The Divine Mother: The Planet Ascending Nicely

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share news with you. The Divine has started again, moving the planet upward and moving forward with the Divine plan. The Divine plan for now is to get the planet to a safe and higher vibrational place. In doing so, the planet and humanity will have an easier time and the ascension of the planet can be a little easier.

In the process of uplifting the planet, we, the Divine have seen quite a Few potential hurdles, and strenuous upward movement. The Divine has been working to smooth out the path forward for the planet and the result seems satisfying. Right now, the upward journey has just started. The Divine and the company of heaven are more confident that this time around, the uplifting of the planet is going to be a smooth one. That is our hope and that is something we are striving for.

Besides the uplifting of the planet, your Father God has the Divine plan implemented in terms of the upcoming ascension of the United States. The United States is going to be the first country to ascend. The Divine has everything planned out. And the plan has been working well. Your Father God also has the team working nonstop to make sure the deadline will be met. And the entire team currently has been implemented so that once the country ascends, the Divine will start ruling, and the Divine team Will start the governing process.

All the team members have been collected and they are in place. Your Father has the entire team deployed in a way that the team members are totally ready to serve when the time comes.

The entire governing team is from the Divine ground crew members. Some members are archangels. Others are your Father’s disciples. Together, this team is your Father’s hand picked team and they will serve as the team for your Father’s Divine government. The Divine government has the Divine authority. Your Father is the leader of this Divine government. Your Father has been working to prepare his team members and now they are all ready for the job.

Once the Divine government comes online, the Divine team and the entire company of heaven will also start their tenure. The members of the Divine and the company of heaven are being called. These members are going to serve at the side of the Divine and the entire team will reside in Washington DC. That is where the Divine government will be and it is also going to be the spiritual capital of planet earth. Your Father and I are going to reside in Washington DC for the next few decades so that together, your Father will manage Gaia’s ascension process.

I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother. The ascension of the planet earth has been eye-opening for the most of us. It is quite a journey indeed. We, the Divine have been through the ups and downs along with Gaia and our light workers. In order to make sure the safety of the populations on the planet, we, the Divine have made extreme efforts to go the extra mile.

So far the result has been pleasing to Gaia and the planet. In the days and weeks ahead, the process can be strenuous and intense for the planet and the human psyche. Natural changes often accompany the upward movement of the planet. Please stay calm dear ones. Know Gaia’s upward movement is needed. For the sake of Gaia and humanity, stay centered and be the peace. Know the Divine plan is at work. And everything will work out. Have faith dear angels. Let the planet move upward and help humanity to ascend. It is time. The process has becoming very intense but the end result is what the planet needs. Stay in peace dear ones. I love you. I am your Divine Mother. So it is.

Linda Li

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