A Grand Revolutionary Shift

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWhy didn´t those in power want us to feel and trust our emotions? Why did they purposely victimize the divine feminine aspect of creation throughout thousands of years? Why was the divine feminine persecuted and condemned and terrorized? Why was “feeling” made into being untrustworthy and a sign of weakness. Because they knew it is the most powerful and greatest asset, that a human being has, a most potent tool of empowerment and enlightenment, that can instantly align us with and let us see truth thru the lense of FEELING. When we disconnect from feeling, we disconnect from our true nature and our connection with the earth and all life (wisdom).. when we are out of tune we loose the ability to discern what feels right.. we get out of alignment with our Creator/father/mother/god and our own divinity. Seeing thru feeling is the ultimate tool to your awakening.

After the fall of Atlantis we fell into a deep amnesia because of the cataclysmic energies and shockwaves our emotional body as well as our heart shot down and the patriachy had the perfect foundation to set up a meticulous mind controle campaign aimed at victimizing the divine feminine attributes with the goal of creating a left brain duality based mind-set society based on fear and separation, that would keep us disaligned and isolated from our divine feminine aspect and intuition. Thru tampering with and amputating our dna, we became easier to manipulate and controle, we lost the clarity of our intuition and our spiritual siddhis to a great degree. During the ascension process and inner work of transmuting many of our traumas and wounds as well as clearing ourself from the enslavement programming, we are healing from this past trauma, that encompassed all our subtle bodies down to dna cellular level.

As the actualization of the ascension is reaching its peak and the energies are constantly rising with only a few in between breaks… the Schuhmann Resonance is peaking to unprecedented hights and the solar flares CMEs are bombarding our planet with high potent gamma radiation and high photonic light particles to break down the rigid dense structures of the old, to break up the density in our cells and body as our specie is transmuting into a new race of humanoid crystaline star beings, which will enable us to inhabit and traverse the multidimensional frequency bandwidth of the 5D and 6D realities and beyond, that the planet is currently moving towards vibrationally.

This high potent plasma however is increasingly challenging our central nervous system as well as our endocryne system as it is not yet fully developed and capable to transduce these higher dimensional octaves of light. Many ascension symptoms are occuring such as vertigo, nausea, headaches, heart palpitations and overall physcial pain in joints, muscles and skeleton as the cells are being infused by these crystaline energies and rewired. Also our emotional body is having a hard time to cope and we sometime have the feeling of being in a pressure cooker, which causes us to feel unexplainable anxiety, depression, panic or even states of lethargy and insomnia and extreme exhaustion as our nervous system is not able to cope with the ultra high electro magnetic currents and frequencies of light, that it needs to process and transduce.

The high potent light frequencies are stirring up all the ancient trauma, which is currently being released from the planet´s subconscious painbody…. trauma that we have avoided to look at and FEEL for thousands of years… the deepest unconscious patterns of separation from source/god/spirit, that was caused after the fall from grace, as well as thousands of years of imbalance, misconduct and violation of all life. Much is yet to be transmuted and released. We have only seen the top of the iceberg.

However our only way to end this programming and violation of life is to step into our sovereignty and to do so it is paramount to regain our full capacity to feel…. we cannot keep avoiding or repressing and denying what goes on.
As we connect with our inner source of love and wisdom we can rebalance ourself and realign ourself with Source. We can become the transducers and anchors of the new high frequency galactic freedom codes that are ushered onto the planet to dismantle the old and anchor in the Eden Template for the new earth.

To assist us in upgrading our central nervous system and clearing our hypothalamus and thalamus gateway, which runs between our pineal and pituitary glands and spinal chord, we will be able to channel, transduce and vibrationally hold the photonic light frequencies, that are so necessary to brake up the density in our bodies with greater ease… which will be likened a decompression of our central nervous system as our cellular setup will be made more compatible with the higher dimensional frequency bandwidths. The new age of FEELing is now here to set the tone for a whole new sense of BEing, that will bear fruits of oneness and harmony between all sentient beings on the new heaven on earth as prophesized for the aquarian golden age. It will bring us from the I into the WE, the omnipresence of ONE into a unified state of harmony and joy with all that is.

Your are invited to this month´s groundbraking and revolutionary global group transmission with the Arcturians. It is a download and activation, that will upgrade and activate our Hypothalamus and Central Nervous System to a whole new level and recalibrate us to our FULL FEELING CAPACITY as well as allowing us to being conducters of the high potent plasma and photonic light particles being bombarded to the earth thru the quasar, that the planet is in alignment with since the beginning of this year, where the planet went thru a transfiguration pole reversal into 0-point and changed its orbital and vibrational trajetory.

This epic upleveling of our body is a naturel progression, that is part of the gradual transmutation of our species to becoming galactic humanoids, the new golden avatar race of the Aquarian age. Needless to say this is a huge quantum shift in our multiple perception, that will greatly accelerate our psychic abilities and enables us to become the full embodiment of the avatar galactic angelic blueprint as the christed full sentient beings we are destined to be. So if you are ready for this grand revolutionary shift into your galactic supremacy as a divine alchemist of love of the highest degree feel welcome to join us on Sunday March the 1st.

Here is the link to sign up and learn more. Please read thru the entire event details by clicking on “read more” to know how to prepare yourself. :


~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians