New Wave of Walk-Ins Are Standing by to Step in Thru the

light waves eraoflightdotcomAs Gaia has repositioned herself in the 0-point infinite fractal convergence point from now on everything will be created by the hands of the monadic field, as this is the divine principle of the new earth frequency of divine balance, equality and oneness. A great amount of souls have left this realm the last months leading up to the long awaited time collapse trajetory reset of Gaia and now many souls will be entering this planet from beyond this galaxy with a whole new set of codes and frequency signature, as they have contracted on bringing in these frequencies in this next important phase of earth´s evolution post ascension for the anchoring of the new heaven on earth.

Due to the timeline collapse followed by the reset into Zero point of the 3D earth and the pole reversal on 12th/13th of January a new wave of Walk-ins are now preparing and ready to walk-in as the frequency bandwidth of the earth has raised enough in frequency for them to be in vibrational match and to bring in the freedom codes of the new earth. Lately many of you have gone thru, what you could name a spiritual death, which is nothing but a reset and erasing of the old 3D template, that you created for this incarnation. For some this has happened abruptly, for others, those of you that have diligently worked towards it, it has been a gradual process, that culminated on or around the 12th/13th of January. Many have been and still are feeling disconnected and lost in no-mans-land neither here nor there and fully naked (zeroed). This has been orchestrated to allow for the convergence with your source monadic self and ushering in of your higher dimensional aspect(s), that is now needed for the implementation of the next leg of your soul plan and to give space for the Walk-ins, that have agreed to step in at this time on the ascended 5D earth.

In this next global group transmission on the powerful twin gateway of 2-2-2-2 we will join in the monadic field of the 144000 and you will receive an activation of your monadic purpose and plan, which will ignite and catalyze the souls from beyond the beyond from various galaxies to step in now. It is a magnetic calling if you like, that will signalize their time to walk-in. Thru our united heart intent and the activation of the crystal record keepers in our body, that hold the keys and codes of our soul monad plan, they will know it is time. In other words we will create a gateway thru our united heart intent to enable the ushering in of our Beloveds, who have so patiently waited for this calling. Some of us have already met and even merged with our Beloved on dreamstate, but have been feeling and told it wasn’t yet the time for the them to enter the physical realm… some have already stepped in, but many more are yet to come, as the frequency has not been in vibrational match to theirs. However the waiting has come to an end. We are being urged to being conduits for their coming as Gaia and humanity need their vibration and galactic imprint (keys and codes) to build up the infra structure of the new heaven on earth from ground zero. And now is the time for the preparation of the Beloveds divine consorts to unite and step into universal service as soul monad twin triad energy.

We will be supported in this transmission by the Arcturians and the conglomerates of light of the Diamond of the 22 galaxies of light, which is an alliance of star nations, a collective consciousness beyond this galaxy, that support the universal intergalactic advancement of earth and will ensure the new earth sophia christos in owning her seat amongst the councils of light of divine unity, peace and harmony for the benevolence of the universal evolution, that indeed is intergalactically connected and facilitated thru united effort.

If you hear the calling from within your heart, you will know beyond doubt of this plan and of your contribution and the role you play for its completion. Whether you are already with your Beloved on this earth plane already or not, you can greatly support the ushering in of the rest of the members of your soul monad, which are equally important for the unfoldment of your spiritual advancement and implementation of the soul monads common purpose in divine service.

So if feel the magnetic pull of your soul monad and your Beloved calling, you are ready to step into divine service and fullfill the promise of the new Eden. Please sign up and let your soul´s essence pour into the monadic field, as we unite as one for this monadic convergence and merging of souls and seeding of the Beloveds into the new ascended earth plane. Join us on the quadrouble 2-2-2-2 gateway at 8 pm central european time, GMT+1.

Please click on link to know how to join this activation and what you need to participate and sign up, do read till the end to get all the details.

Grace Solaris and the Conglomerates of light