New Earth; Heaven Consciousness is Here

bright new world eraoflightdotcomThe New Earth doesn’t just arrive it’s a new higher dimensional timeline, a new vibration… Heaven! This New Earth which is almost achieved all from within. It’s each and everyone of you who are dedicated to your soul and all souls who are walking this Earth now.

You will get glimpses, you will all see it, feel it, hear it and know it. What matters is that you honor this upgrade and that means you must first become aware of it. You must be truly dedicated to bring Heaven on Earth into your physical reality.
Heaven is a dimension all merged into one as you walk as your ascended self. This means you will leave the broken one, the victimization mindset etc. You make this new reality happen by holding that higher vibration. But, living on this third dimensional planets it’s tough.

What’s happening to many of you is you’re starting to vibrate out of this old dimension into the new and there’s a lot of confusion not to mention the physical symptoms. Basically, you are the one that needs to reprogram yourself. So, like I always say awareness is crucial. We as a species have entered the 1111 Gateway.

We are not on old Earth anymore. Earth went quantum and ascended in 2012. You need to be aware of the unconscious programs to become fully conscious of this new reality. You pick your dimension you want to exist in, live in, it’s really that simple. The complicated part is the human that isn’t open and willing to listen who still resides in fear of change. These are the resistors. They continue to choose to live bounded by suppression, linearity, disempowerment, and constraints that are only held onto by beliefs. No species will continue who resist change… no doubt about it!

Everything is now available to everyone who is open. The ones who are bringing in this new vibration are the way-showers, light workers, the guardians of New Earth, the ancient elders, God incarnate Galactic’s who have returned to bring peace and unity to an Earth that was lost, unconscious and anchored in a lower dimensional timeline. These higher vibrational humans are directly responsible for removing the veil of amnesia.

Remember, we are the pure ones, the holy ones, the Saints and there is no denying our existence anymore. It’s up to each and everyone of us to fully step up into our roles. Our current atmosphere is so full of crystals, plasma and walking thru this high frequency environment is transmuting your physical body on a cellular level, it’s upgrading your DNA. The ones who are resisting this frequency change are losing their minds, so to speak, but like I always say Nature always wins.

» Source » By Teri Wade