6 Tips To Protect Your Rights after a Car Injury Accident in Texas

hey share what you know eraoflightdotcomIn life, there are ups and downs, good days and bad days. A good day would ideally connote a sense of joy and jubilance, where the sun would be shining and everyone would be smiling. A bad day, on the other hand, evokes fear, where ominous dark clouds would fill the sky and a crisis would be looming. A typical bad day would certainly include a car accident, with all its troubles and pain. From having to deal with the nuisance of endless paperwork to tending to your wounds and injuries. However, one aspect that would demand attentiveness and intelligence is the aspect of protecting your rights. That said, if you are one of the many citizens of The Lone Star State, and are looking to protect your rights, here are 6 tips that should help.

What You Should Know

Car accidents can be difficult to deal with, especially when you are looking to protect your rights. Though, before we get started, you must know that Texas is a 3rd party liability state, which means that you, the victim, can pursue the driver or driver’s insurance for compensation. This can be for anything, from the medical bills, to the property damage.

Should things get complicated, look to hire an attorney. They will play a very important part in preserving your rights as they will help navigate you through the process and offer fierce representation in acquiring you your rights. They will handle all of the conversations with your insurance company and make sure that nothing is used against you, as well as investigate the cause of the accident all while gathering pivotal evidence that will help your case. The legal wizards at Seerden Law Firm explain that their team of car accident lawyers in Houston, TX will do more than just proving fault, as it sometimes is not enough. They will also prove that you have incurred damages as a direct result of the crash, and identify all possible sources of insurance coverage.

Furthermore, here are another 6 tips to help protect your rights after a car accident in Texas:

  1. Call 911

The last thing you will want to do is panic and act irrationally. That said, the first thing you should do is stop and check for any injuries. Calmly, make a mental note of what is hurting and the places that feel to have taken a lot of damage. Again, calmly, reach for your phone and call 911.

  1. Receive Medical Attention

Apart from the obvious reason of receiving medical attention, to treat any injuries, medical attention also works in favor of protecting your rights. The medical bills and the doctor’s notes are the definitive evidence that you should look to gather. This pertains to the insurance coverage you will want to collect. Doctor’s notes are considered to be irrefutable evidence that will corroborate your claim and provide an accurate basis for it.

  1. Take Photos

After you have dealt with your injuries, and gone through all the necessary channels of damage control, you take photos of the accident scene. Though, make sure that you can easily reference the date the photos were taken in to prove authenticity. When you are taking photos of the scene, make sure you include any damage to your vehicle as well as the other party’s or parties’ vehicle or vehicles. Do not forget to photograph your injuries, and make sure to mention the traffic signs that are around the scene.

  1. Talk To Witnesses

Talking to witnesses will help you collect information that may help in identifying the cause. Though, remember to save their contact information, so that you can reach out to them if you need to. However, before doing so, make sure that they do not mind giving in verbal or written statements, otherwise, they will not be of much help. Remember, the stronger the information you gather the stronger your claim will be.

  1. Property Damage

Now that you have sought medical attention and gathered evidence, it is important that you start collecting the repair estimates for your damaged vehicle. You will do this despite the fact that insurance companies will run their own independent inspection because having your own estimates will give you a strong argument to make.

  1. Legal Action

Part of protecting your rights includes taking legal action and making full use of your rights. This can include filing a lawsuit against the driver, but can also include filing a claim with the “at-fault” driver’s insurance. This will be for reasons of getting compensated all while making sure that you are protected.

Car accidents are known to be frequent ordeals in Texas; one year had seen an accident take place every few minutes in The Lone Star State. Though, by making use of these tips and your legal rights, you will be able to protect yourself and your rights. And remember, if it all gets too confusing, seek the guidance of an attorney.