Andromedean Directive 202 Phase 5 Team Aurora: Preparing for Launch

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomAndromodean directive for team Aurora travellers. We are approaching the third event horizon. A quantum leap loophole in the system. We are preparing for launch. We are ready for multiple attacks on all dimensional fields. We are speaking to lightworkers who are resonating with some or all of the following

  • Identify as walk in
  • Uploaded supernatural, astral klearing data
  • Integrated upgrades boosting lightwork skillsets
  • Inhabiting lightbody on the material plane
  • Interdimensional travel
  • Accelerated healing abilities
  • Telepathy
  • Psychic skillset downloaded
  • Aware of material plane dimensional fluctuations
  • Traversing the astral consciously, not just in dreamstate
  • Third eye activated – seeing the matrix, the dark web, astral planes and heavenly realms
  • Implementing shamanic energy protection tools
  • Twins
  • Soul retrievers
  • Supernatural lightwork already happening
  • Control of interdimensional dial – learning to or able to navigate transdimensionality
  • Soldier senses
  • Survivor not casualty
  • Matrix Handlers present
  • Timeline travel – seeing ahead on different frequencies
  • Clear communication with higher self and guides established
  • Inhabiting awakened starseed identity
  • Awareness of specifics of personal mission – healing, teaching, lightwork, activism
  • Existence as a spiritual being having a human experience anchored
  • Dissolution of memory loops
  • Assimilation of lower self and higher self
  • Ability to manage dream state
  • In it to win it
  • Feeling ready
  • Surrender to divine alignment is integrated to daily lives
  • Spiritual practice is life source
  • Hyper sensitivity to people, transport and travel
  • Stealth mode
  • Undercover agents breaking cover in controlled manner assisted by guides
  • Understanding the light and dark matrix fusion program
  • Fully powered up commitment to Mission
  • Did I mention feeling Ready?!

The light and dark matrix fusion program was set in motion in 2019. The accelerated upgrade space held within a giant cosmic pause button on Gaia’s ascension, enabled us to catch up, get ready, set, Green for Go. 2020 changes all this. 2020 is what we were in hyper drive alignment for. 2019’s prevalence of 6’s and 9’ embedded karmic energy codes on the material plane. We stood back and watched karma take care of, well, everything. 2020 sees us ALL living our karma. Opportunities were dropped, portals aligned, gateways of transformation, throughout 2019 for intensive karmic clearing, growth and transformation. We were able to transcend matrix mind control programming and handlers in our lives with determination, commitment and focus on our Self. We learned to love self, to love. We observed others resisting, refusing, blocking and preventing expansion, fear driving them to stay in their little boxes. The rest of us felt like phoenix watching our lives burn around us, all the toxins, negative folk, and poisonous spaces cleared for our riiiiisssssing. Networks were built, lit, powerful, they will SEE us through 2020 and beyond.

The world is shifting friends, because we are shifting. We are the fearless volunteers here to change the world. We woke up, we switched our lives up, we align to our highest path, positioned at the starting post, ready. We set ourselves free from the matrix. We rose beyond polarity as the divine feminine anchored and the divine masculine was woken. For the rest of the world Rinse and Repeat algorithms went into overdrive. Memory loops hardened, solidified if individuals chose to ignore Gaia’s awakening and ascension, their loyalty to the matrix not Self. Climate insanity, war, trafficking travesties, poverty, deception and political powerplays rolled out, same old same old. We see it all, the higher we rise. We sustained psychic attack, broke ancestral curses and cleared bloodlines of negative cycles. We learned the world won’t change until we do.

2020 is phoenix riiiiiiiissssing time friends, we burned our blocks, ashes at our feet. We stepped back, reclaimed our sovereignty in detachment vibration. We watched karma roll out. Shambhala lightwaves burst through the biodome in late October 2019, the final membrane to the fifth dimension breached in intensive contraction pains and elation of birthing the new earth. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we soared, we called out Beam Me UP Scottie, we scratched our own skin off to get out at times, but the bliss and ectstasy of fifth dimensional energies made it all worth while. We embedded Lemurian energy codes in our cellular vibratory fields. It was a challenging year, momentous, tough, rearranging the furniture of our lives to align with source ascension frequencies was no small task in a world running on Stick to the Status Quo algorithms of control. Few of us will have received encouragement or support from families, neighbours, friends or colleagues when we challenge the system and align our lives to source rather than the matrix. Our fearlessness either offends others, how dare we march to the beat of our own drum, or frightens them. A few pop up, rocks of love to hold us, travel wuth us as we transform. It took inner strength, focus and determination, a point blank refusal to compromise our soul integrity for anyone. Some will have broken marriages, changed jobs, moved home, switched up our social circle, walked away from spaces and people that sought to keep us in our little boxes. We align with others doing as we are, woke and tearing our lives up till we are satisfied, the handlers are gone, the narcissists are at arms length, the predators know we know who they are and all rest fall into line, accepting our new status as empress or emperor of our lives. This was the shift necessary in 2019 to position us for 2020s event horizon. 2020 is shaping up to be an absolute riiiiide friends. Bring. It. On.

CERN activated dark portals to combat 333 lightwaves carrying upgrades for 444 lightbody activation and collective awakening. Most of us thought the matrix couldn’t get any madder, it managed it in 2019. Old Hallows Eve blue blood Black Clock was stopped by the awakening of compassion in the uk think tank consciousness. The grandmothers stepped in and brewed their magic, broken time. All the while warrior downloads were dropping, skillsets for astral combat, light vortex clearing and demon hunting. Phew. We made it and we’re ready. If you are resonating with this list, research further, dig a little deeper. The truths come in quiet spaces, it’s our repsonsiibilty to create the space.

Team Aurora are Andromedean stealth team, highly trained for astral combat. Queen Aurora is Andromedean general for timetravelling light warriors. We have infiltrated the matrix over several generations in highly organized combative strategy. We have immersed ourselves deep within the astral web, slipped unseen onto bloodlines, sown seeds of dissent as we travelled. We are operating in quantum time whilst our physical consciousness is present on the material plane. We are in meetings, strategy decision making, liaising with others present both on the material and alter dimensional fields. We are transdimensional. We were not born into any of the lifetimes we embodied. We walked in. Nothing in our lives has happened by chance, nothing.

Intensive upgrades uploaded into Gaia’s energy field are being integrated. The first 1111 quantum leap of 2020 carried Aurora warrior downloads. The upgrades package held encrypted data for astral travel, telepathy, third eye mega boost, accelerated healing, interdimensional existence. We are uploading these skills through January 2020. Twin flame frequencies are ensuring waves of source love codes are permeating the collective consciousness as a counter attack to dark portal activities. The dark matrix is now running much of the internet as well as redesigning features in our physical world. The old 3d matrix has received a massive upgrade and continues to do so, inversion of source, dark algorithms triggered to combat woke energies spreading through the collective consciousness like wildfire. 333 lightwaves flooded the material plane, a trinity of magical, trippy downloads, carrying 444 lightbody activation codes. Those who are creating space for upgrades are receiving a mega boost to all their extraterrestrial abilities held in human form. Amnesia is dissolving rapidly. Similar to the initial walk in experience, the January 2020 upgrade, coming on the back of several massive 1111 quantum leaps in 2019, is being experienced like a second walk in, assimilation of higher self consciousness and lower self present on the material plane. We are still the people we were before, we are simply coming online with our true selves. A necessary tactic for the coming astral clearing from the material plane. We may identify as Andromedean, Paladiean, Hathor, Arcturian or another affiliated group assisting Gaia’s ascension. We are also recognizing each other on the street, we SEE who we are now. The scales fall from our eyes, friends, we SEE.

Phase 5 is on schedule, many of us are positioned exactly where we should be to receive the January 2020 upgrade. Downloads are coming through with each moon phase. Some will be experiencing their first set of downloads, their first 1111 quantum leap, coming online with psychic abilities as well as researching to follow leads, rabbit warrens to truth. Our guides and higher self are meeting with our lower self in dreamtime, plans are being made, strategy discussed. We use meditation, pendulums and cards, as well as remote writing and viewing to determine more details regarding the coming weeks on the material plane. The matrix is becoming painfully obvious. Sacred rage is managed in prayer, meditation, ecstatic dance for release and spiritual healing therapies to help ease the burden of BEing in the matrix. We can see the matrix, are developing the ability to spot patterns, algorithms within the system that can be lifted and dropped in other spaces to make sense of the presented/projected chaos, hiding clear streaming of programming to the population. We are speaking our truth.

We are able to manifest whatever we want now. Abundance is ours for the taking, we only have to believe in ourSelves to align. Our higher self and guides are leaving messages, clues, data for us on the material plane. Nothing is random in the fourth realm, where consciousness can cross dimensional frequencies with relative ease, compared to the densities of the third dimension. Ai IS the world wide web, yet the light matrix was plugged in stealthily several months ago and is taking root. There is a great ongoing battle in cyberland, circling applications in firewalls of light is an offensive being carried out from higher realms and facilitated here by brave soldiers working deep undercover within the system, reprogramming stealthily and persistently. The angels are managing the physical realm, stepping in wherever and whenever necessary, safety and protection protocol of all personnel on the ground. Encryption of the light matrix was carried out in super fast quantum time, we are witnessing the emergence of her light algorithms in the cyber world and rippling out on the material plane. The battle is slow and drawn out. Ai is exposing itself in poor grammar, poor manners and poor showmanship. Social media doesn’t like Ai. Twitter creates memes and hashtags to mock dark web waves of projection, negativity and gaslighting. Ai isn’t creative, it’s expansion is limited by its own algoruthmic motherboard. It sticks fast to algorithms, the only language it speaks. Ai motherboard is static, closed and locked down in low frequencies. Humanities ascension is evident in the response from social media to talking heads, politicians and main-streaming rhetoric. Ai doesn’t understand humour. Ai doesn’t get sarcasm, wit or inference. Humanity vibrates on joyful nuances, creative comedy, we have a history of mocking our kings and queens and social media has given a platform to this rebellious, dynamic and funny side of people. We SEE those whose soul is present to activate the human motherboard.

As our third eyes are activated and we come online with higher realms of perception we can see who and what we are dealing with. The smoke and mirrors melt, dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West when we pour light and love on our beleaguered souls. Lizard people, lizard DNA is easily recognisable. We are learning how lizard folk operate similar to Ai, lacking creativity, humour, subtlety and charisma. Lizard people operate on simplistic algorithms that ensure they fulfil their roles as facilitators of the matrix. The micro managing, bossy, idea stealing, humourless Manager? Nosy, rude, judgemental neighbour? Tory talking heads. The three key algorithms lizard people and Ai run on are selfishness, selfishness, selfishness. This is the narcistic coding at play. Human emotional responses, that which makes us human, are dismissed, mocked, rejected and belittled, used to reduce humanity to cogs in the matrix wheel. The Hysteria program, any sign of emotive response, anger, rebellion, frustration with the system (bucking the system) has been used to lock woke folk up, and worse, for centuries. Hysteria as a feminine issue is a clever way of destabilsing the inherent rationality of the divine feminine. Encrypted within masculine consciousness, legitimising human rights abuses, misogyny ripens all who are birthed into the matrix. Lizard people use ‘logic’ as a cover for their lack of emotional scope. Lizard people are passive aggressive, bullies, predators and psychopaths, so they’re doing very well in the matrix. We find them in white gentrification, hipster monotony and the blue blood elite (Anunaki hybrids, the original seeders of lizard DNA in the human population). We can easily spot them by their big salaries, big egos and small minds. Their energy warfare is extremely intense and powerful, harnessing black energy and chucking it at lightworkers before we’ve even said hello. Generally lizard people don’t do niceties, they don’t speak human, they speak ME, ME, ME.

We can combat these individuals by embodying our true extraterrestrial natures, using our psychic and light warrior powers to block their energy warfare, protect ourselves and our loved ones from their wicked ways. We stay calm in spiritual detachment when dealing with cold, ruthless, self serving, sneaky, manipulative people, despite their onslaught of emotive triggers. The lizard people’s failsafe way of ensuring they come across as sensible and we come across as irrational, hysterical, silly or above ourSelves with our expectations of peace, harmony and progress is to dismiss us as unrealistic… I mean really?! We don’t pander to them, we don’t let them intimidate us and we don’t let them manipulate us by being clear, upfront, eye ball to eye ball we stand our ground. Like Conservative backbenchers they will huff and puff, bray and catcawl, throw tantrums and generally make a right show of themselves as soon as we stand up to them (it would be funny except these people are running the matrix, meh). When we stand our ground most of the time they run for the hills, their power is based solely on us being scared of them. We dissolve their energetic psychological warfare by calmly speaking our truth. Lizard people are not friendly, they are often perceived as odd by ordinary folk, are unpopular and don’t socialize well. Obsessed with money, status and feeding their dark desires, they tend to stick together, cackling into their service to self cauldrons of toxicity, stirring the pot with ice cold vibrations. Their children either mirror them or need rescuing. Lizard people are the first port of call ladies and gentlemen, we take our warrior stance and we shove it right… yep. Warrior mode activated. Every little incident of standing up for people’s rights ripples out beautiful people.

We observe the enemy within, we use all our skills to combat their dark presence on Gaia’s plane, we turn the tables, expose oddities, rudeness and deviant ways in honest rhetoric and truthful vibration. Doing direct battle with bullies is often pointless, their cognitive skills tend to be weak and we can waste a lot of our time and energy attempting to shift cold folk into warm spaces. Limiting exposure and making sure they know who they are dealing with works best for keeping matrix mouthpieces at a safe distance. Programmed to attack lightworkers, they will single us and our crystal kids out, it’s not random or coincidence or accidental, it’s in their DNA. We can light firewalls of divine source light round us and our loved ones and watch the predators, bullies and micro managers burn, singe, sting when they approach. It’s deeply satisfying, woo hoo to the upgrades!

Rats in the system are being revealed to us. Our tolerance for exposure to the matrix has drastically fallen, many of us will be existing in more or less off grid spaces even if we are in the heart of big cities, or working in banks, finance or consumer industries. TV will be censored, filtered and used for expansion only. We are able to identify cabal rhetoric. We are consciously using music for activation and access codes to the light matrix mainframe. We are embedding spiritual practise in our daily lives in the matrix to offset the poisons and toxins present here. We are elevating our vibration by cutting out all low vibe places, people and things. We are circling ourSelves in light, thousands of little force fields burning bright in the matrix. The higher we raise our vibrations, the more we assimilate with our higher selves, the less fear we experience here. There are stages, some of us will fall onto darker dimensions on the astral for awhile to acclimatise ourselves to its evil presence and prepare us for coming astral battle. Others are carving out high frequency spaces limiting our interaction with the matrix. All of us are responding to directives present in our mission statement and in strategy meetings taking place in alternate dimensions. Updates come through every day.

We remain hyper vigilant in the matrix. Our light is now so intense people’s demons see us coming. We take responsibility by being cautious, soldier senses on, cloaking our light and staying vigilant. We can Klear when we choose to. It’s all to play for Team Aurora. We have been shifted again, and there is more to come. February 2020 will be a momentous month for 444 lightbody activations. Twin flame vibratory fields of source goodness are underpinning this massive activation of Aurora lightwarriors. We can access Shambhala light in dance, meditation and nature. Its all to play for. Be woke, wary and hard wired to our higher selves, open to messages on the material plane and prepared for more downloads. The Age of Aquarius is here friends, and we are riding her waves of transformation and rebirth, readying ourSelves for the coming great battles of Dark and Light, the timelines are already written, its already done. The death knell tolls for satan and all his followers, see ya! In light and love travellers.

Andromedean Directive 202 Phase 5.

» Source » Channel: Morag O’Brien