Twin Soul Ascension Report: 1:11 Astrological Master Portal

Divine Union EraofLightdotcom.jpgDearest Beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this sacred moment of your time with very exciting news to share with you all dearest ones.

Currently there are many many transformational shifts taking place behind the scenes so to speak and here we are referring to the vast and complex handover of power from the “powers that were” to the “forces of light”.

Please know that none of your mainstream Media will be reporting on the truth about what is really going on behind the scenes at the moment, suffice to say that those who have initiated extraordinary atrocities and trauma to humanity are now being gathered up and justice is being served.

Please know that this which we speak of is intimately connected to the solar flash event.

The solar flash event is being meticulously guarded over by our galactic brothers and sisters, many of whom have specific jobs in:

1. Preparing humanities consciousness for the profound transformation that is imminently aligning.

2. To prevent the solar flash event happening Too Soon before the vast majority of humanities vessels are prepared to carry this level of light frequencies.

The solar flash event is aligning as we just shared and this is largely due to the work that many in the starseed community are doing on themselves fervently at this time. Here we are referring to the integration and standing under of one’s own shadow self in order to experience the alchemy of the soul and the transmutation of the egoic led consciousness back into the gold of the Christed self.

These truly are the most exciting times that we could all be living in and 2020 promises to be a year whereby profound shifts take place on the earthly realm for all to see.

We would like to now take a moment to speak about the Twin soul portal that was opened on New Years Eve in Avalon.

Dear ones an extremely Potent twin soul portal was opened in Avalon on the 31st of december 2019. This portal was a by-product of divine intervention that took place on that day and this divine intervention has now been activated as a way of sending forth a profound level of support to all the twin Souls who are destined to come into Union in this year of 2020.

This portal was specifically connected to the inner realms of agartha and connected with the galactic beings  who reside in agartha. What actually occurred was – a pillar of light descended from the heavens and anchored in Avalon on that date and the pillar of light penetrated  into the core of the Earth, stirring and activating the rainbow dragons who live in inner earth and informing them that it was time for them to fully come on board with assisting the twin Soul Collective to transition from etheric 5d union to physical Union.

Many many of you will be aware that there are forces in this universe that have had an agenda to keep true twin Souls in separation, as when genuine twin Souls come into union on all planes of consciousness the frequency that is activated between them is the highest and most Potent frequency in the universe and is enough to radically shift the density of the lower dimensional Realms, therefore it has served the powers that were to keep twins in physical separation as that way they have been able to control the Frequency output of gaia and keep it at a controlled lower vibratory frequency.

We are being guided now to work with the benevolence of the powerful twin soul portal that was opened on New Years Eve which is now serving to gather up all of the energy that is opposed to the twin soul unions and send it into a silver violet transmutational black hole, never ever to be experienced again on any level or in any realm.

Dearest beloveds, we would like to personally invite all of you who are reading theses words to come forward for the extremely potent and auspicious global ceremony taking place on the 11:1. In this transmisssion we are being guided to clear this dark energy that has been opposing genuine twin reunions, and which is also intricately connected to the timeline of mass disclosure.. please know that both of these issues are intricately connected, and in many ways energetically dependent on each other…. We cannot stress how important this is beloveds, and this will assist many many of you to come into physical Union with your twin Souls in this powerful year of en mass twin soul unions- 2020.

Dearest ones important work like this requires us to come together in large groups in order to intensify our collective intentional field, as we send for these brand new instructions into the 4d etheric Realms  whereby this clearing is destined to take place.

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, the energies are hugely building for the upcoming 11:1 portal which is aligned with some extremely powerful astrological Transits.

This is a highly auspicious time to come together in our Ascension groups to unify our sacred intentions on powerful portal dates such as this.

In the 11:1 transmission we are being guided to work with our galactic elder brothers and sisters who are assisting us personally and collectively to anchor and ground the “disclosure” timeline.

It is absolutely imperative for humanity’s evolution going forward that we are finally granted access to technologies that have been made available to us from off planet, that will support us to align with our most healed and magnificent versions of ourselves.

Please know that 2020 will be the year of mass Disclosure but it can’t happen in one big go there will have to be an element of trickling down. This is due to the vast amount of atrocities that have been inflicted upon humanity by the Old archaic powers that were. it is important for the collective mental spiritual and emotional well-being that the information is released in a way that is not going to cause trauma and overwhelm for the mass population.

We are so excited to be Gathering with you on this powerful astrological  and numerological portal date.

Going forward brothers and sisters it is essential that we starseeds are unwavering in our trust and Faith in god’s plan and God’s timing. The more that we individually and collectively can remain vigilantly aligned with these faith codes the Swifter all of our prayers will be materialized on the earthly realm.

This is an extremely auspicious blessing to receive and all those who take part in this ceremony will be the receivers of this blessing.

please see the link below to join the group and meet your star tribe

In love and eternal light

Jenji and the white wolf tribe.

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4 Replies to “Twin Soul Ascension Report: 1:11 Astrological Master Portal”

  1. Beth

    Thank you Dear Jenji. Will BE with you ALL in the Field throughout this entire weekend…stirring into the Quantum Cosmic Soup delicious ingredients of DIVINE LOVE, LIGHT, WISDOM, POWER, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, TWIN RAY RE-UNIONS,
    FREEDOM, LIBERTY, JUSTICE, QUANTUM HEALING and INFINITE ABUNDANCE for ALL Sentient Life upon our Beloved Gaia, within Her and about Her!
    Blessings Dear Hearts! xoxo

  2. flazak

    I have heard about the concept of twin souls here and elsewhere but how does this work on the physical plane? If twins for example or brother and sister got together that would be incest and is strongly selected against in nature, shown as deformities of mind and body. How can we exist as half a soul? Surely we have both masculine and feminine within ourselves anyway and we may get together with someone else of a sufficient genetic distance in order to pass our essence to the next generation if we feel that it is appropriate and desirable.

    1. flazak

      Consider that a Male and Female created yourself, two into one. You work to balance this, if you are too feminine in a Male body you could become homosexual, same if you are too masculine in a female body. Think of it this way, if you are a woman and you wake up in a mans body, you are going to play with your Male organ maybe to excess, maybe not 🙂 Mental gender. This is what is being messed with in the transgender agenda, same with homosexuality. They are all expressions, imo, of internal imbalance.

      How does this relate to twin souls? Perhaps this is where an overly feminine Male seeks a masculine Female to correct the balance? Or an overly masculine Female waits for a feminine Male? What I am saying is that this is not always neccessary, perhaps if you can do work within on this gender balance the seeking or waiting is no longer neccessary for both are already present within the self, maybe this is bliss or nirvana? Idk I am still working.

      Also the environment you are birthed into creates a bias toward one or the other, overlty feminine males are not useful in a warzone, perhaps? So a highly warlike and harsh era requires the stereotypical Rambo sort?

      There is currently a ‘messing’ with gender on purpose, maybe to create confusion but more likely to take over existing establishments. There are natural roles, imho, for the two sexes as part of a family but the tech age we live in seems to be muddling the waters of the family concept.

      Not trying to offend, just thinking out loud 🙂