Pleiadian Message: New Dawning

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved ones we greet you, Open up to this pure wave of light, which is flowing from the heavenly bodies down to you to support you on your unique journey. There is a changing frequency as these divine shifts continue to anchor, opening up your potential for a higher consciousness connection.

This happening on Earth is part of the original prophecy from the ‘New Dawning’ energy set in motion by us, the Pleiadians. The Grids have begun their transmutation process and they are transmitting a series of realignment cycles that support you with this reconnection.

Veils have lifted giving you access to Doorways of understanding and Truth.

The Timelines have begun to dissolve which allow the old perceptions of illusion to be released. The illusion of limitations that have been previously set in place will no longer impact you.

Through these series of shifts there is a quickening that is transforming the energetic within your Heart cells, so you are energetically playing a part in this changing energetic on your planet.

You need to open up your awareness to being part of this happening, and not feeling separate from these changes. As you choose to say yes to your process you are able to align more completely within your multidimensional Heart.

You have been launched, reconnected and aligned to these new frequency settings that continue to build and evolve on Earth. Your Heart cells have been reopened into another multidimensional framework. This entire process within Earth allows for a complete shift of your consciousness.

Be in your Heart and remember! We witness you.


The Pleiadians

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Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.