Ashtar: Closer

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomDD, it is my honor, it is all of our honor! We are thrilled to be a part of it, it is our Service, as you understand. It is a Joy to be here, participating in this. It is called the Grand Experiment, that is what we call it because Gaia was taken over by the dark many millennia ago. Could she return to the light? It was a challenge and almost inconceivable that after so many years of being controlled, living in slavery, being lied to and being manipulated that you all have been able to receive the Light from Mother & Father (God) and the Codes & Activations that we are sending; you all have been able to receive them and anchor them into Gaia to help break up the dark. So, it’s been a massive joint effort and we are so honored. We love Gaia as much as we love you all. She is so dear to us. And of course, we would jump at the chance to participate in this Grand Experiment. Thank you for acknowledging us and our Service and we do the same back to you. It is our Joy.

Ashtar, what message would you like to give to Lightworkers right now?

The one thing that I would like to share at this moment is we have never been so close as we are right now. You all have never been this close to tip-toeing over what you think of as the Boundary, or the Rainbow Bridge or just the Finish Line to get to your 5D Ascension. You are literally tip-toeing over the line! (made me laugh). Many, many of you, your Gaians crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the Winter Solstice. Many have been doing so for months. But a grand influx of you came over during the Solstice. Although you know that the goal is to ascend in your bodies, many did pass on and came over also. But a large majority did come over in their bodies!

So, those of you still living in 3D Earth, a good portion of you Lightworkers are staying behind to help the others cross. Don’t think that you’ve failed or are not good enough if you know others who have gone ahead. Some of you have the job to be the Gate Keepers to assist others in crossing the bridge. OK? So in this instance, you are purposefully lagging behind to ensure you “bring up the rear.” The ones that you are assisting are the ones who have a chance. They’re on the borderline of wanting to go or wanting to stay. You are helping them and you allow them to make their own decision. You are showing them, with your Light, with your Love, Compassion and your Caring–you are showing them what it feels like, what they can expect (in 5D). You don’t have to do anything. Just be yourself. Focus on the love that you are receiving from Mother & Father God and beam it out, blast it out. Focus on your Gratitude and send that out to the world. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to carry somebody over piggy-back style (laughs). You don’t literally have to do that. OK?

I know how exhausted everyone is. I feel your deep, deep exhaustion. And honestly, we’re feeling it too! (laughs). Our bodies are different, but we feel it too. So, we know what you are feeling. Just hang in there. We’re almost home. We’re really, really, almost home. And, your StarChildren, your Blended Children are coming soon. They are coming for different reasons than why you are staying. They are coming to help Gaia and to help with the cleanup of Gaia. They’re coming to heal too, but a lot of them are coming to help Gaia.

Very, very exciting times, right? Very exciting. And we, we are the blessed ones to be on the front lines. We are truly blessed!

Thank you, Ashtar for this message for the Lightworkers of Gaia!

You’re welcome, DD. It was a pleasure. Namaste.

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6 Replies to “Ashtar: Closer”

  1. Ed

    No such a thing as “DEATH”








  2. Mark

    Yeah, that’s a little confusing on the crossover into 5D….what does that actually look like? Like are their people on a New Earth hanging out in bliss waiting for everyone else? Personally I think it is more our version of reality. And 5D is NOT a Place. It is a frequency that doesn’t actually have some kind of border. It is more how we are sensing, viewing, acting in life. The last few years, for myself, things are running in this synchronized mode. My inner world choices of how I respond to what I attract has become wildly awesome. The love I share with people is so fulfilled without even needing them in the physical sense. When something, a situation, is in front of me and somewhat discordant, I am able to pause and choose my way through…without hardly reacting and keeping the situation looping in my world. So to answer my own question…it’s like sitting in a movie theater watching emotional images on the screen and just allowing them while at the same time choosing whether or not they will trigger or push a button in some internal response. Choosing joy, instead of going looking for something joyful… It’s a longer discussion, but …that’s my take. So I may have been in ‘5D’ a couple of years now…moving in and out of 3D….

    1. Ed



      Events Outcomes Expectations

      Quantum Dynamique

      Educe Materialize Repeat

      What works for you and…

      NOW… LOVE


  3. Doug James

    Fluid some crossed then came back I bet. Several channels I view these people are high vibe and are still here. I don’t care where I go I just want all of humanity to awaken and be free of the archon grid and all to have abundance and safety.

  4. Muzz

    I don’t understand why some have crossed over to 5d and us still here in 3d. Are you trying to say we have to die to cross to 5d? Where are this who crossed over did they have to die to cross. Is this meant to mean we have to kill ourselves?