Vivamus: Light Cleanse

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomThe love forces radiated across Gaia are here to stay Beloved Friends. Let the Light of Love cleanse in your bodies and souls, clean out the very last little spark of negativity or doubt. The time you have all been waiting for so long is here now Beloved.

Everything is turned in and out so that the Light can penetrate into the smallest space and sweep clean. Everything that is left after the cleaning is Love because Love is all there is.

Enjoy that the journey is coming to an end and you will achieve your goal – to come home again with great gifts of wisdom that the experience gained over a long period of time has given you. The gifts are handed to God the Father and Mother who gladly receive the gifts of their children.

Feel the love of Mother Earth / Gaia as it also radiates towards you from below, up through the body with memories of all the beautiful and loving that you have shared for a long time. All the sluggish and all the dark memories leave and are exchanged for the beautiful, the bright; the wonderful memories of the sea, sun, wind, the beauty of nature and the love of animals.

Receive the gratitude of the Light and the Love from the One and from Mother Gaia.

The mission is completed Dear Friends. I’m Vivamus.

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla