White Winged Collective of Nine: The Ripple Effect

new light human eraoflightdotcomGreetings, we are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We are ninth dimensional and up, as you say. For we are always evolving and expanding, just as you are so doing in this mighty now of change. We see humanity’s progress of the awakened and awakening ones as astonishingly delightful to behold, for it reminds us of our own awakening to our own Source awareness in days gone by. The ripple effect of humanity’s ascension is not to be underestimated. It is truly profound, affecting all within this space time quadrant and beyond. For all is interconnected as a great cosmic web of love, of consciousness, of thought, of creation, of pure potential. We wish for you to see and feel your pure potential of creation, for it is vast, truly.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. Many of you are being inundated with ascension symptoms, and you have been informed of your many teams of assistance, such as your Pleiadian Medical Teams, angels of service, truly. Open yourself up a bit more to the possibilities of total body improvement, of intracellular advancement, of becoming younger from within, for this we see for you as an endless possibility of truly being in partnership with your body, which would be a new experience for you. Medicine is changing and will continue to evolve as the consciousness of humanity improves, with understanding the consciousness of the body and the interaction with the soul. But you in the drivers seat of your own body can lovingly concrete perfect health and balance of your inner body systems, of your hormones, of your past traumas being balanced into light.

Would you like assistance with this? For we would like to come through more fully. If so, state “Yes, White Winged Collective of Nine, please partner with my higher self for further inner balance and healing so that I may navigate these upcoming energy waves with grace and ease in full harmony with my inner and outer selves.” Please sit or lay down and be in a comfortable quiet environment. Create this space around you with us. We enfold you in the whitest of ninth dimensional light. We are working with your higher aspects to clear further trauma of the lower aspects, which are rising and clearing nicely. You may feel and see flashbacks. Send them light. In this space of neutrality, of love there is complete healing. As the observer, as the master of your form, you see and acknowledge this healing. Welcome this inner light. (I am seeing and feeling rainbow light of color pulse through my body. In some places it pulses more as it clears. I am hearing singing). Invite the inner song of the angels deep within your cellular structures, deep within the DNA for ancestral healing. (I am seeing rainbow DNA, I am hearing the singing and the drum circles of the ancestors in celebration). Sit with this and feel the shift. Please state “I lovingly accept this deep shift of healing and I send this healing deep within Gaia’s crystal heart, further activating her healing and all upon her.”

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. You are welcome to make this shift a permanent part of who you are now. When the challenges of the day arise, pull this rainbow and white light healing around you, insulating you, comforting you from the surrounding noise. And the ripple effect continues. We are the White Winged Collective of Nine.

Channel: Galaxygirl

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One Reply to “White Winged Collective of Nine: The Ripple Effect”

  1. Ed

    received from Archangel Metatron and the Company of Heaven.

    Serendipitous phenomenon is upon you, with every waking hour the informational veil is becoming thinner and thinner allowing for more information to enter your reality stream.

    As more light particles, and various frequency vibrations are delivered into your cortex, you shall begin to see a new reality unfold before you, your understanding of self shall change and the deep understanding of your true intentions and true abilities arise.

    No longer shall you hide from being true to that which indeed you are, and your natural abilities shall come through for all to see, experience and be. For all of you have come onto this planet with various abilities which were to be activated at specific moments in time in order to allow much transformation to take place within the divinely guided time frame within which you are presently finding yourselves.

    And so, the innate natural abilities of teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, healing abilities, sensing abilities, levitation abilities, manifestation abilities, and triangular degree of consciousness shall begin to activate for you in the days, weeks and months to come.

    For with the true intentions that you have set out for yourselves prior to your incarnation in human bodies, you shall be able to showcase to all what indeed the human body is capable of beholding, creating, and partaking.

    For the roles that you play in your day to day activities shall begin to change rapidly for you now, and those who have not seen the light prior to meeting with you, shall finally glimpse a light of peace, harmony and bliss.

    For what you bring with you onto the earthly planes of existence, albeit misunderstood by the human souls who are still not presently understanding the true reality of being, is changing, shifting and reorganizing in order to allow more of your very own natural abilities to come through.

    What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that in the days, weeks and months to come, your nearest and dearest shall see you in a new light, for you no longer will need to keep your abilities dormant, and will in fact be able to openly speak about such abilities that you have, and most importantly you shall be able to utilize all of these abilities to assist the human souls who have absolutely no memory of being able to experience, witness and understand such feasts (celebrations) and yet, all who dwell on your planet are capable of performing such “miracles” for indeed, that is the natural state of being, and indeed it is absolutely possible to experience, to behold and partake of for all on your planet.


    And so, and thus, with the influx of energies and the thinning of the veil of forgetfulness, you shall again ignite said frequencies within the very core of your being and yet again step out into the limelight as you say, step out from the shadows of the past and into the light, showcasing to all the magnificent that indeed you are!

    And when such moment occurs and it will, you shall no longer be in awe of all that you are capable of, but accept simply as a part of your everyday activities, and enjoy each and every encounter that the new reality brings your way.

    For you are here to uplift, encourage, enjoy, shine, shimmer and assist all on their journeys of benevolent return to their magnificent selves.

    Stay true to that which you are, stay true, and enjoy each and every sensation , each and every influx of light that shall bathe you in loving kindness of the creator, in loving kindness of the cosmic gateways, of truth, benevolence and might, truth, benevolence, harmony and peace, peace understanding, acceptance and benevolence, benevolence, light and unconditional love, unconditional love beyond any limitations that shall carry you through the coming of times with brilliance, light, benevolence, honor, beauty, peace harmony and love.

    That is all that we have for you now. WE Love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.