A Remembering of the Aquarian Kind

aquarius eraoflightdotcomAnd down we come from that short but expansive stream of solar winds.

Settling down and sleeping will ease for those open to the energies, however the whizzing and movement continues where density or unconscious programming is held.

Pain is restriction asking to be seen, validated and loved through the transition.

Tomorrow moon is in opposition to Mars and the balance will show aggression and edginess on one side with the other fully aligned to the plan, action and opportunities arise from following the heart guidance.

This is after all the time for the Divine Union to be realised.

The union is simple, very simple, there are no need for workshops, healers, folk telling you about you, about your past life.. SCRAP it all.

The feminine is the guidance from within, the whispers ignored, all those times you kicked yourself because you “knew”.
The wounded Masculine is the programmed human who doesn’t listen, doesn’t feel into the vibrations, disconnected and the Divine Masculine follows the guidance, trusting fully, reading the language of the field, the physical everything to ensure all is continuing to align.
The Divine Masculine knows the feel, is what we follow, and the feel does not come from fear, there is no lack, there is no need, it’s simply a continuous caring sharing, building frequency that begins to transform the physical reality with a life of peace, despite the shifts, we know, because the union enables the guidance to flow and show up the greater map we are following.

The feminine was never wounded, it retreated back into the heart space and waited, for the masculine to come home, wounded but ready to listen, ready to pay attention.

This is the deprogramming, this is the first step onto the path of light,

The union together holds a field of love, Divine love.

If you would like to learn how simple this process is then this is the next key to be released in the SOUL-AR Alignment Group, the 10th key of 12 that I share that simplifies this process, highlights the programming, and supports the removal.

It is a space in which the essential mirrors required for those committed to their path are reflected with love and assistance to shift, and expand the awareness, learning how to make the unconscious conscious, which believe me, everyone within the space, including myself never ceases to be amazed at how it all works and what runs so stealthily that without the high frequency reflection can go undetected for a lifetime.

The final key is the alignment, where I share exactly how solar and cosmic energy is so important and yet very few understand, the process, the first 9 keys bring you to your sacred field, guiding you how to hold, stabilise and begin to build beautiful light structures, the NewBuild of our future and beyond this, the keys will bring you into a full solar alignment where you will be able to read the energy just as I do, clearly, felt and translated to share and assist others too, until they too learn what is in fact one of the most natural things for us to do, translate what we sense.

The keys I have ground into this time and space are simply a remembering, of the Aquarian kind.

What have we seen so far? Well as you know I’m riding a miracle with my son able to walk in no time, I had to figure it all out more deeply but you see this is how my journey works, this is how I learn, and then it is shared
There have been people using the keys who like me have and are getting over a lifetime of anxiety, depression, habits and addictions, abuse and so much more.

But let me tell you, that the keys are for those most committed as they guide you to the path of the initiate. They demand the highest of respect and responsibility.

Every person committed to using the keys has fast tracked into fields of peace that had been sought for years, it is simply a magical space that has to be experienced to fully understand.

Now, things are changing, but due to the intensity of the energy I am happy to open the doors for those who wish to come in earlier, before the big shift and the changes here at A Gift from Gaia, I will announce on the website once it’s up and running, but for those wishing to join now will receive extra benefits for the short time.

So if you wish to join us, to see what this is all about then please send an email over to connect@agiftfromgaia.com

I am looking forward to getting to know more of you and surfing together as we move through what is set to be the most incredible energies.

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