Rinus Verhagen: Elite in Panic Mood

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomMacron is chased by the oppressed population so he has to flee from the theatre, to escape the anger of the population.

The Queen of Berlin Angela Hitler expresses her fear that Brexit is the first domino stone, as 5 more countries want to leave the fascist EU, where the population will vote against the EU in the next elections.

Mark Rutten cries, because one of his tax slaves has deliberately misapplied tax rules that have destroyed many families.

Political Party Demons Satanists (D66) wants to get the youth on drugs, and legalize drugs, with the result that the youth must be deliberately destroyed, and their future will banish a normal family life.

The forced newcomers of Islam migrants thus have an easier prey for the defenceless Dutch youth that was created to further provide income for the drug sales of fake King Willy van Amsberg.

So we can be clear that the countries of Europe are being deliberately destroyed by the globalists to submit to a false belief of freedom, with the Islam sword in our necks.

According to Q, this is a week to remember, the shot has been given around the world, through which the upcoming changes will awaken the world’s population.

Putin has already announced the gold standard and made Russia GESARA compatible, and announced a basic income for the population.

There is going to be a landslide that mankind has never experienced on such a scale.

No man on earth has deliberately entered into a contract with the government or given permission to pay 89% of his income to the globalists.

We have been deceived, and relegated to slaves to work, to serve the parasite elite, entities that don’t have a good time with us, but want to keep the power.

We have been trafficked like cattle, through birth certificates trade combined with the corrupt Fiat money system.

The current elite is now very much aware because the NWO is being systematically dismantled by the alliance, apart from the fact that all the crimes they have committed against us are now going to be made public, the powerless ones, as central banks can no longer make money out of nowhere.

The funds that are currently available to the world’s population are managed by the QFS, which the elite will no longer be able to control or take advantage of by order of their dark masters who, through blackmail, have forced them to commit the crime against our world’s population.

Trust is more like being violated by the crimes and false flags of terror that the elite have directed against us to keep us in fear and accept their imposed restrictions on our freedom.

We are all going to see this now, no one can be forced against his will, to do things that harm him and his raison d’être.

Just as Obama deliberately broke down the US economy to subjugate the population to state terror, we now clearly see this happening in Europe.

We have allowed ourselves to be misled by paying taxes to finance our own demise in the past.

By understanding this, we are going to stop the terror crime against our existence, in a non-violent way with the help of the QFS and the people who get the funds for projects.

Any action the governments take against our interests can be stopped by the transition possibilities and the funds we will use to dismantle the Cabal governments.

At the moment January 22nd 2020 is with great pressure in the background to ensure that the funds are released and agreements can be made to finance the transition with gold covered value, and revaluation of the currencies.

There will be humanitarian projects, where the population will be lifted out of poverty, jobs will be created for net payments on top of an unconditional basic income.

Everybody who works will no longer pay income tax or forced insurance, as a result of which the Cabal government will lose their income and the popular betrayal to impose a fascist federal EU police state will no longer be affordable.

Companies that have employees can have the wage costs paid by these world funds for the hours worked.

This means that these companies will be able to make much cheaper offers, which will increase employment, but the offer will be much lower by not having to pay high wage costs themselves, this means that VAT (VAT) will be much lower, which means that many civil servants and politicians will no longer be able to have an income as they have now been able to pay due to abuse of power.

The globalists will certainly cry more when they will be tried for their treachery and crimes against the world population.

Macron, Merkel, Rutte, and fake King Willy the stupid will face hard times by losing status, money by expropriating their stolen false Judas money.

Babylon in Brussels will fall, demented people like Guy Verhofstadt and other Nazis will suffer the same fate as the traitors in rural Cabal Bilderberg politics in Europe.

By equal treatment, none of them will be excluded for trial by a tribunal weighing the Genocide / Ecocide crimes against humanity animals and earth that they committed out of Satanic conviction that they were chosen to exterminate us.

We have the possibility to make a request to the AIIB to freeze the accounts of governments in order to put them out of action within 24 hours.

This reality will now impose itself to the Bilderberg Cabal, the realization that the game is over and they will never have the opportunity to hurt others out of self-interest and abuse of power.

Let it dawn on you that we have won, we will never follow them again like tame sheep to the slaughterhouse of Globalism.

Police, army, civil servants and politicians are not going to get any more income, be it that their work is superfluous, or their loyalty does not lie with the people, so that the state terror violence monopoly of the corrupt government will disappear.

Those who are not loyal to the population will have no income, then the change and the elimination of oppression will soon be a fact.

The corrupt political legal system with occult black toga Judges are going to see that the laws they have for Europe since the second world war were only a means to suppress the population on the basis of arbitrary and non-legal laws.

Nobody is forced to participate in a free human society, but excluded from this society they despise, without having a right to exist for themselves, it is a choice with the knife on the throat, like it or not.

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