Archangel Michael: The Diamond in the Porridge

archangel michael 3 eraoflightdotcomKejRaj: I have for so long being highly attracted to this symbol

The diamond, or rhombus, signifies perfect balance, symmetry and harmony. In spiritual terms, the message is, ‘as above, so below.’

The diamond sun, surrounded by a perfect circle, signifies that mankind is finally embracing its divine blueprint and becoming one with the source of creation, the circle representing oneness with the all. It is a sign that the Age of Aquarius has truly arrived. What does this mean for humanity and, indeed, for the individual?

No longer can man live under the illusion of separation and hide behind ego as a means of the domination of one sex, race, creed, colour or tradition over another. The domination of the male ego may still be apparent on Earth in many cultures, but the days of blind acceptance is not. As more an more truths are revealed on the Earthly plane, the consequences for actions against humanity increase and the call to return to balance of all things strengthens.

The veil has well and truly lifted on the illusions of life on Earth. The goddess rises to meet the god and, in doing so, creates a unity like no other ever experienced since the fall of Atlantis. Now is the time to embrace your divinity, to reach within and accept who you are, not in human form, but as an infinite part of the Source of Creation, a co-creator and a powerful being of light.

If you receive this symbol, you are a wayshower whose assignment has been clear for some time – to advance your universal knowledge and understanding so you may lead others to a higher consciousness. There is never any mandate to do this, but your soul will be calling you. We, the Masters of Light, are ever here to assist you.

And so it is.

I AM Archangel Michael.

» Source » Channel: Victoria Cochrane

6 Replies to “Archangel Michael: The Diamond in the Porridge”

  1. Jennifer

    A couple days ago while gardening I found an ace of diamonds playing card lying in the grass (the traditional playing cards with the angels riding bicycles on the back). I recently have become aware of my connection to AA Michael, so I googled to find out what it meant, and came across this post. Thank you Victoria!

  2. Archangel Metatron

    This is the symbol of the new age, the rise of the Divine Feminine. Way-showers will be attracted to this symbol.

    I have this on my left side of my face as a big mark. It developed in the last 2 years. It slowly matured.

    And I knew what it meant.

    Thank you.

    Archangel Metatron

  3. Whicket Williams

    the evil is very slick, they just gently nudge you off THE ROCK…into the ABYSS….