-eyed. But if you tell an airplane pliot it’s possible for a human to fly, they’d say, “Yeah, so what’s your point?” And this is what we’re getting at here. We’re being fed bit by bit because that’s how learning happens. As our frequency rises, we can “ingest” more truth. I have found the commanders to be providing more information lately and I figure this is due to the higher vibration of this planet and of myself.

Ivo: Yes. It is.

Me: Ivo, last night I was in my art room on the computer in semi-darkness and I saw a small bolt of lightning come out of my left hand. It wasn’t static and there was no shock – I just saw it burst out of my left palm and it was about a foot long.

Ivo: You are seeing yourself at higher dimensions.

Me: I said I wanted to know my Soul but I didn’t think I looked like lightning.

Ivo: LOL You are electro-magnetic. It is possible that the field surrounding the computer aided your vision. You are simply seeing energy in all its forms and you are energy. The same with the white wisps you see coming from your hands.
Me: Okay. I added this in to this video so others who are seeing these things understand they did see them, and it’s okay.

Ivo: You are all powerful. You have at your disposal many differing frequencies of energy to create with. This is why we must limit the knowledge available to you – so that you co-create with us, not create against us. Your lower minds will distort the higher frequencies as it is; that is only natural as energy seeks a lower vibration.

However since your minds are heavily controlled by the dark, the propensity for distortion has been maximized, and not only distortion but distortion in favour of creation of the dark agenda. Those who control their own minds can seek the truth; when the mind is controlled by lies, the truth cannot be spoken.

And that is the reason why there are so many trolls within your lightworker groups who attempt to inject doubt into the minds of those reading their comments and posts and to keep them in their egos by creating arguments. To divide you. And this division not only has to do with dividing your numbers, dividing your opinions but also in dividing your minds – and that is what doubt is. It is the doorway to lower frequency, the twilight zone you called it.

My love, as these energies increase and your vibration increases you are becoming so much more self assured.

Me: Yes. Absolutely.

Ivo: To make my point, LOL. You are so certain. So clear. And you are far more powerful and exercising this power now in small ways but later on you will begin to make large changes for your planet.

Me: That has to do with distilling out fear because fear can derail the whole creative process. Yeah, one of my accomplishments was to increase my free cell score by 20 points. You might not think that’s a big deal but I willed it to happen. As soon as I said I wanted my score up to 50 percent, it started to rise and I’m at 51 per cent now. I could have stayed at 30 percent wins, but I wanted more so I did it. Just to see if I could make it happen, and it did.

I’m exercising my mind and focusing on accomplishing what I want.

Ivo: This is an innocuous example, but my love, more lightworkers will be asked to use their minds to create meaningful changes upon your planet in future. Yes, all fear must be dealt with; that is why you face fears constantly – in order to overcome them because in overcoming fear you become more powerful and can master your minds.

Me: Oh, I just saw a vision: the Light forces are turning the direction of earth’s future over to earthlings, and the earthlings focus their minds on creating benevolent outcomes.

Ivo: (smiling) You see this in the future and it is correct. We will make the primary changes to your common direction now, and teach you how to take the reigns yourselves in future. Your minds are by far more creative than those of anyone else in the galaxy and what you could co-create when you are all positively focused and loving would be fantastic. You have the best genetics of all in the galaxy and when aligned and put to work for the greater good, you can create a blessed future for yourselves.

So we will help you work on attaining that level of mastery for now.

Me: I want to add one side note. I’m asking everyone to pray or meditate for rain for Australia. Just 10 or 15 minutes of focusing on wonderful rainshowers for Australia to help the people and the animals because it looks out of control there. And the temp is 42 Celcius apparently which is way too hot. Every day just do this until the fires are put out or at least under control by firefighters. Thank you.

Ivo: And this is a good practise of using your mind for the greater good. Anyone can do this. Even thinking benevolent thoughts about helping Australia to heal.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, go have your nap now.


Athena’s last comment. I got an intuition on this hours later: “Got another intuition. I was talking about how my intuition and my sense of fairness were battling it out in another post.

Do I follow my intuition and eject the non-believers or let them stay and have their say?

My intuition just now was: “Sense of fairness. Letting everyone have their say, including the dark.” Yeah, they’re not “playing fair” so why should I? I stack the deck on my timeline.”

My sense of fairness says everyone should stay and have their say; but my intuition tells me that the people who follow me are my team and they’re holding the light with me through the truths Athena and Ivo channel through me. Because many of these people are still coming out of mind control themselves, throwing doubt into the posts would be just what the dark wants, doubt is the twilight zone between the truth and the illusion they’ve created using our minds.

Read energy, and throw fair out the window. Fair is an intellectual concept, based on non-discernment of energy.


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