Rinus Verhagen: The Start of a New Future for Mankind

independent media network eraoflightdotcomWe only have to look at what is happening now in Russia and China, and the population will receive an unconditional basic income to fight poverty. We are now going to experience this change in all countries that GESARA meets the conditions.

Countries where this is not yet the case, will be forced by the Alliance to meet the GESARA conditions.

Therefore the trade agreements are also important, because countries that do not cooperate will not be able to compete with the countries that do implement GESARA standard.

Since the US inc. has a FIAT debt with the Petrodollar and seems to go bankrupt at the end of January, there is no other possibility if that will implode the current political and banking system in the US.

Like a Phoenix, the US Federation will rise from the ashes of the US inc.

Donald J Trump will resign as POTUS of US inc. where also the whole government will be dismissed as we have seen in Russia and win again through elections to become the first President of the US Republic, where he can use two terms from 2020 to rebuild the US.

No one will then be immune to the corruption and crimes he or she gives.

I think we are going to see this in many more countries around the world, the EU is neither a country nor a federation as they would have liked it to be, so the EU is not a party to receive GESARA funds.

So January 31st, is more than just Brexit, but also the transition of the money system.

In Italy, Salvini will get a monster blessing and defeat the leftist Bilderberg government.

Fishing countries no longer need the EU to receive money to build their economy, and become financially independent, like all southern countries in Europe.

Everywhere governments will come that put their own people first, and accept secession of states in Spain, which will allow different cultures to flourish again.

We, the people, will rebuild the countries that the globalists have demolished, and reclaim all the stolen money, for which we have worked for generations.

However, in order to rebuild our existence, we must learn the lessons of the past, and not get stuck in the trauma that many of us have experienced.

Cooperation is only possible if there is mutual respect for each other’s qualities and commitment; we must not start to force anything away from each other, because we will no longer accept coercion.

There will also be driven people who are blinded by their own right, and have no sense of the new reality that no one is being manipulated into a sect-like organization.

Cooperation is only possible on the basis of equality and understanding for each other, where it would be useful to have a planning office to coordinate all equal projects in order to be most effective.

The buildings of the bankrupt EU can be used for this, because we have already paid for them ourselves anyway, and claim them.

The new green deal that the NWO and the UN want to subject us to, will not be executed according to their fascist agenda.

All EC and EP members should be expropriated for their part in the abuse of power that the traitors of member governments have made possible.

Of course the national politicians won’t get away with it either, because these globalists had sold us to the NWO against our will.

Vladimir Putin has set an example so that the rest of the world can follow.

Since the migration agenda was meant to rob countries of their own culture, there will have to be an exodus of migrants who will have to return to their own culture and countries in order to get a basic income.

Just as in the US, we also see in Europe that drug crime is committed among migrants and their descendants.

New legislation that restores all the constitutions, from where universal laws will come a fair justice, to unwillingly deport criminal migrants or descendants to the country where their parents originally came from.

Of course, the migrants are also victims of the crimes of the Soros globalists, and the Satanic Vatican, which is why countries of origin must also reintegrate these people of their own culture and give them a basic income.

If this is implemented, there will be a global spiritual awareness, comparable to the population in Iran today.

Also people who think they have spiritual enlightenment will have to have understanding and patience to help others unconditionally on the basis of equality.

If conditions are created to participate in the transition, and coercion is needed, this will unnecessarily slow down the whole process and cost trust through the abuse of power, to impose one’s own equality on someone else.

The panic of being aware of 4D and higher will have to grow from 3D to higher, it will become everyone’s personal experience that cannot be forced upon them.

Our DNA can and probably will change from two strands to possibly 12 strands because of this, which does not mean that you would be 12D.

I myself will not let anything impose myself from 3D to 99D and will make the best of myself with common sense, because I listen to my own heart.

Hearts of people who may mean well, but out of extreme fanaticism want to talk guilt to others or threaten to stick in 3D, those hearts only give unnecessary noise and deception.

If you can’t communicate with someone on an equal basis in all reasonableness, don’t put your energy into it and let them go, they still have a lot to learn.

Taking each other’s measure comes from too big an EGO and is undesirable, beware of this in the coming transition that is there for all of us, and not just for self-appointed confused leaders who have no further qualities like manipulating naive good believers.

Don’t let yourself go to a sect in rumble, which you will regret a lot later on, because you will have given up your self-determination again and will be abused to serve someone else’s EGO again for their sake, against your own interest and newly acquired freedom.

True pure souls are Angels, who help you unconditionally if you are of good will, we have just left the age of fallen angels, be vigilant and thoughtful, but above all free from coercion.

You can be yourself if you want to live honestly and happily without harming another through abuse of power.

When exactly the RV/GCR will apply to us now, probably before January 31st, set yourself up for liberation and enjoy all the good that we are allowed to receive.

Let go of the past, and try to enjoy your freedom without getting stuck in the past of misery, by doing so one is failing oneself and others.

Angels exist because you are one of them in the new future.

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