Feline Race: Lend Your Light

lion feline race eraoflightdotcomWe are the Feline Race. We are warriors, we are strong. We are guarding your world, working on her surface and within her underbelly, cleaning, clearing, destroying all that is not of the light. We are swift. We are strong. We enjoy our feline forms. It is a great honor to be within our vessels, just as it is a tremendous honor to be embodied as a human on ascending Gaia. You are here to lend your light. We are here to lend our power, our protection. You may call upon us. You may work with us. We are working with you in your astral state, most likely as we partner together clearing the way for yet more light to come.

We are the Feline Race. Our hearts go out for the animal kingdoms affected in the most recent fires of arson within Australia. The animals need to be protected. Gaia’s life forms must be held with reverence and respect. All life must be honored. Those who have been unscrupulously in charge have only themselves and their own survival in mind. This is being remedied as we speak through this one. We are a part of many black op, secret missions. The galactics are awake and aware, patrolling your planet, just as we are on your surface doing the same. And yet the dark fights. The dark does what it does, it resists the light, until the light claims it. This is happening.

We are the Feline Race. What do you wish to know about us Galaxygirl? Are you pleased with the current progress of planetary ascension? It is not in our best interests as soldiers to be pleased with the progress or to be displeased. We simply fight until the objective is achieved. We are achieving this objective. Is there anything that we as light workers need to do in this now to be safe? You have many offering to protect you. Open yourselves up to this protective collaboration, bless your surroundings with peace, bless your bodies with perfect health and shine your light brightly. That is all that needs to be done. Fear does not serve you. Do you work with the animal kingdoms? Yes in that we are serving to protect them as well as offer them inter-dimensional transport into the hidden oasis within Gaia where the animals are healing, transforming into stronger forms. Do not be afraid of these earth changes. Much is changing. You came here to witness the changing of an era, and to lend your light. Shine brightly, humans. Others are watching. All is being recorded. So fight valiantly, love fiercely, protect swiftly the children, the animals, the planet. Be a good steward of the resources. Many are watching. Be respectful of Gaia and of her own. Many are seeing. Lead strongly. Many are watching you lead the charge of the changeover, for your vibration is key to this success. How tall are you? We are 9 to 14 feet tall, females, males.

Do you have a special relationship with the felines on Gaia? We view the animals as our brothers and sisters. Gaian cats resemble us genetically. Many of us have placed an aspect of ourselves within a house cat so that we can further ground the energies with a light worker’s home, to serve in that capacity. Others are hybrid walk-ins as this one’s cat is. We are able to share space within a being with others so that we can offer our light and perspective in another way. We are multidimensional as are you, humans. Some of you are or have been within these feline forms before. You will find our vibration familiar. Others will not, and have stopped reading as they did not resonate. Enough for now. We are called elsewhere. Peace. Stand strong. Guard the light within you and shine it well. We are the Feline race. We move now.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl